Pour limiter la propagation du coronavirus, les coffeeshops aux Pays-Bas ne servent que de point de retrait pour les drogues douces et seront fermés à 20h00, à partir du 14 octobre 2020 à 22h00. La consommation de drogues douces sur place n'est pas autorisée.


Korvelseweg 192, Tilburg (Oud-Zuid Tilburg)

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John Kamikaze - il y a 8 mois
That is one of the best shops in tillburg... would be the best... if prices wouldnt bo so high
Lucas around - il y a 8 mois
Awesome but strains of weed could be better
Kamil Klepacki - il y a 10 mois
My favourite coffo!
Wojciech Szemraj - il y a 1 an
Very good Coffeeshop :D
Nuno Alexandre Fraga e Santos - il y a 1 an
I like Mawimillian a lot.. good atmosphere and some quality goods
Thomas Kush - il y a 1 an
Very good Shop, friendly People and good wiet Good Prices
Chris J. - il y a 1 an
A little disapointed bout the very expensive Tangerine Dream for 14€, but very good Amnesia Haze for 12€ with 10% discount when buying 5g. Just ask them for actually advices what to buy.
QUIT - il y a 1 an
Tangerine Dream smelling good af and looking nice too, but as again the taste is horrible. Doesn’t burn well, allthough ash is white. Probably not flushed at all.. 37.5€ is a completely absurd price for the weird soggy kinda chemical taste that weed has so often. Buy jars at Toermajn they’re a bit better
mike tobi - il y a 1 an
Nice staff most of the time good weed. And 10 procent more weed on 30eu
master white - il y a 1 an
One of the best relaxing shops I have visited, indeed in Tilburg I advice anyone to go for whoever who love to try a moonrock in their life and don’t want to drive all the way till Amsterdam like first aid shop, so sad nobody mentions the fact you have moonrocks here 20 for half 40€ for one. Lovely staff, very funny and friendly! Canna cookies and enough choice of weed and hash, loved it! Thank you Alex or whoever owns Maximillian! You might wanna change your thee glasses doh, they seem to spill out of their own as if leprechaun
Jani Szatmári - il y a 1 an
One of the best place i visited regulary while i lived in Tilburg. Friendly staff, nice weed, not over price, freshly measured... What else you can ask for? :) Dankü well for the experience
Amelia Pankow - il y a 4 ans
Lekker ???? stuf gewoon.
Omar Fahel - il y a 4 ans
Wesley van Peer - il y a 5 ans
Carlos Alberto Simoes Ribeiro - il y a 5 ans
goed shop..gaan ze nu verbouwen...
Jimmy Van Gils - il y a 9 ans

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