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Barney's Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Haarlemmerstraat 102, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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gary millar - il y a 1 mois

Order 1g or 2g & they now give every customer extra weed & obviously charge you for it. I bought 2g at €15 each = €30 & was charged €36 & their weed is not great.

Tex Trix - il y a 1 mois

Nice guys and good chocolate muffins, but very limited choice of edibles. Tip: let the muffin get to room temperature to enjoy the creamy icing.

Michael V - il y a 1 mois

Been here two times. First time was good, second time very bad quality. €68 for a 5. Wasted money. Hope the government will once fully legalize so they can control the quality.

hunaid pardawala - il y a 2 mois

Some guy from Miami was in the night duty as bud tender. Unfortunately i do not remember his name (maybe mike) Just because I did not order a drink, I was asked to leave without even informing the cafe policy if any. I think as a reputed brand, the staff should be taught to speak to the customers properly. Literally voice was raised and spoke in a rude manner, despite of purchasing some merchandise from the shop. Still have high regards on the place since the goodwill of a company does not depend on a petty staffs face value, provided corrective actions are taken by the owner.

Natasza Kost - il y a 3 mois

Bought a gram of strawberry sour (the seller wasn't precise and put 1.2 on the scale, charged us more) which was supposed to be a sativa dominant strain, but when smoked, it was very indica-like. Went back to ask if we could exchange it for a different one, but the seller suggested just buying the more expensive sativa - i get it, but that's a very business-like solution :(( Anyway the weed itself wasn't bad quality just described inaccurately and the place is just a bit overhyped

Christine S - il y a 3 mois

Everyone is chill. The staff, don't recall his name, was fantastic. We were sitting at a table and a few rowdy guys he suggested they sit at another table since we were having a nice quiet evening.

Cody Canales - il y a 3 mois

Admittedly a daily toker from CA, and heard potencies in Amsterdam can be hit or miss. But really happy the legends of this spot were true - I got shredded off a space cake and hash pre-roll for a great price.

jayde corinne - il y a 4 mois

My first coffee shop experience, service is great the guy was so helpful. I could chill here all night and watch the ummm people

Simon Naylor - il y a 4 mois

Excellent service today at Barney's Coffee shop. Purchased Liberty Haze. I hadn't tried it before. Enjoyed the experience of it and was even shown how to role a joint myself. Will come back when next in Amsterdam.

Michael Hillyer - il y a 4 mois

Properly shyte bud,bud tender was useless. Sat chilling to then come back and ask for more money for his poor math. Sunset sherb was the worst thing I've ever brought left it in the Ash tray and left. Never again

Vangelis Santamas - il y a 5 mois

Chill place, nice milkshake, music could be better :)

Atacama 75 - il y a 5 mois

A little bit overprized but the quality of the weed is extraordinary. Enjoyed the cookies kush the most. At the other side of the shop is barney's café. A chilly place ^_^ i can recommend both. Better pay a bit more and have constant highest quality.

Stef - il y a 5 mois

Friendly staff, great herbs. Just the way you want a good shop to be. Relax

Desmond Gallagher - il y a 6 mois

Beautifully decorated with interactive menus. Advanced and sophisticated, this coffeeshop should be visited

W D - il y a 6 mois

Very nice and helpful stuff members. I bought Sour Strawberry and it is just perfect. Go to place on every trip to Amsterdam

Edv Vardo - il y a 6 mois

The prices are from heaven, but as same the quality! Top weed in center

Giorgia Di Leginio - il y a 7 mois

Absolutely the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Super friendly and professional staff, they explain each type of weed in detail and invite you to smell it before weighing. Possibility to roll your own joint or use the pre-rolled ones. The guy who served us helped us choosing the right type for us and was lovely. A must if you are planning to visit Amsterdam, we will definitely be back!

Discover With Bailee (DiscoverWithBailee) - il y a 7 mois

Absolutely amazing famous coffee shop, so very glad I visited, staff are absolutely awesome, they will go above and beyond and have the best of best smokes, food and drink accompanied really worth a visit and prices are extremely acceptable

Matthew Benson - il y a 7 mois

Loved this place, pretty chilled vibes. Good selection of drinks and stuff to smoke. Nice guys inside

John Robinson - il y a 8 mois

Was a client for a pretty long time, but today bought some weed and when I checked it has a very thick STEM then withed it and there is not really 5 grams Check photos below :(

Sneha B - il y a 9 mois

Quite famous and good quality. Gets quite busy. Staff help a lot, ask them lots of questions if in doubt.

