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Admiraal de Ruijterweg 104, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-West)

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L W - il y a 7 mois
Even though I come here every week since almost 2 years, I feel like the guy behind the bar never remembers me. Hurts. But weed is ok and prices are cheap, will not blow your mind but get you stoned.
Mohamed Boudra - il y a 8 mois
The best in town
Leon Doherty - il y a 9 mois
Coffee machine was 1€ but they didnt sell food and it stunk of weed vut i left with a smile on my face
Max Green - il y a 9 mois
Great place, always good product and staff are all cool. Small smoke room in back. Recommended.
Craig MVP - il y a 9 mois
Great place, always good product and staff are all cool. Small smoke room in back. Recommended.
Dimitrios Chasekioglou - il y a 9 mois
Very nice!
Mark Bedden - il y a 1 an
Dont go here for coffee
Carlos Daniel Jiménez Fortmann - il y a 1 an
The best ever
Ron Amir - il y a 1 an
How about to make your pin machine work? It is so diffcult, you don't need a university degree for that. Sorry but its retarded !
Jlmoney master laingchanel - il y a 1 an
Nice herbs great variety not too keen on the atmosphere tho
AISHA SULTANA - il y a 2 ans
Great place to smoke but not much else. No drinks or snacks available over the counter just a vending machine.
Sergio Villamor - il y a 2 ans
Great staff and great stuff. You can ask whatever you need, you don't understand or you don't know and want to. Friendly, not too noisy, nice to be and have a great time, alone or not. Out of the city center coffee shops circuit, meaning room to yourself or your people to enjoy. Normal prices, good selection and good coffee. Highly recommended.
Dusko Stankovic - il y a 3 ans
Very chilled coffee shop, located in Amsterdam West.
Youssef Hab - il y a 3 ans
Good coffeeshop with nice stuff. Very nice People working in the terminator. Realy a coffeeshop to visit.
Dejamarqus Murrien - il y a 3 ans
Pretty chill spot to sit back and blaze but make sure you have euros because they do not take Visa cards.
Ivan Jurčević - il y a 3 ans
Quality stuff, mint hash, staff is very helpful and people are always nice :)
Sashkia Myers - il y a 4 ans
This is place has got tunes playing and welcoming company

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