Coffeeshop Kashmir

Jan Pieter Heijestraat 82, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-West)

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Ines Štih - il y a 1 mois
Best coffeeshop on J.P. Heijestraat
Cristiano Milanese - il y a 9 mois
Got a gram of hash and one of weed for 20 euro, the first does not even get me high, the second smells like outdoor grass. Been smoking pot since 2010.
semavi şen - il y a 1 an
barista is great, he sings along the songs on the radio and it makes the atmosphere a bit more unique. Backyard door and front door is across to each other so there is always light and fresh air inside. Try their white widow
Tim Stark - il y a 1 an
No doubt the best Amsterdam coffeeshop experience since it's very chill and the budtender is quite friendly. We got some good weed which we could smoke in the bar across the street
Jamie Lord - il y a 1 an
What a fantastic coffeeshop and bar. Had a brilliant time here. The staff were really friendly and welcoming. Excellent menu and quality. The music was really good all night long too. Can't wait to visit again, as this is most definitely one of my favourites.
karan patel - il y a 1 an
Omg. For me, this is the best coffee shop in Amsterdam. Just loved the ambience. There are two cafes opposite to each other - one with less crowd which I preferred and another where you can go with more people. But overall, just loved the ambience I mean that is what you need in Amsterdam Cafe. Must visit Cafe in Amsterdam
Gabriela Adamczyk - il y a 2 ans
Nice, cozy and small, staff is very nice and prices are good. The selection of strains is also not bad. The weed is good but no fireworks. I go there often as it's on my way to work.
Wayne Allen-Horth - il y a 2 ans
Best coffeeshop of the 55 my family has visited so far in Amsterdam. Patrons are mostly locals. Prices are very reasonable and there selection provides a nice variety. The staff know their stuff and will let you know how to get where you want to go. Head body, pain, etc. The lounge is directly across the street and serves beer, liquor, coffee, tea and fresh squeezed orange juice. The lounge plays moon rock and has a lot of room to kick back and enjoy. They were remodeling while we were there and the result is a hip looking place to hang and enjoy, with lots of room to lounge. The Kashmir puts places like, the Bulldog, Gray Area, Barney's, etc. to shame. Papers, house grinder and herbal mix are all complimentary. Ask for a light and they don't try and sell you a lighter. 6 Euro pure prerolls that are huge. The owner was there and was a very friendly and gracious host. We're going back later in the year and will be hanging at the Kashmir. Worth the visit.
Tom Walker - il y a 3 ans
Not the warmest welcome I’ve ever had in a coffeeshop. Paid €5 for a joint and then was charged €12.80 for 3 coffees. Overall felt pretty seedy on a dark and wet night - would give it a chance again the light of day though.
Bernd K. R. Dorfmüller - il y a 3 ans
Still "The" Coffee Shop for me. Not the usual "dispenser" style. Friendly service, nice menu and reasonable prices. They like dogs and your fluffy friend will get a cookie and water for free. Tip the Kashmir Lounge over the street. You can smoke there and have a nice drink with chilled music. Special is the "chill room". There you can chill on large pillows and the music is a little bit muted. You also can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. Overall a very nice place to be.
Aleksander Ilievski - il y a 3 ans
Didn't try out the menu, but good coffee and good people. If you see a rasta with dreads doing to he's feet, give him a puff and conversation. Awesome
Nekros - il y a 3 ans
Great coffeeplace and very low prices. Not good for a big company, but perfect for max 3-4 people. Has a big variety of options and it's always full of locales that are very kind and helpful. If you see any kind of shop full of locales you know it's good. If you are staying close by, you definitely need to pass from there.
Frans Wolters - il y a 3 ans
Nice and friendly people. Good amount of choices for an OK price range. Brownies and muffins are tasty :) Also a big plus is the cooperation with the Kashmir Lounge Cafe just across the street. 5/10 min away from Leidseplein - if in Amsterdam give it a visit I know I will :)

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