To limit the spread of the coronavirus, coffeeshops in the Netherlands only serve as a pick-up point for soft drugs and will be closed at 8:00 PM. Consuming the soft drugs on site is not allowed.

The Hunters Pub

Warmoesstraat 24, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Harry Demetriou - 10 months ago
A great place to go for a drink and a smoke. Cosy bar with a great atmosphere and it's in the middle of central Amsterdam where all the restaurants and other establishments are. The waitress that was working there, Jessica, was amazing, really friendly and did a great job. Deserves a raise!
Hein Kymdell - 1 year ago
Like the only place where you can have a drink and smoke weed. I could get stuck.
Sara Nixon - 1 year ago
Good place to stop for a rest. No smokers menu or purchase option here. But you can smoke your own... While enjoying a nice cold beer. Very friendly bar staff :)
Gary Morley - 1 year ago
Love it in here. Only place I visit EVERYTIME I'm in Amsterdam
Shir Tsafrir - 1 year ago
Cool place, has an no alcohol area and a bar area, in both you can smoke, pretty lights inside that make nice pictures
Ruben Fale - 1 year ago
Best hip hop bar, best staff, best everything, its amazing how suddenly you feel at home.
Lena Rybakov - 1 year ago
Great place to chill and smoke. They sell alcohol which is also a plus. Staff is friendly and very helpful. 10/10 spot
Yusaf Gani - 1 year ago
Relaxed atmosphere friendly staff and great music. A favourite place of mine to jam in Amsterdam. Enjoy!
Rhia Cooper - 1 year ago
Brilliant little bar with really friendly and welcoming staff. Great for when you visit with friends who prefer to drink as you can smoke what you bring to the shop but cannot purchase weed here as it sells alcohol. Lovely coffee and fast service. The only downside was the music was pretty loud but I guess I was sitting near the speaker! Great place though and would recommend 100%!
Shelley Mccormick - 2 years ago
Great atmosphere, lots a quirky decor, can go in just for a drink and take your own smoke.
Gregg Tobias - 2 years ago
We liked this coffee shop enough to visit it several times. We left our mark "T'n'A" on the wall. Hopefully when we go back our signatures will still be there. Good selection of consumables and we found the environment to be friendly and the staff were on the ball.
Tomas Mendy - 2 years ago
Best people... some ones must change they actitude
Carlos Jorge - 2 years ago
Nice place for meeting people and socializing... pretty coo..l i would def. say it's worth a check!
Michael Faust - 2 years ago
Cool if you want to have a beer and a smoke. Not many places in Dam where you can do both nowadays.
William H Walker - 2 years ago
Love this bar. Excellent all round.
Ian Stoffers - 3 years ago
Went here yesterday, 30-4-2018. Nice and pleasent lounge with a nice barlady. Perfect for chilling if you already have your buds. Its just the perfect place to smoke and sip some spirits or a beer.
Neithan Laidley - 3 years ago
Nice relaxed place to chill.... But no green on the menu you have to bring your own.
E L - 3 years ago
TOURIST TRAP terrible service extremely rude staff the bud and as it wasn't up to standard the guy got Angry after trying to pressure me to buy that particular strain. This place has also got crappy prices for what it is.
Whitney Belle - 3 years ago
Good Bud not the best in town but still good, nice staff and a nice area for seating. The guy figured out I was American however and used the language barrier and over charged me unless there is some hidden fee to get in the door I didn’t know about. Right down from hunters is way better place with better prices and bud quality but it’s take away only.
bradley wing - 4 years ago
one of my favorite places in Amsterdam awesome atmosphere Delicious drinks
Colin Jackson - 4 years ago
Best smoking spot in dam shame they don't sell it no more
Fred Gattuso - 4 years ago
Forgot my toque and email the owner twice to ask if they found it: no reply. Very kind thank you so much.
Andreas Stenseng Bjørnrud - 4 years ago
Wonderful place with very kind employees. 10/10 :D
Sahlix Tzz - 4 years ago
One of the best coeffeshops we visited, it a bar & coeffeshop so u can buy weed or drinks..
Bee S - 5 years ago
I love Hunters even though it's not the same now that it doesnt sell weed. Still a good vibe and you can still smoke. Good place to smoke the last before you head home
Oleg Prosianyk - 5 years ago
Great personnel that help you to choose joint for you
emanuele crocetta - 6 years ago
a very good coffeeshop... italian female staff (very good) and excellent weed, hash and one of the best wax: the "Champagne"... the best soft drinks, nice brownies... suggested to go
MAJD KARAIN - 6 years ago
Brett C - 6 years ago
Great place to relax and smoke. Amnesia haze is excellent.

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