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Nieuwe Binnenweg 179b, Rotterdam (Centrum)


Extra Newman - il y a 3 ans

Not open

Keith 8301 - il y a 4 ans

Was the best shop in rotterdam too bad they dont excist anymore. Check out reefer coffeeshop .

Goncalo Magalhaes - il y a 4 ans

To bad it's closed

KenioOo - il y a 4 ans

A lot weed and also waterpipe nad everything to smoke :)

Bran Ju - il y a 5 ans

Closed down, was one of my favourite

Manuel Mattarella - il y a 6 ans

Good coffeeshop with good choice of weed or hash. The bar girl isn't friendly and she can't joking with my coins. The music is too loud.

Tugba Çekirge - il y a 6 ans

not a great place but art on the walls were interesting.

William H Walker - il y a 6 ans

Excellent weed . Great friendly staff with good manners and a smile. Recommend this establishment to anyone. Doorman exceptionally friendly ,welcoming and informative.

della ugr - il y a 7 ans

Very nice lounge. They have a great selection of hash and weed, but the products are a little bit expensive then in others coffeeshops near this

Viva España - il y a 7 ans

Good seats, good music, always with good ambient, good receivement, employes are very good and speak english, and also are gentle. 100% recommended!!

The Spanish - il y a 7 ans

Good seats, good music, always with good ambient, good receivement, employes are very good and speak english, and also are gentle. 100% recommended!!

Christian Stålhane - il y a 8 ans

Great and nice service, top quality weed, good music and chilax place to be. Only bad thing was that the coffee was from the machine.

Kim Chang - il y a 9 ans

despite reading all the bad reviews we went there, and this place was alright! Except the fact the guy behind the glass refused to sell me an isolator joint, because he thought i couldn't take it (he was probably right) It was quite nice inside, we sat there for a couple of hours bought drinks and smoked. They were a bit weird about giving us the Wifi password? I.e they'd clearly given the password out to some customers, but then were denying us and other customers. Couldn't tell you?!? To be honest this coffeeshop decor was nice, but after the horrific experience down the road at Cafe Pluto, i.e throwing people out every 15 minutes, this was a much much better experience.

Eth van Thijs - il y a 9 ans

The guys at the counter are rude. And they steal by having the weed ready in a bag for you which is always less then what you should actually get. This happened twice already. I asked the guy to weight it, he weighted it in the bag, they should weight it in front of you and weed only. I don't recommend it at all.

Rob Jones - il y a 10 ans

Poor experience here. Bouncer was rude, guy behind the glass didn't seem remotely interested in being helpful, and girl behind the bar informed us we needed to buy a drink to sit down and had the same bad attitude as the rest. Seating area had incredibly loud music playing, not what you'd call a chilled out experience. Seating area was ample though, but most of the clientele at the time looked rather shifty. I'm by no means a connoisseur but I've been to a fair share of coffee shops and I wouldn't consider coming back to this one.

scruff mcgruff - il y a 10 ans

ok it is not the best coffeshop in rotterdam like everyone says just being honest im about the quality of the weed not the looks of the damn shop which looks cool tho like if your under the sea smokin wit little mermaid but the weed is too dry the gourgeous woman behind the snack counter is so freakin sexy damn shes like a stoner goddess....but enough of that overall okay i guess


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