A W - il y a 9 mois

Didn’t smoke inside but as my second ever coffeeshop experience it seemed great. Staff very friendly with explaining the menu and reasonable prices too from my knowledge, would definitely visit again

Ales Sgn - il y a 10 mois

Very nice place to smoke and chill. Good quality of products and excellent service! Especially from the Spanish worker there.

Ana Ojeda - il y a 10 mois

Great place and super nice staff. The girl from Sevilla is the best support for the customer. We will come back!

The Honest Traveler - il y a 11 mois

Quick and easy place to smoke. Weed is expensive but the staff was cool. Def check out the Barney's Uptown location! Food and drinks and smoke lounge.

rasta man - il y a 11 mois

Love this shop I can’t wait to go back it will be first shop I go to. Weed is tops and good priced. Staff were more than helpful and accommodating. Was cool meeting a fellow Irish guy making a living in Amsterdam. Thanks for everything guys ✌

Conan Scholl - il y a 1 an

The coffee shop is located in a quiet area and is very welcoming. Great atmosphere is completed by competent and friendly staff. It was my first time in this place and I will definitely visit it again.

Matheus Carvalho - il y a 1 an

One of the best weed of all Amsterdam. Good prices too. Nice service.

shavit vital - il y a 1 an

Very nice place to sit at, nusic is not too loud, very good tea and good service!

Freaky “xX_Ich_bin_GEIL_Xx” Frejki - il y a 1 an

Good selection and good stuff. The people also were really nice! 10/10 would buy there again

Tamara Pas - il y a 1 an

It was unfortunate that the food section was closed off. We specifically went there because the website said they had food and it was family friendly which it was not

Jan Vacha - il y a 1 an

Best kind of coffee shop in Amsterdam with most pleasant service. And our waitress from Slovakia was best! ♥️

Rooby Rabbit - il y a 1 an

My favorite shop in Amsterdam, as they have always the most interesting strains there. You can also find some strains from the barney's farm seedshop there, so you can try them first before growing. It's worth the price. Awesome!!

Lorenzo Muzio - il y a 1 an

The place isn't that big or cool to see, but they have certain really high quality strains so that I LOVE this place

Brad C - il y a 1 an

Amazing coffee, this was my go to coffeeshop when I was there. But Dam that coffee was amazing. My only issue is, that you may enjoy this place too much.

anvesh Chukka - il y a 1 an

Really u will get cool stuff, must visit for nice high

Coffee n’ Peanuts - il y a 2 ans

You can’t get much more legendary than Barney’s. Classic shop! They got the genetics and the flowers to show. You looking for medicine, knowledge and specialist? Its probably a good place to stop in and get you head filled with knowledge and some good smoke!

Wayne Beale - il y a 2 ans

You can’t get much more legendary than Barney’s. Classic shop! They got the genetics and the flowers to show. You looking for medicine, knowledge and specialist? Its probably a good place to stop in and get you head filled with knowledge and some good smoke!

Teófilo Couto (undertuga) - il y a 2 ans

Simply awesome spot! Amazing vibes the 1st time i went there! The stuff is super knowledgeable and friendly. Had a great talk with one of the dealers, loved the music currently playing, blazing while sipping on a tasty capuccino... Will be back for sure!

Wfingers - il y a 2 ans

Really good place. Amazing staff. The dealer Nuria was so kind and nice with us. Hope to come back soon

Frankie Taylor - il y a 2 ans

Service could be a little quicker but everything else was great!

TJ - il y a 2 ans

Very nice staff and quality bud

Jennifer Chan - il y a 2 ans

Friendly service and good weed. The only negative is the music in the coffeeshop where you buy the weed is too loud which makes it hard to hear the cashier.

Cory Hays - il y a 2 ans

Yeah love the product ive followed yall for 10 years now was my 10 year anniversary I appreciate all the workers there one of the best owners in the world great company see yall tomorrow afternoon early evening

Louis Atl - il y a 2 ans

Nice place. Very chill atmosphere. VERY GOOD !

Louisa Goldberg - il y a 2 ans

Watch Out! You might have “too much fun” in here! Cool staff, nice deserts, excellent produce in a very vibrating part of town. A big thanks to our coach drivers who were kind enough and set up an itinerary for us. i believe we visited 80% of the coffeshops worth visiting during our stay. Boudencoachtravel.co.uk

E E - il y a 2 ans

I will be honest Barney’s is not my number one coffeeshop, however they still deserve all 5 stars. The service is always good, and although I visited during quarantine, they were still open and operating responsibly! The stock was a bit low due to the global situation I’m assuming, but everything I ended up getting was great. I stayed floating all day after just one pre-roll and that’s coming from a Californian who consumes daily. All of the Barney’s establishments are to be recommended in my opinion!

