The Bulldog Coffeeshop The Port 26

Coenhavenweg 26, Amsterdam (Westpoort)

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Bogdan Komarov - il y a 6 mois
Cool place with nice staff)
Sebastian Stachurski - il y a 8 mois
Very cool staff, and awesome weed selection.
Adam Grabski - il y a 9 mois
My favourite coffee shop in Amsterdam area. Friendly staff and cool environment.
Bart - il y a 10 mois
Great experience and very helpfull staff!
Arra Vision - il y a 11 mois
Hidden away in the industrial area of Amsterdam Sloterdijk (westside) is this gem Bulldog Port 26. You can buy your coffee next door and head over to the bar where you can choose to sit inside or outside with a great view of the industrial area. The location is spacious, has it's private (free) parking spot and has a very relaxed atmosphere because its just outside of the rush of the city center. Visited by a lot of locals in the area it's a great place if you want to connect. The food here is okay but the crown jewel is the barbeque oven outside
AziBeatz - il y a 1 an
Great shopp lost my wallet next day they return it to my this shopp is more then olny weed @
Arnold Nadj Torma - il y a 1 an
Very nice and professional staff
Lina Felony - il y a 1 an
Great coffeeshop. Went to get Gorilla Glue and I love it. Staff is very friendly, my compliments. I also love the fact that you get your weed in a glass bottle, that you can also re-use
jorge henriques - il y a 1 an
G C - il y a 1 an
Super tasty burgers, far from the center, quiet and silent as I love..
No NI DUTCH - il y a 2 ans
#LetsGuide# oke stuff, a little to high Prized! but easy to park with car !! due to Covic 19 It is not allowed to stay to make Joint. ***most Famous Coffeeshop The Buldog has more then 6 Shops in Amsterdam you can even sleep in their Hotel and in this area they get weird ducks as a Customer
Kev Lacey - il y a 2 ans
Brilliant staff, great choice
Merlin Pendragon - il y a 2 ans
By far one of the best shops and a lot of it is reasonably priced.
Lukas - il y a 2 ans
Nice workers, good advice. Didn't try everything on the menu, but the stuff we had was very good. Why just 4 stars? The location is further away from the city but you can easily reach it by UBER or bus.
Carlie D - il y a 3 ans
Nice atmosphere and good choices. But a lot more expensive then other places.. bit of a tourist trap..
Levente Rethelyi - il y a 3 ans
Great weed good prices friendly staff. #1
Mithun Singh - il y a 3 ans
The famous cannabis coffee shop in Amsterdam. BullDog is one of the early and famous cannabis coffee shops in Amsterdam. You can find weed, liquor and food here. The price is a big higher as compared to the other coffee shops as this is in the heart of Amsterdam.
Nikolay Kolev - il y a 3 ans
You can enjoy lunch, or your coffee at Bulldog's in very inviting and warm atmosphere, compliment with high speed free WiFi
Assault Pioneer187 - il y a 3 ans
Had some good times in here well worth a visit
Ben Solomon - il y a 3 ans
Nice staff and local people here. Not as touristy as the other Bulldog shops.
El Doblas - il y a 3 ans
the best coffee shop in Amsterdam, 100% recommended to come, quiet place, friendly workers and very good quality and varieties.
Martin Pishpecki - il y a 3 ans
Comfortable to sit down. Good quality products
Bala Krishnan - il y a 4 ans
One of the oldest and busiest coffee shop. Long queues.
Vance Packer - il y a 4 ans
Simple affair for a quick coffee and a Joint just off the Amsterdam motorway ring A10 s101, no frills drive through hash stop.
deniz ciftci - il y a 4 ans
If it is your first time and you are in hurry, then go there. It is a bit expensive and serves less quality weeds to the 'tourists'. But I offer you to go and discover more local coffee shops. They offer higher and cheaper things. So that you can feel that you really are in Amsterdam, not alike an awkward tourist. Btw: those are all near to the city center and can find (compheratively) cheap hostels (Amsterdam is almost most expensive city in Europe.) around there, no worry.
Safir Younis - il y a 4 ans
Great place to relax and smoke in peace without any headache or people banging in to you like they do in the city centre.. Great staff and customer service. Will be coming here again!! Love how it's all wheelchair accessible
Dmitry Krymsky - il y a 5 ans
The staff was trying to joke a lot.
Julian Mathes - il y a 5 ans
Cool place, cool people
Sili Sun - il y a 5 ans
the weed is not flushed and got unhealthy nutrients which CANT be smoked!!!! google it people!!! like german quality from the "streets" but even more expensive. Would not recommend any shop in Amsterdam for medical quality. People who search good and NOT harmful quality should talk with their doc because it is not possible to find weed which not contains any toxic stuff.
Ronny Tschappo - il y a 5 ans
Absolutely great for everyone who's got no time for getting into Amsterdam and who wants to park a (large) vehicle
Alexander Luft - il y a 5 ans
We where doing a bicycle tour and came across this friendly Coffeeshop in an industrialised and safety aware port. The security man was great to talk to and learn about more remote coffee shops policies. We were invited into the lounge area - very cool spot on a nice day. Great views of the harbour.

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