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Spoorlaan 360, Tilburg (Centrum)

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Chris Sullivan - il y a 1 semaine
Second time I have been to this grim place in a couple of months. Fantastic, this place opens at ten am and half an hour before other central coffeeshops do. Sadly that's where the positives end. To find something half decent on the menu would've saved me a two mile plus walk there and back to a shop I know I could get what I wanted there easily (Pasja). They have the most boring and old fashioned weed strains only White Widow and Jack Herrer among the major highlights here yawn. The menu too is hard to read on tiles flat on the counter. You feel rushed if people are standing beside you. This place is boring in the extreme!
Veerle van der Vloet - il y a 2 semaines
Love this shop. There's good food, games and tasty milkshakes! The people are lovely and there's always room for a good laugh.
Ariel van den Bosch - il y a 1 mois
I smoke the same thing all the time. Sometimes I have a cosmic world, but often the same thing bought on another day turns out not to work at all. Weird...
Romeo Milanov - il y a 1 mois
Aways the weed is old, not fresh, with bad taste. All strains have same taste. You have to pay 20 cent for box. The staff is not friendly , they are bored.
Lakki Sachin - il y a 6 mois
Must visit if your in Tilburg and a coffee shop lover... Loved the place... Bought some Weed and Hash cookies... It gave a best effect
Sebastian Waszczuk - il y a 7 mois
Great place to spend an evening with friends. Has its own vibe and I loved pictures of Royal family staring at me when im high. Recommend the food 10/10. But after smoking everything tastes great so I dont know really.
marcin preidl - il y a 9 mois
Nice place that'll suits all you might want. Great food and shakes. Strong stuff. Nice change in compares to always crowded Amsterdam. Sit down get a pipe and relax. You'll love it.
Madison Herrick - il y a 10 mois
This place is an absolute gem! The best coffeeshop I've ever been to in the Netherlands. The food is great, the staff is friendly and the atmosphere is very chill and enjoyable. Hang around and play board games, smoke your own weed or buy from the shop, eat a good food and don't forget the dessert! This made the trip to Tilburg amazing, can't wait to come back!
Tommy TheYid - il y a 10 mois
Nice looking coffeeshop with friendly knowledgeable budtenders, opens for takeaway early, the lounge opens later so we didn’t get to try it out. The Haze was 9/10, I would definitely pass by again, but later in the day to have a chill & some food in the lounge..
Aritro Ghosh - il y a 11 mois
Although nice, but comparatively its a bit on the expensive side whenit comes to buying marijuana or hash for that matter. I would definitely suggest this for people who want to hang out and hogging, while smoking up, but not for scoring hash or weed. Perhaps Tilburg has better options to score from.
Yvonne Moncur - il y a 1 an
Very Relaxed spot. Super fast kitchen and friendly staff
David Lourenco - il y a 1 an
Nice place. Eat a good Hamburger
Altijd Connected - il y a 1 an
Great atmosphere and nice shop sadly the prices are to high so 3 stars is all I can give.
Steph Loughran - il y a 1 an
Disappointing visit, standard smoke, lack of customer service and cooking skills, served hot food still frozen in the middle!! Rectified easily enough but still cautious about eating. Weed milkshake was nice though ☺️
Bothi . - il y a 1 an
Great food, great drinks, great smoke. Nice atmosphere to hang out and and grab a bit to eat or a full meal. No hassle from staff and a nice place where you're made to feel welcome. Staff are all really friendly too
Bothi - il y a 1 an
Great food, great drinks, great smoke. Nice atmosphere to hang out and and grab a bit to eat or a full meal. No hassle from staff and a nice place where you're made to feel welcome. Staff are all really friendly too
Jonathan Edwards - il y a 1 an
Great food, great drinks, great smoke. Nice atmosphere to hang out and and grab a bit to eat or a full meal. No hassle from staff and a nice place where you're made to feel welcome. Staff are all really friendly too
Maggie W - il y a 1 an
I love hash shake! ❤️ A place with great service and a nice atmosphere. I recommend!
Michel Meyer - il y a 1 an
It's a nice rustical place with good and tasty food. You like to stay there for hours. It's a must have seen location if you're in Tilburg. Tourists are welcome and they have very friendly employees.
Neo Polak - il y a 1 an
Very nice place, good vibes. Take a coffe and enjoy. Only soft drinks are served. Come with cash, Master Card does not work.
Sjors Hamel - il y a 1 an
I came here to find grass for drying and feeding to my room mate who happens to be a cow. The price of the grass was extremely expensive and it wasn't beneficial to keep the cow. My cow got extremely cuddly after testing it though. Also it is not legal to keep farm animals in a city backyard. The interior is very chill and the staff is kind. Sadly I was not allowed to bring my room mate in. Something about a 'No hooves' policy. I come in often to get some weed to enhance creativity for writing my music. It's a cool place to chill and bring friends, play some board games. Just don't expect you can bring farm animals.
