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Coffeeshop Simpel Minds

De la Reyweg 101, Den Haag (Escamp)

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  • Lundi 08:00 - 22:00
    Mardi 08:00 - 22:00
    Mercredi 08:00 - 22:00
    Jeudi 08:00 - 22:00
    Vendredi 08:00 - 22:00
    Samedi 08:00 - 22:00
    Dimanche 08:00 - 22:00
  • On ne sait pas si et quand ce coffeeshop vendra du cannabis contrôlé et réglementé par l'État. Pour plus d'informations, consultez la page 'Cannabis réglementé par l'État'.
  • http://www.simpelminds.com/
  • +31 70 345 6445


Dawid Marek Brzezniak - il y a 1 mois

something fun for everyone. I recommend visiting and soothing your senses with the good quality of all hemp products.

r h - il y a 2 mois

Weird visit. I bought 1 g each of AMG which is the most expensive one and Lemon Pie and both looked and tasted like a bad outdoor grow. Weird for the price and the coffeshop. Low quality I won’t come here again.

Snigginz - il y a 2 mois

Not the best place in town, but probably the best in that area of town, my go to place when i can't make it to the main ones in the center. Staff could be a little bit nicer, but i can't complain much.

Yuto - il y a 5 mois

It’s so expensive and quality is not good also services are not friendly . It won’t be back there.

Miguel - il y a 9 mois

10/10 just for the staff constantly dealing with my requests of paying half with cash and half with card, great quality hash overall

Genov Beatz - il y a 11 mois

The best quality

Black Djeck - il y a 1 an

Top 10

Thomas Mar - il y a 1 an

Good Quality

PRaT Deep - il y a 1 an

Good AMG

superb3at - il y a 1 an

Crystal clear really good highly recommend

Dont Speak - il y a 1 an

Highly recommend

Aritro Ghosh - il y a 2 ans

Good stuff.

Elísio Cunguara - il y a 2 ans

I'm a regular and it is 100% safe to say that this place deserves 5⭐. The quality, the prices, the staff, ugh

Zsòfia Bogdàn - il y a 2 ans

Good deals, good quality, nice service. I liked a lot

János Herke - il y a 2 ans

the saleswoman is very nice

zhavia karens - il y a 2 ans

The only coffee shop that stays open until 1.45

c k - il y a 2 ans

I rated it a 5 when "my" Amnesia was €10,-. The quality was nice. Since last month 3/September/2020 i went about 10 times and the quality in that string was either as good or significantly less as good(in 2 out of the 10 times). For some reason the price went up. It is now €11,-. They clearly get enough money and it is not like the quality went up so i do not know where the raise came from. They added more strains more in the €12-€14 range. Quality is still high but i am dissapointed. I now visit other coffee shops way more often and wil be looking for better deals in this location.

Andy Beagen - il y a 2 ans

good place for good weed and good price..

Piotr Rozwora - il y a 2 ans

Nothing special

Specialist NL Researcher - il y a 3 ans


Bijou7000 . - il y a 3 ans

Poor decor for social gathering/sit down. Not recommended for tourists. It's more set it for sale to regular customers.

Bijou7000 - il y a 3 ans

Poor decor for social gathering/sit down. Not recommended for tourists. It's more set it for sale to regular customers.

Teddybeer42 . - il y a 4 ans

The Best PLACE to be..

Levente Rethelyi - il y a 4 ans

Not possible to buy a gram, weird prepackaged amounts.

Olek Lolek - il y a 4 ans

Klep is the best weed

Nikos Nikos - il y a 6 ans

Pre weighted bags and specific amounts that you can buy (cannot buy just one gram) the weeds is totally less than the quantity said and nothing special in general if you are not in need AVOID


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