Damien Mason - il y a 2 ans

Nice inside, has table service and the place is really chill

Jon Freeman - il y a 2 ans

There is only 1 great coffee shop in Amsterdam and this is it. The staff are on another level, its brilliant Thanks for a super pleasant time every time I come in 5 star

The Gray Family - il y a 3 ans

This was definitely one of my favourites of our 2020 trip. Greeted by a Scottish man who was super friendly and helpful. Really made you feel welcome and made sure you got what you wanted. Definitely one of the best coffeshops in Amsterdam. We will be back

Laborchet . - il y a 3 ans

While most coffee shops appear the same, Barneys really stands out. This location is a bit small but packs a punch. Good selection, nice staff and a vaporizer at each table makes for a very nice experience. It does get crowded but that’s a testament to their services and products. Will return when in town again, excellent.

Laborchet - il y a 3 ans

While most coffee shops appear the same, Barneys really stands out. This location is a bit small but packs a punch. Good selection, nice staff and a vaporizer at each table makes for a very nice experience. It does get crowded but that’s a testament to their services and products. Will return when in town again, excellent.

Ted Lafforthun - il y a 3 ans

This is a great place with amazing product. The staff are super friendly and they thank you for your business. The owner needs to resolve the eastern European trash from blocking the entrances with their obnoxious cigarette smoking and intimidating real patrons from entering the shop.

Jessica Moore - il y a 3 ans

I dislike most coffee shops in Amsterdam, but in this place they are very welcoming and you actually want to stay there & enjoy the friendly vibes. Nice as well to go next door to the seed shop & enjoy a good beer and nice tunes with your smoke.

William Bowler - il y a 3 ans

Barneys was my first coffee shop experience and it was honestly perfect for me. I visited the coffeeshop, Barneys uptown opposite which is a bar that serves drinks and allows you to smoke and Barneys lounge, all three were consistent in quality and atmosphere. Definitely make a trip to these guys! You won’t regret it.

Dm91827364 Parker - il y a 3 ans

Place is far to small and crowded for my liking. It took a while for the guy to even ask what I wanted, waiting patiently. Felt kind of embarrassed and judged for not knowing what to ask for which is just my interpretation. The Space cake was really good to be fair. Seems more genuine than paradox.

Angel DeVaull - il y a 3 ans

Wanted to see what a Coffeeshop was all about. Walked in and look at a menu with a friend. When I went to pick it up, one of the employees started to have an attitude about me “touching” the menu! Incredibly rude, wouldn’t go back again! Highly recommend Dampkring :)

Darren Hopper - il y a 3 ans

If you want the full experience of Amsterdam but don't do this sort of thing normally this is the place to go. Great menu plus serve coffee milkshakes very helpful staff nice relaxed atmosphere. And a Good laugh!!!

Moe Hos - il y a 3 ans

Big menu but you have to ask for the best thing on the menu and its price is high as the stuff,small place but you can go cross the road for a beer and smoke at the Barneys lounge. The new American strains are very price high but 100% worth and must try, super high and flavour tasting 2end to non!!!

Laura Haze - il y a 3 ans

Best blue cheese in The Netherlands. Also recommend the Pineapple chunk but I have loved the BC here since my first visit years ago. They are expensive but I ALWAYS come here whenever I visit Amsterdam. Staff were nice but I usually just buy stuff then head on over to Barney's Uptown just across the road :)

Laura Larry - il y a 3 ans

Best blue cheese in The Netherlands. Also recommend the Pineapple chunk but I have loved the BC here since my first visit years ago. They are expensive but I ALWAYS come here whenever I visit Amsterdam. Staff were nice but I usually just buy stuff then head on over to Barney's Uptown just across the road :)

Oli Kertzinér - il y a 3 ans

One of the old school, famous cannabis cafes in Amsterdam. Had to visit! The guys working here are so friendly and relaxed, the guy who I think had an English accent was great to talk with and recommended us some pubs and cocktail bars to visit while we were here.

