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Coffeeshop Massawa

Chasséstraat 4, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-West)

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Fez D - il y a 3 semaines

Horrible Customer service and random rules made on the spot

Skander - il y a 2 mois

Nice place a lot of locals

Ernesto Gonzalez - il y a 5 mois

No card

Iris Homer - il y a 5 mois

Staff is always nice and I love the strains here. Also just a great location in a beautiful area so it's nice to sit and smoke here every once in a while

m p - il y a 7 mois

come smoke you sebsi with a nice canal view, no rushy smelly tourists just peaceful moroccan people

J J - il y a 2 ans

Bought the strawberry haze, it has been sprayed with strawberry aroma. I see this happening more and more. If you want an uncontaminated product, look elsewhere.

Lel Lol - il y a 2 ans

Honestly one of the best coffeeshops to just chill. No loud music, no overcrowded rooms. Just a funny guy behind the bar who offers the best taste on weed. If you give it a shot you definitely gotta try out sour apple. It‘s like biting in one, even then when you light it up. Besides that every other strains he has is great. I had a really nice time there and this will be my first station whenever I go to Amsterdam again. Keep it up, greetings from the german guy with his laptop on friday.

Ryan Woods - il y a 3 ans


Sabrina-Yvette d'Almeida - il y a 3 ans

Not a big variety of edibles.

Simon Felix - il y a 3 ans

Really interesting flavours. Sour apple was 10

Sam 'spoon' Smith - il y a 3 ans

Great place, quiet but very reasonable price for quality, strawberry haze is some of the best I've had. Separate smoking room which is well ventilated and good chilled music.

Steven Blair - il y a 5 ans

I almost do not want to review as this is like my best secret in Amsterdam. This is not a tourist coffeeshop but a legitimate neighborhood spot with the best weed and coffee. I was very fortunate to visit. I spent a few days in Oud West and was close to a different coffeeshop that's was no good. While walkinh one evening I saw Massawa near a beautiful mosque. I had to cross the canal to visit. I'm so glad I did. I found the best coffeeshop in all of Amsterdam here! The coffee was the absolute best coffee I had anywhere and the Cannabis was far superior! So friendly was the budtender. I wish I could have spent more visits. It was absolutely the best if my visit. Very small, but not too busy, so it was very comfy. The review about the parking is awful. Obviously there is not a lot of parking. It's amstersam for crying out loud. I smoked "cheese" and the coffee. It is one of my findest experiences while in Netherlands.

Alexander Luft - il y a 7 ans

Comfortable shop for a stop on my bicycle run through the Islamic part of town. Nice mosque around the corner. Convivial non English speaking budtender made perfect coffee. No hoards of day tourists here. Weed tasted yummy too.


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