Club 88 B.V.

Rijksweg Zuid 82A, Geleen

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Kelly Renda - il y a 3 mois
my 3 year old son was getting sick in my car and on the side of the street on a very hot day… one of the gentleman from this shop came to assist me; gave my son a cold bottle of water to drink for free and without me even asking - I am very thankful and will never forget this!
Arthuro Arthuro - il y a 1 an
Gale Misoki - il y a 1 an
Cool place, cool people, cool weed...just wish they delivered
Joe - il y a 1 an
Corrected my review, after sorting the issue out. Great weed, and sorry for the confusion.
Andree Fiedler - il y a 2 ans
Possible for Tourist?
Jay-J Garrett - il y a 2 ans
Nice products, always friendly staff. Really nice local coffee shop in Geleen.
Grzes Zoltkowski - il y a 3 ans
Coffee shop
Richard Sun - il y a 3 ans
The best
Rene Wenzel - il y a 3 ans
M. Marcello M. - il y a 3 ans
Small but quite cheap coffeeshop
Michael Snelder - il y a 6 ans
Is een goeiie shop in geleen
Ireneusz Dąbrowski - il y a 7 ans
słabo .... marna sklepienia
Nikita Van Kregten - il y a 8 ans
:-):-):-):-) hallo allemaal. Hgh
Rob Dortants - il y a 10 ans

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