Coffeeshop Slowmotion Hatigo B.V.

Bourgognestraat 10 a, Maastricht (Maastricht-Centrum)

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luca tarallo - il y a 4 semaines
One of the best coffeeshops in Maastricht, the staff are very entertaining to talk to and super kind. The snack and drink selection is great and they have quite a few nice strains (THC/CBD values also displayed). Some of my favorites are the purple kush and super silver haze. The upstairs couches are quite uncomfortable and the tables could be bigger, but everything else well makes up for that.
Frank la Mol - il y a 1 mois
Strawberry banana is a dream, the owner is really nice and you get treats with your purchase! No 1 in Maastricht!
Emeric Mellet - il y a 3 mois
This coffeshop is definetly one the top 3 in town, they always have good product and their service is always quick and pleasant. The interior seating is quite comfortable and perfectly adapted to a squad of friends or just a solo stoner. Oh! and their snacks are on point
aedo lahd - il y a 3 mois
Decent shop, quality stuff but a little expensive
Slick Fc - il y a 4 mois
Discounts (5g), welcoming and friendly service, professional knowledge and product. Could this be one of the best in the Netherlands? Methinks: YES.
johnny philosophyKal - il y a 5 mois
Always the most relaxed Coffee shop in Maastricht. Weed is best quality. And you get a free drink!! Why go anywhere else!!! @ britt-i dont even speak dutch and they are the friendliest People around
Dean - il y a 7 mois
Was finding it hard to find a coffeeshop like this . Top products , and the guy working behind the counter was friendly and professional AF.
AndreaBacardi Pirate Italian Chef - il y a 8 mois
Quiet and clean place where to chill with friends. Nice sound track and carefull staff.
Tomas Terek - il y a 8 mois
Always welcoming staff & always good quality herbs. I recommend this place!
Ros Laighleis - il y a 11 mois
Really friendly anf helpful staff. I would highly recommend this place. Staff are second to none.
Janina - il y a 1 an
Weed quality used to be better and slightly cheaper.
Cameron Frost - il y a 1 an
Great coffeeshop, one of the top two in Maastricht. Tells you the percentage of THC and CBD in nearly every product!
Pablo Pinel - il y a 1 an
Super welcoming and warm reception with a great selection of great quality cannabis.
P R (Der kalle) - il y a 1 an
Love this place. Friendly staff and great weed
Badra-Ali Kouyaté - il y a 1 an
Went there for the 3rd time, everything was great until last time: - 3 different staff members were being condescending saying that I do not look like the picture present on my ID and they start to laugh about it even if they previously accepted it twice before - I asked them to double-cross their database as I was registered and even after that, they were certain the BRP and the ID didn't belong to me. Why on earth would I go to a place with my ID and the right paper if I was sure it wasn't mine ? I am not gonna turn it into a witch hunt saying that they scrutinized me in particular for my skin color or because I was the only one wearing a mask (dangerous time outside) but I'll definitely gonna handle my business somewhere else from now on and I don't recommend this place anymore.
Jany Arboaez Perez - il y a 1 an
Very good
Students Maastricht - il y a 2 ans
Thanks for serving me.. Joyce and Robbie thanks for being so helpful. 1st day in Maastricht and you make me feel at home. Thanks for the goodies. Wil be Back every day.
Gunter Stahl - il y a 2 ans
Great place.. very good quality of weed. Very nice staff. Love the atmosphere. Well done.
Troy Daenen - il y a 2 ans
Very nice and clean place. People always very nice and atractive and good service
Javier Rubio Gallardo - il y a 3 ans
Super heel goed coffeshop.. The people inside are friendly great quality weed and thank you for you smoker souvenir.. Peace
La Fraise - il y a 3 ans
One of the best in Maastricht, good selection of mostly indica, but also good amnesia for nice prices.
Victor Charly - il y a 3 ans
Good place.. games. Tv. WiFi. Nice weed and staff. Bring ID and studentcard.
Andrea Maluzzi - il y a 3 ans
A parte la prima volta dove per entrare ho quasi subito una perquisizione
Michel Aldering - il y a 3 ans
WoW ... The place to be. Maastrichts best coffeeshop.. best weed. Best hasj. Close to trainstation..this place you want to visit.!!! International place...
Maastricht Info - il y a 3 ans
Top Coffeeshop... best in Maastricht.. Super mooie wiet en veel keuze .. heerlijke koffie... coffeeshop zoals ze moeten zijn... Gezellig . Relax. Vlakbij station.. oplaadpunten voor GSM. Pin betaling mogelijk.
Glen Marcussen - il y a 3 ans
Deze coffeeshop ligt vlak bij het station.. Mooie zaak.. uitgebreide menu kaart met THC en CBD wiet mooie prijzen en goede kwaliteit wiet.. zeer vriendelijk personeel en heerlijke koffie. Veel studenten .. accepteren alle betaalkaarten..
Ivan-Alexander Nonov - il y a 3 ans
Wonderful place, recently with an even more affordable menu and the usual great variety. Fine atmosphere with comfortable sitting and good coffee.

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