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Amsterdam Genetics

Humberweg 6, Amsterdam (Westpoort)

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Jesus Sousa - il y a 1 mois

I stopped shopping at this store because the options are very limited and they almost never have anything and it doesn't matter the day of the week.

Milo Johnson - il y a 2 mois

Avoid Amsterdam Genetics and all of their Cafés and other establishments at all cost - You will be ripped off. if an order is lost they ignore your emails even though the website says orders are insured for up to €500. Despicable customer service, report to the Dutch ConsuWijzer as I did.

Arnoldas Gabalis - il y a 5 mois

Nice place. Inside looks fancy, but prices are friendly. And product quality is very high.

Lloyd dingli - il y a 6 mois

I order over a month ago, package is sayings it delivered on the tracking number they provided but I haven't recieved anything, I sent multiple emails about this problem but they havent even emailed back, ridiculous. I can't believe any customer service agent or manager never had the decency to write an email back to try understand what is going on. I want this sorted asap.

Štefan Staruch - il y a 9 mois

High quality.

Nick Driessen - il y a 1 an

Good stuff, red velvet cake is fun!

ION BADEA (JOHN) - il y a 1 an

Best weed... Big price !

Essin Karbis - il y a 1 an

Went here one morning in May, young little Dutch guy with curly hair was extremely rude and patronising. Will also tell my colleagues from our nearby office never to go here again. Guy needs a slap. Is he like this only to women?

M. D ́avis - il y a 1 an

Was here to join the Amsterdam genetics Smoke Sessions. I had a rlly great experience, much fun and i can reccomend this to everyone whos staying in Amsterdam. Check out if theres a Smoke Session aviable during your stay and enjoy nice hours together with Tony Balboa and a few more ppl (max15) at coffeshop amsterdam. Thank you for your great work guys

Thomas E. Gilligaen - il y a 1 an

Crazy place and atmosphere. People in white coats, great strains, nice bags. Perfect brownies and Red Velvet cakes. U have to go there...

Vytautas Makulavičius - il y a 1 an

Nice design, good variety of goodies. Lots of dealers and staff in general but sometimes even more customers

Jama 84. - il y a 1 an

Very happy with customer service and my purchase

Marco duizendstra - il y a 2 ans

Best coffeeshop in the area. With soon a nice gift shop

Alex Bayley - il y a 2 ans

Fast friendly informative 5*****products.

Alex Glassmann - il y a 2 ans

Like a hospital!!!

Кирпичик за Кирпичиком и Синдром Неугомонных ног. - il y a 2 ans

It is like casino... Sometimes you win , sometimes you lose...

Gabe Stattic - il y a 2 ans

Best cofeshop in Netherlands..best product for reasonable price !

kaip kam - il y a 2 ans

Weed is maybe the best what you can get around, many different strains, prices also not so bad... But guys, always coming, so much people, need to wait about 10/15 min and then you hear that they almost empty, dont have almost nothing, left only expensive one's... And doesn't metter that time you come, day or evening...

Thirza van Slooten - il y a 2 ans

I really like the brand, from the strains to the merch. I have never been disappointed after purchasing an Amsterdam Genetics strain. Recently bought a sweater, great fit and nice quality.

Bjorn Dings - il y a 2 ans

High-quality cannabis products. If you see the "Amsterdam Genetics" sign at a coffeeshop in Amsterdam (and surrounding area), you know that you get value for money! The brand is an example for the Dutch cannabis sector.

stacey wilson - il y a 3 ans

What a place, we booked the smoke session with Tony, he is some man,we had an absolute ball. laughing start to finish. I would highly recommend it to anyone! Hot chocolates are amazing! I cant wait for my next visit. Until next time!!

Lauren Yeomans - il y a 3 ans

Absolutely nothing but quality strains. Highly recommended. Very helpful staff. Tony was great to learn more about the leaf. Thank you

Andi Tuffrey - il y a 3 ans

Never ever don't go here. It has the best. Products at the best prices, the best staff and the best service. You'd be a fool to use any other coffee shop. Make sure you visit!

Dario Albers - il y a 4 ans

Very well designed enterior, friendly staff and high quality products for reasonable prices. Would recommend buying here. My only downside is that there is no smoking lounge.


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