Coffeeshop Blue Sea

Van Woustraat 87, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid)

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justin davidson - il y a 2 mois
Super cheap deals for really decent bud when comparing to current Amsterdam coffeeshop standards.
John Avergal - il y a 3 mois
Supa dupa ! Offshore is really good
Sam Cosgrave - il y a 3 mois
So 5 star, just go and have a smoke beside the fish tank.Quiet gentleman behind the counter.....body high from the King Kong. Do it.
siscos - il y a 1 an
Nice people and a very nice chill lounge! We come again next trip!
Amarett Jans - il y a 1 an
We really enjoyed our time here! It was a lovely room with a fish tank and a big wall of plants. We loved the music that was playing as well. Blue Sea in Amsterdam was our favorite place to have espresso and enjoy our herb!
TIMR - il y a 1 an
As a Dutch person myself, I always try to find hidden gems in my town. Last Monday night, me and two buddies, were searching for a great sit-and-smoke somewhere in the Pijp. It wasn't until around 11 at night we finally found Blue Sea. The person behind the counter immediately made us feel welcome, which cant be expected of a coffee-shop in the weed capital! Long story short, we smoked some and eventually the counterman even went into the smoking lounge to check if everyone was enjoying their stay. That was a great service i haven't experienced anywhere else. Feels like a true caring shop owner! Weed was also great. Reasonable price, especially when there is so much competition in the area.
Siddhant Jain - il y a 1 an
Had an amazing experience there. The person on the counter was very friendly and welcoming. Was a small but pretty place. Would definitely recommend it if you have a small group.
Effe Aime - il y a 1 an
Very nice and cosy place, small lounge, very clean. Very welcoming staff (it was a friend of the owner), and nice weed. Not for big groups. To recommend. Thank you for the welcome !
Leah Reid - il y a 1 an
Blue sea was the first coffee shop me and my boyfriend came into after landing in Amsterdam. There was a lovely selection of choice but ultimately I persuaded my boyfriend to go with agent orange. One of my favourites by far. Lovely staff, great atmosphere and a relatively large fish tank with beautiful exotic fish to keep the mind occupied, would definitely recommend as we returned on our last day and we were not disappointed
Holy Devil - il y a 1 an
I truly believe that it was the coolest cooffeeshop we went to. People are nice, the place is very beautiful and chill. Weed is not expensive and pretty good. I recommend it for sure !
Laura Andrews - il y a 2 ans
Really friendly chap served and looked after us. Loved the fishtank. Would definitely recommend!
babble cast - il y a 2 ans
I am a local guide registered in the google registry 1) the managers are kind and professional friendly and available for everything 2) wonderful place 5 stars deserve !!! seems to really be at sea !!!
Lynnette Myers - il y a 2 ans
Amazing atmosphere and welcoming helpful people, thank you for your help and looking out for me, Il be back
ahmed diab - il y a 2 ans
The best welcoming place in Amsterdam, good tips for everything u want to know . Best of the best
dewale Akinola - il y a 2 ans
Patronise by locals and tourists . Good quality though !
Flemmm - il y a 2 ans
Superb - quality - friendly service , fantastic cannabis strains , gives good advice . Has a comfortable seating , deffo recommend.
nikki holden - il y a 2 ans
Great little find! Cosy and staff are really friendly and give very good advice!! Will visit again
Val - il y a 2 ans
Good choice, affordable prices, knowledgeable staff.
Liana - il y a 2 ans
Nice place to have a smoke and get some really tasty weed.
Dominik Reinher - il y a 2 ans
Very good weed for very good prices compared to other shops
Natacha schjelde da fonseca - il y a 2 ans
The Blue Sea is back with a new owner that has been known for his top quality Weed and Hash. The man responsible for the quality and Succes of the BLUE BIRD COFFEESHOP for the last 25 years, has now taken his knowledge and experience to the BLUE SEA COFFESHOP! The selection of Weed & Hash is top notch ( Iggy Pott, Night terror, Chocolope Blue cheese Lemon Haze ) to name a few. Beautiful natural designed interior with walls of flowers and plants aswel as an exotic aquarium to space off into, along with great music and friendly staff. Don't hesitate to come by and enjoy this wonderful oasis of peace, tranquility and good DOPE!
Ivan Leybu - il y a 2 ans
Super bad quality, but excelente hot chocolate
Julia Gannon - il y a 2 ans
The place is absolutely the worst. The owner is aggressive to say the least - he kicked out one of the customers who was quietly enjoying his time and even purchased food from the shop. Needless to say this is not the atmosphere any self respecting customer would want. There are many other coffeeshops nearby with a much better atmosphere, and much more friendly workers, so do yourself a favor and skip Blue Sea. It is not at all worth it.
Victor Martin - il y a 4 ans
Bad material but cheap.
Amsterdam Boy - il y a 4 ans
good coffeeshop, not very crowded and this is good. good weed and hash. i tried every kind of the menu
Lee Macdonald - il y a 4 ans
Nice and chilled. Friendly staff. Great coffee!!!
Luke Sanders - il y a 5 ans
I was told by the owner that he didn't have time to show me the few things I asked about.
Patrick Plank - il y a 5 ans
Unfriendly and aggressive atmosphere. We immediately left the shop again after an extremely inhospitable and arrogant reaction of the owner when I asked for the bathroom.

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