Pour limiter la propagation du coronavirus, les coffeeshops aux Pays-Bas ne servent de point de retrait pour les drogues douces qu'après 17h00.

Tops Coffeeshop

Koningstraat 34, Den Helder

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paul fagarasan - il y a 2 semaines
The best in nord
badmagic - il y a 5 mois
Good place, good people
Bartek Brożyna - il y a 5 mois
The place itself is a plus. Dry well dried, of good quality. Average choice. An added bonus is the large parking lot behind the premises. I can recommend. No loops.
Prato Fiorito - il y a 5 mois
Very nice, relaxing atmosphere, very nice location, very nice garden, very nice staff and… very nice weed! Excellent!
Fakin Bíza - il y a 6 mois
First, best come test ? Actually yes
Adrian Oselka - il y a 7 mois
How long is today opened?
Ime Prezime - il y a 7 mois
Pistácio Hatyžak - il y a 7 mois
Aladin Ben Hlima - il y a 9 mois
First best, Come test!
Przemek Przybylko - il y a 11 mois
The Best
Martin Fischer - il y a 1 an
Very nice place to be. We will come back.
Night Rider - il y a 2 ans
Super Medicine. Friendly Staff. Good Prices :-)
Andre B. - il y a 2 ans
Super Medicine. Friendly Staff. Good Prices :-)
Olo G - il y a 2 ans
I really love the place, big variety of weed to choose from.Also the people really friendly.Never really crowded.Best atmosphere in town.
shaun sutherland - il y a 2 ans
Nice relaxed coffee shop with a large open courtyard in the back. Friendly service but not a large range
Dominik K - il y a 2 ans
You can meet very intresting people near
Georgios Diakonitakis - il y a 2 ans
Very friendly staff, please keep up the good work!
Rebecca Hooper - il y a 2 ans
Best coffee shop in town. Great menu, great advice on what to get. Bar staff really know their stuff. They'll show you how to have the best time without being stupid. Go enjoy yourself!!!
Ismail Iqbal - il y a 3 ans
Lovely interior, it feels very laid back relaxed with warm lights and music at the right volume. Friendly and helpful staff, who have great taste in music. I can't speak for all the products but the menu is good and well priced, as well as the drinks. It's called tops for a reason.
Der Boss - il y a 3 ans
Nice shop and friendly Service.
Rykaard Biernat - il y a 3 ans
Friendly Staff, good quality & cheap stuff and great tea for 1,5€ Nice area to chill, it has got two separate rooms inside and a big outside garden where you can go and chill
jose manuel - il y a 3 ans
Friendly crew, good stuff, in my case, superpolm...... Recommended.....
marcel p - il y a 3 ans
Top 3 Shop imo. Always a chill worth
William H Walker - il y a 3 ans
Hospitality friendly. Makes you feel at home. Recommend skunk for the trip home.
Loris Casalino - il y a 4 ans
I went to this coffeeshop with my friend only once. We were around the city of Den Helder and we decide to stop to the one that got the best reviews on Google Maps. We did not regret the choice at all! The weed was super good (taste and effect) and the workers were nice. The place makes you feel very comfortable and relax I highly recommend it!
Lola Engelhart - il y a 4 ans
Great service with knowledgeable staff. Varied price ranges, where slightly higher prices give you pretty great quality. Quality is always at least decent. Relaxed atmosphere, games to borrow and often Rastafari music being played. There's also an awesome little garden in the back where you can sit, there is cool art in- and outside. One of the best coffeeshops I know, and definitely the best one in town.
Alessio Liut - il y a 6 ans
Personale scortese
majd al sabie - il y a 6 ans
Outdoor area
muffin loverism - il y a 7 ans
The best coffee, good music, good place, good staff and other From Rome with love Tops state of mind
James Guthrie - il y a 9 ans
Friendly staff, good atmosphere. Especially after a smoke haha
A Google User - il y a 9 ans
Very good stuff.

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