Miguel Costa - il y a 1 an
I'm not a person to complain but I feel like I have to say something, I have been going to grass company for about a month now since arriving in tilburg and usually I buy pre rolled joints and normal, but it's been four times now when the pre rolled joints don't have any weed or hash inside all you can taste is grengo the cigarette substitute and I think this is very unfair, I spend losts of money in this shop and the fact you can't roll a joint property is very unprofessional. I don't mean to be rude but I feel like if this happens again I'm going to have to choose another coffeeshop as I feel like this is suppose to be one of the best coffeeshop but their pre rolled joints are rubbish, I want to smoke a joint not a cigarette!
jérémy fabian - il y a 1 an
I showed up there hoping to have a good night since its the biggest place in town but unfortunately they required I present a passport. I usually dont carry a passport with me. Being from europe i do not need a passport to travel
Rebecca Sharkey - il y a 1 an
They now have decided they don’t take EU ID or British ID as valid ID. Living in Holland now for two years this in the first time I’m told I’m not welcome in Holland unless I have a Dutch ID or bring a passport to have a drink with a friend. Awful people.
Elena Dineva - il y a 1 an
The service was more than bad! The waitress was extremely rude, she made mistakes with the orders multiple times, she didn't pay attention on her costumers and at the end she was almost screening at my face that I should watch out. I am just an interested international who wanted to see what a coffeeshop is and I didn't even smoke weed there. Besides that, when the drinks was nice even though I had to suck it up and have different one than the one that ordered. After talking with the manager he apologised which I think was nice.
Rey - il y a 1 an
The ambiance was great! So were the drinks we got. It was a lot of fun and I'm planning on going again next weekend!
Hesane Morito - il y a 1 an
The ambiance was great! So was the drinks we got. It was a lot of fun and I'm planning on going again next weekend!
Cosmin-Alexandru Rujan - il y a 1 an
Very nice restaurant with a very comfy and rustic atmosphere. Decent food, mediocre if not bad weed though
Aleksandr Dauda - il y a 1 an
Great place! Good quality old school strains. CBD tea is lovely
Roberto G.P. - il y a 1 an
A Little choice, but good quality, not excellent. But is a beautiful place, large, there is a restaurant, a bar. Place to sit...i love this place!
Gabriel Vaz - il y a 1 an
I love the food and the weed. By far, the best coffeeshop to smoke, eat and chill.
Mace Windu - il y a 2 ans
Nice coffeeshop. Staff is friendly. You might just want get some sticky-icky-icky or have a seat and enjoy some there along with beverages (non alcoholic afaik), great food and card or tabletop games. You can spend good times there! Except of what they sell, NO smoking allowed!
Robert Ellis - il y a 2 ans
Great vibe, only visited the coffee shop but got exactly what wanted for very reasonable prices. Clerk was clearly high so made our vibe even better :)
Bence Zsiros - il y a 2 ans
It's a great place, the food is good, it's a great place to chill out with your friends the quality of their products are great and the prices are acceptable
The Guy You Saw - il y a 2 ans
Best cofee shop i have been, wonderful place where you can chill with your friends. Tasty drinks. I domt know about food, but it looks amazing.
Christian Baker - il y a 2 ans
Classic coffee shop menu. Fantastic cafe attached. A firm tilburg favourite!
Rosaura Marianne. - il y a 2 ans
Such a chill place to go with friends or alone to work. They serve delicious milkshakes and cookies. Other dishes seemed nice too. The staff was polite.
Lewis MacNab - il y a 3 ans
Cracking food. The smoking novelty wore off fairly quickly however.
Alex Donaldson - il y a 3 ans
They will not let you in if you are a foreigner.
William McCormick - il y a 3 ans
No entry for tourists
Nick Dreamer - il y a 3 ans
Love the shop
Erik Franken - il y a 4 ans
If you like your weed consistent in quality this is the coffeeshop (weedshop) to go their food is really cheap and amazing and the burger-challenge they serve nearly impossible.
Daan De Weerdt - il y a 4 ans
Very chill place to smoke and have something to eat
Maciej Kaliś - il y a 5 ans
Najlepszy coffeeshop ,z obiadem:)
Maniek Tom - il y a 7 ans
najlepsza trawa w mieście:)
Jimmy Van Gils - il y a 7 ans
Jammer dat je voor beide zaken apart lid moet worden....
A Google User - il y a 9 ans
Beautiful place, unexpensive, good music, friendly service, nice people.... I spend hours there everytime

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