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  • Het is nog niet bekend of deze coffeeshop gereguleerde, gecontroleerde staatswiet gaat verkopen. Voor meer informatie, bekijk de 'Staatswiet' pagina.
  • http://thecoffeeshops.com/
  • +31 297 257 723


Federico Mei (Instagram : federickmei) - 3 weken geleden

Very nice coffeeshop . The staff is very friendly and know about their products . I think it is the unique coffeeshop in this area so it is quite busy .

Edv Vardo - 2 maanden geleden

This place

Emma Pickering - 2 maanden geleden

Products are amazing in this little shop. I’ve been a customer for several years however unfortunately there seem to be some issues with staff members. Most are lovely, thank you, but there’s a few in there that spoil it for the shop and the rest of their team members. They know who they are! Maybe retail and customer relations are not their forté. Find something else where you can indulge in darkness without sharing with others

cezik - 4 maanden geleden

I vist many coffeeshop(80-90) and this is the best coffeeshop, great weed for great price

Oskar Szczypta - 6 maanden geleden

Love them, the most positive crew in any coffeeshop is in this one

Pi - 7 maanden geleden

One of the best smokes I've ever tried. Lemonblock and Purple tasting really good. The weight is correct on scale and the place has a fresh, modern look. Not like the other usual messy coffeeshops. Definitely coming back to this place.

Thomas Musik - 7 maanden geleden

Friendly and knowledgeable staff, reasonable prices. I'll be back.

Kamil Jan Bukowski - 9 maanden geleden

Large selection of varieties available that are of good quality. The taste of Cannabis available in the store is expressive and rich in aroma. I find the prices slightly overpriced, but I can accept it because you pay for quality. It is worth adding that the shop staff is nice and knowledgeable about the subject, and can advise if necessary.

Aldo - 9 maanden geleden

I Came straight from Curacao 2 buy there... The herb is one of the best of Netherlands

Cobin Bluth - 9 maanden geleden

Great strains, good staff, decent location, and a bit on the expensive side

Annie Davis - Vink - 10 maanden geleden

Excellent place and great service!!

Florin Dragomir - 10 maanden geleden

Friendly ppl and good weed

Ireneusz Kasprzyk - 1 jaar geleden

Kind and competent staff, wide assortment, affordable prices.

Alex Moon - 1 jaar geleden

Good shop and good service

Tejas Nagchandi - 1 jaar geleden

This place is amazing, people are really helpful and they know the details.

TCG 4 Fanatics - 1 jaar geleden

No that's not true i was here like a week ago bought me 5 g only got like 4.5 and when I removed the leaved it was like 3.8g and specially for the ones from 12eu it's weird getting 0.8 for 12eu

Jure Maljković - 1 jaar geleden

One of the BEST coffeeshop's in Nederland and I am so happy couse I live in same town...

Mateusz Rodak - 1 jaar geleden

From one of the worst in case of design and ergonomics (the old location) to one of the most sustainable, modern and elegant locations I've seen. I know it's been a while, but congrats on redesign! The staff is always friendly and helpful, and the stuff is also really good. Make sure to check their sativa buds

Mateusz k - 1 jaar geleden

My favorite one. Good quality stuff, proces aren't high and the sellers ones of bests.

Miro Tylka - 1 jaar geleden

Top coffeshop with great choices

Thomas Sideris - 1 jaar geleden

It's always a pleasure to be there!!! Employees are always so polite and with a smile on their faces...and most important they DO speak English!! about their products,the best so far from all the others that I tried!!! Don't hesitate...pay them a visit right away,

loomnati noscopers - 1 jaar geleden

They are on the more expensive side, almost everything is above 10 euros a g but the people are nice and usually the quality is descent or pretty good, sometimes they have good bud but usually they charge a way too much of that strain (up to 25/g ive seen) which is really insane, unfortunately they usually obly have a lot of sativa weed but a nice variety in hash and only sativa moonrocks which are pretty cheap, so it is worth going for sure but make sure to not get too much because they are quite expensive (also the photo of the menu is on 10 april 2021 (with lemon block is newest one but I will keep this updated everytime I go) (and the wedding cake is 3.5g which is still wayy too overpriced for cali bud)

Red Martell - 2 jaren geleden

This is one of the original coffee shops that sell weed before any dispensaries were ever even thought of these coffee shops in amsterdam were rocking and rolling in business for over 40 years now .I give them my red high five star review .I highly recommend you visiting this coffee weed shop if you are ever in the Netherlands visiting .thank you guys .......................

BSC Pladet - 2 jaren geleden


Damian Swierzynski - 2 jaren geleden


valdis kakste - 2 jaren geleden

Good service

Kayetan S - 3 jaren geleden

10/10 service, recommend to anyone looking for a chill remote spot to smoke, made the effort to review solely because the staff here are so helpful and polite!

Kayetan S (ka-ldn) - 3 jaren geleden

10/10 service, recommend to anyone looking for a chill remote spot to smoke, made the effort to review solely because the staff here are so helpful and polite!

Gediminas Mackevicius - 3 jaren geleden

Top quality coffeeshop, team is always welcoming and nice, really professional service and products !

Mieszko Pierwszy - 3 jaren geleden

Best herb and service. I come back here every week although there are 8 coffeshops in my city.

Uncle Stoner - 3 jaren geleden

Great time friendly staff excellent cannabis.

Michał Dziubiński - 3 jaren geleden

Cecil my Master!

Amy Sysaath - 4 jaren geleden

Cute and friendly neighborhood coffeeshop with reasonable prices.


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