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Coffeeshop Pacific

Balthasar Floriszstraat 10, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid)

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Diego CAYUELA - il y a 1 mois

We did the mistake of ordering by name instead of checking the buds and ended up with brownish/old weed. PSA :Ask to see and smell the bud before buying anywhere!

Davide - il y a 2 mois


Vincent Mac - il y a 5 mois

STAY AWAY! This place is depressing. I had a really bad experience here. The guy working behind the counter offered little service and was just a straight up a--hole. When I asked for a napkin, he handed me a roll of toilet paper.

Ryan S - il y a 6 mois

Friendly, good price, great dog

Cristian Marin - il y a 7 mois

Great friendly dude and dog! I liked the lemon haze from here. They don't sell pure joints, only mixed with tabacco.

Raphael Canévet Julot - il y a 7 mois

Very Nice shop, thx for all

andreas karlsson - il y a 9 mois

Nice calm coffeshop not to loud good flower good prices nice snack and drink menu as well

Beanz - il y a 10 mois

Great place

EL Diablo - il y a 1 an

Top Job. Price good

Mfaddal Amarti - il y a 1 an


Dmitry Chernenko - il y a 1 an

G13 was very good

Mark Michaels - il y a 1 an

Bought some Pol and is was great..lasted me a week! Non descript location, which is ok

Rahul Khanna - il y a 2 ans

everything in here is amazing everthing

Dominik Gläser - il y a 2 ans

great service and nice people... Not so many tourists in there. It was really nice to stay in there for a while.

Hemingway The Dog - il y a 2 ans

greeted by a friendly man with a beard, good music, great weed and an overall fantastic experience

Rojo Rojo - il y a 2 ans

Always a good shop to buy from, with the very nice bonus of an occasional chat with Ronald

Emil Gil - il y a 2 ans

Seems little, not much furnitured or styled but with some clear space to sit. Not much choice of weed, some coca-cola's BUT (!) tried their powdered gruis/mix (7€/g) and found it strong and delicious... should not speak of it at all.. all for me than!

Phil Vivash - il y a 2 ans

Good range of products,knowledgeable owner and good prices. (Have the dear ones as they are MUCH better).

Manoel Andreis Fernandes - il y a 2 ans

Amazing vibe with great products. You might catch the staff singing and it’s pretty cool.

brian caf - il y a 3 ans

It's pretty good

Greg Gromek - il y a 3 ans

Decent flower but their pre-rolls have tobacco in them. Friendly service.

Ale Becher - il y a 3 ans

The guy at the counter was pretty friendly (can’t say that about other coffeeshops we visited) and answered whatever questions we had. The product was very nice as well.

dave lidgard - il y a 3 ans

Great friendly place. Good music and service.

Torkil Roed - il y a 3 ans

Best service in town. Very laid back, and doesn't seem all that touristy

letwan - il y a 3 ans

Nice weed, good prices, nice people. There are fun things to do in the shop. The ambiance is okay, but two different types of music can be a bit annoying.

Dmitriy Graff - il y a 3 ans

Amazing pitbul girl)) Old school owner, rock is live

Jinx Walker - il y a 3 ans

Clean facilities and friendly staff, great menu selection and just a nice relaxed atmosphere. Great stuff!

Daniel Dungyov - il y a 3 ans

Great coffeeshop away from the centre. Cheap prices, quality weed. You have play for 4 four and other board games

Anouska Samantha - il y a 3 ans

Stumbled across this coffeeshop as tourists in Amsterdam, it is a gem. Lovely gentleman who serves us, great service, great weed and really welcoming atmosphere to smoke in. Thank you! Highly recommend.

Kirsty Johnson - il y a 4 ans

Really relaxed coffee shop, reasonable prices for what's on offer.. Would definitely return again, plenty of space to sit and chill, TV playing along with music, very friendly dog who seems to be resident there

Pierce Moore - il y a 4 ans

So relaxing. This place is my favourite Coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Very quiet and tranquil, friendly and accommodating staff, and nice weed too!

Adalia Rose - il y a 4 ans

perfect coffeeshop

DEN020DEPIJP - il y a 4 ans

Nice Nabourhood coffeeshop with friendly service and a good menu. Dont be afraid off the dog her name is seven and she is just playfull. Shop has a new interieur sinds january 2018.

Ben Regev - il y a 5 ans

A simple local coffeeshop with a simple and old furniture but it's open until late and if you buy drinks you can smoke there weed and hash from ither places.

melody maker - il y a 5 ans

Nice local location. Lovely flower and polite service with good prices. The decor inside is very dated though. And lacked any atmosphere as it was empty and dreary looking. Please give the place a little love and update it a bit. Seating needs to be changed with holes etc with filling coming out. Shame to see.

Vageli M - il y a 5 ans

Located in an area with few other coffeeshops, this place is an oasis. Amazing brownie (7.5€) had a fudge-like mouthfeel and not dense like others I've tried here. Very reasonable prices, though the smoking area seems outdated but who really cares about that?

Georgia Georgiou - il y a 5 ans

Loved this place. Awesome staff with a decent selection of products. Great for a first visit!

Amsterdam Boy - il y a 6 ans

i go in this coffeeshop more than 2 years,, very nice and good ganja, in the morning is really relax :)

Kevin Gilles - il y a 6 ans

Minimum service available but you'll get the main stuff

James Trotman - il y a 6 ans

wee buns likes. she left poo in ur toilet too. love the place and will be back soon fella mush dude man m8.

Toma Ionut - il y a 7 ans

Omg...ist just amazing place..love that...i miss all my friends ...i miss everything what is there...i give 5 STAR CUS i love to be everyday ...with love TOMY

Geek Zor - il y a 7 ans

This small coffee shop doesn't look incredible from the outside, but pass the door and you will discover a cozy place to chill, with soft sofas and documentaries on TV. The menu is broad both on variety and price, the products are of good quality and the seller is friendly and was happy to give us details and advices!

Wolf Molotiv - il y a 8 ans

Le coffee shop pacific est très bien, prix pas cher dans l ensemble et bon choix. Je le recommande à tous

Martin Rodriguez - il y a 8 ans

With pinball


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