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Coffee Shop Sensemillia

Gillis van Ledenberchstraat 135, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-West)

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Classic 90s - il y a 1 an

Nice weed very quality, friendly good price

Bennyben - il y a 2 ans

Twinned with the Sensimilla Coffeeshop in Osdorp. Very good wide range of all products. Prices on the up like most places recently & no free skins & roach after spending €20+ which is a shame (stopped about 6 months ago). Nice lads inside too (look like they're not to be messed with especially as I had my LFC hat on after we just beat Ajax)! They were great though

Zbigniew Gaciag - il y a 2 ans

Very nice en very good high.....

andre vasconcelos - il y a 2 ans

i was just passing by and stoped for a bite at dirk, when i saw this shop, than gave it a try and had a nice surprise cause they had the strain i like most. ive bought 2g of a pretty nice flavour sour diesel here. very good quality weed at a fair price no smoking room indeed, only take away

Rosalinde Doewanda Bierings - il y a 3 ans

I love this shop, constant delivery of product!

Jamie Morgan - il y a 4 ans

Stumbled across this place whilst walking to my Airbnb. The pre rolled has joints are flavoursome and I grabbed a gram of the Gelato Cali strain. The cali strains are nice and this place sold the cheapest I had seen during my stay in Amsterdam. You can't smoke inside this establishment but that wasnt a problem as it was so close to where I was staying. I would recommend a visit to anyone that ventures to Amsterdam.

Dre Amsterdam - il y a 4 ans

Weed can be really nice over here. Service is good as well... I just would like some more hashish in their menu

Sam Hoop - il y a 5 ans

Their flower looks very nice - properly trimmed and cured, full spectrum of chlorophyll, bright pistils, proper/full buds. I expect they have some of the better tended marijuana in the city. Unfortunately, their prices are poor for the amount they weigh (.2-.3g light per 14€ grams). They have spliffs for sale (20€/5pk) that are easily 70% tobacco. If I wanted to smoke a cigarette, I'd buy cigarettes, and if I wanted to be gouged for money, I'd go somewhere in the centrum. Will not return, do not recommend.


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