Martin Day - il y a 3 ans

I like this one. Volcanoes everywhere and really good quality weed and hash! Very expensive but I think it's worth it. They have some really good strains you don't see anywhere else. Close to the station...about a ten minute walk. Normally pretty full but it's quite big inside so you should be able to find some room. One of my favourites but I do prefer the smaller one the other side of town.

Gil Msika - il y a 3 ans

very good weed! nice atmosphere, they give you papers and grinder to use. the volcano vaporizer is great! there is a clean toilet.

nachiket patel - il y a 3 ans

One of the Best coffeeshop in Amsterdam, where you feel welcomed but it is so underrated. It has comfortable sitting and you don't even feel so smokey inside the shop. They sell some best quality of cannabis and Hashish, the staff selling it really had a good knowledge about it and the guy was showing us everything and explaining it which was amazing. They had some good shakes in the city to enjoy after a joint. Good music along with all these makes a good vibe into Barney's coffee shop. Must recommended cafe in Amsterdam.

Kano Lowther - il y a 3 ans

I was in here on Wednesday with my other half, it was the only coffee shop we were made to feel welcome in through out the whole trip, Scottish guy with glasses was brilliant explained what buds would give you what high and the quality of the smoke is top notch I recommend the pineapple chunk!, he in some free stickers and skins and even though the shop was VERY busy the guy took the time to get everything for volcano vape together, new mouth piece and alcohol wipes and also explained how to use it in the healthiest way possible, shop has a really cool vibe and even cooler staff I will 100% be smoking here again on my next trip to Amsterdam

Taz - il y a 4 ans

Very helpful cashier who explained the different strains to us and couldn't thank him more. Lovely flavours they have and very nice little place. I'd suggest going a bit earlier if you wanna grab your joint in piece and go as it tends to get quite busy!

Leandro Fortino - il y a 4 ans

Excellent weed. From 2018, Barney’s started offering some American strains, probably the best ones from USA. Quite expensive [around €24/gram], but worth the price. Strongly recommended.

Bini Toffefee - il y a 4 ans

If you search for a giggle weed, buy the laughing buddah. Great taste great effects good price. Take a milkshake and enjoy the nice smell of herbs all around you, they also have always amazing music. If you want something to feel super high try Dr. Grinspoon, not on empty stomach.....amazing shop, friendly sellers, great weed. I recommend.

Katarina Vukosav - il y a 4 ans

By far my favourite coffee shop in amsterdam. Really good vibe, the staff were nice and made you feel at home. Once we went to this one for the first time, we never went to any other. They also have a little screen next to the tables with animated videos to watch when stoned, which is a really nice touch.

saurav dugar - il y a 4 ans

One of the best coffee shops out there with reliable quality. I visited this place twice and one of bulldog's Cafe twice too on 2 different trips. This one was consistent and offered the same quality on both occasions. The staffs are very helpful too and it isn't far from the dam square either.

Justin Taylor - il y a 4 ans

Not what I remembered. Came here in 2004 and 2006 for breakfast on the daily. Thought their flower and hash was top notch. Just visited again in August 2018, was not impressed with the flower selection. Bought a gram to at least give it a try. I should have just declined and bought a drink. Oh well, better off just going to the Grey Area!!

Jan Jančík - il y a 4 ans

Probably best coffee shop in Amsterdam. Top quality coffee, friendly and knowledgeable attendant. You can't probably wish for anything more.

you're all so gullible - il y a 4 ans

Lovely little coffeeshop with an excellent menu. I was greeted by a very happy young man and an even happier young lady. Nothing was too much trouble and I was looked after very well. Highly recommended!!!!!

sean Timmins - il y a 4 ans

Got some cali, seemed to be talked into buying it, was excellent. 2 stars for a strange incident, 2 of us at a 4 person table, place had other free tables, the young barman/dealer with large hair and glasses shouted over to us "do you mind if these people sit beside you, this is a social place. We are social here." Then the couple sat down for like a minute, got awkward and left. We left a minute after. Also, the bar staff doing the coffee's and drinks seemed more interested in conversing with each other then serving customers. Felt rude to interrupt their conversations. Last time i visit here.

Emily Cook - il y a 4 ans

Absolute fave spot in Amsterdam. Super friendly and great atmosphere. They have lots of cannabis cup winners, and the staff will have a chat with you to help you pick from the menu!!!!!! The milkshakes here are absolutely amazing and the staff that make them are a delight. Quite small so don't assume you will get a seat... The farm next door has lots of space though. Can't wait to go back to Dam and this will be the first place we visit!


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