To limit the spread of the coronavirus, coffeeshops in the Netherlands only serve as a pick-up point for soft drugs. Consuming the soft drugs on site is not allowed.

Kosmic Kitchen Food for Mind & Body
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Korte Haaksbergerstraat 34, Enschede (Binnensingelgebied)

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Louis Creed - 2 weeks ago
Delivery is amazing. Covid19 or not. 2 days later I have my delivery. The prices are also good. I would recommend this to everyone
Luca Frösler - 2 months ago
I've been going here for years. The staff is super friendly, helpful, patient and multilingual. They always know what they are talking about. I can really recommend this place! Sometimes you also get a free lighter or other things with your purchase.
Yonatan Benaksas - 5 months ago
The BEST headshop ! Always kind and caring staff , pleasure buying there always ⚠️
Exiled Skunk - 5 months ago
Always friendly and helpful. Best kitchen in town
Vismay Agrawal - 9 months ago
The best place in Enschede for psychonauts. More than just a shop to buy products, you can get good guide for tripping from staff. They know what they are selling, and they care about your safety. You can buy wide variety of Magic Truffles, Syrian Rue, Salvia.
Gintas Poc. - 11 months ago
Super helpful and friendly experience. I cannot imagine a better customer service. Awesome place!
Tenz Dolmans - 11 months ago
Great store if you need any incense, handy tools, or just want to have a look around. Staff is friendly and helpful!
Robert-Daniel Banu - 1 year ago
helpful and friendly staff, great prices with a large variety of products
Willem - 1 year ago
My go to smartshop in our city. These people are well informed about what they sell and will answer any question you have.
Karsten Wolters - 4 years ago
Freundliche Mitarbeiter und top Beratung ????????
Jurre Schwarts - 6 years ago
Good people and good stuff
Niek Wolthuis - 6 years ago
Yes this place is legit for sure!
dave jackson - 7 years ago
Is this place legit?
Ludwig König - 7 years ago
Beste wo gibt... ichbkenne den store nun seit über 15 Jahren. Und seitdem hat nichts geä sachen Qualität. Einfach perfekt!!!

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