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Ian - il y a 1 mois

Hidden gem ! Probably the best place I was in the five days I was there everything about is class

Alisa Platonova - il y a 3 mois

Long time living in Netherlands and never before faced with such a rude service at the coffeeshop. 0 respect, 0 hospitality, overpriced weed. The only good thing about this place- that you can get a freshly squeezed dub, that’s all. If you searching for a better quality weed in touristic Amsterdam- choose the Amsterdam genetics one.

Amar - il y a 4 mois

Great high experience. Great service. Everyone was happy in that shop. Highly recommended

Bong Fu Fighter - il y a 4 mois

Small buisy Shop at the City Center. The Weed is on point and budtenders been friendly aswell . See you on my next visit again folks. Prices are you the more expensive side

Anand Gadhia - il y a 6 mois

Coffee lover... Just look at the menu. Do I need to say anymore? Blue Gelato for me thank you, what would you chose? It's a small little place with very big menu, so you can just let the day melt away. "Stay Wavey" #StayWavey

Iam Pafa - il y a 6 mois

Good vibes and they press for you so you coulde dab there. Really good service 10/10 place best coffeeshop.

shane shub - il y a 7 mois

I went to the old church a few times while on my trip to Amsterdam, lovely vibe inside and good space to smoke! However, on my last visit I decided to not sit in this time and move around short after, at another vendor I asked to get it checked just to see I was bumped. Extremely unprofessional staff to be shorting my product. Don’t know how much I could have lost out on…. If you want all your green go somewhere else

Sebastian Kukula - il y a 8 mois

Very nice Coffeeshop!! The Service is Perfect and friendly. Good Moonrocks, Indica and Sativa! Go here, When you are in Amsterdam

m p - il y a 8 mois

prettyest budtendster in amsterdam, the golden caviar is a must. smoke it with sebsi and float away

john doe - il y a 8 mois

Professional,chilled,clean and amazing menu.

Frank-Jan van Triest - il y a 8 mois

Bad service at the desk. Instead of being addressed and helped, I was ignored. This is your typical just-for-tourist-overpriced-weed-shop.

Camila Fernandes de Souza - il y a 9 mois

Very nice coffee shop, easy to access! Good options of things to smoke and drink, they also have bathrooms available for customers. I got ID'd when purchasing, but not an issue!

Matthew Benson - il y a 9 mois

You will eventually come to know every coffeeshop has a very specific set of rules, unavailable to the general public, but known to the staff. This is known as the Double Dube Scheme. This coffeeshop rules include no smoking inside of you haven't bought anything off the smoking menu. Which is like crime in a multistorey car park....wrong on so many levels. Mean-spirited for one. Discriminatory anti-competitive behaviour illegal under EU Competition regulations 81 and 82 for another. Anyway, nice hash.

Dario Albers (ShiftingZone) - il y a 10 mois

Forcing people to buy weed/hash, when u just want to sit down

Melike Yildiz - il y a 11 mois

The first and only coffee shop we’ve been to while in Amsterdam and it was a good experience overall. We wanted to try their edibles and didn’t know much about the different options, the effects, etc. The staff was nice but at some point we felt like we were bothering which didn’t made us feel comfortable enough to ask all our questions. We tried their brownie and shared it, I personally had 1/3 and it was enough to almost knock me out two hours later. I won’t describe how both disturbing and fascinating the effects were but I can’t help thinking that I am glad I didn’t have more. Make sure you ingest a very small portion if you are not used to it, because the actual portion can be a way too much for some.

Hosam Mazawi - il y a 11 mois

Cozy and friendly coffee shop.

Yash Agarwal - il y a 1 an

For me its the best coffeeshop in amsterdam. They have Pineapple Express and Its my personal favorite

sTrax - il y a 1 an

Strange vibe would be the best way to sum this place up during my visit. The music was super loud, the lighting (at least where I was by the window at night) wasnt great. Their menu was quite limited but their products looked and smelt the part though I was there to test one product alone and that was their "moonrock" or "firecracker" joint, cant remember specific names but it was a pure joint, layered in rosin and then rolled in kief for €15. I compare this to their neighbour coffeeshops equivalent and it just wasnt as good. It wasnt as oily or gave that rosin taste, I suspected it may have used hash to make their rosin as it was an underlying common lemony hashy taste to it, but still very smooth. 4/5 for effects, 4/5 for taste, 5/5 for price however as I have sampled worse similar products for €5-€10 more per product. Overall the vibe just felt strange to me, I felt quite isolated and out of place and this never happens to me. Maybe it was the custom at the time as the budtender was completely fine and friendly, just the overloud music and dim lighting forces me to give this place a 4/5. I would still recommend stopping by and checking their menu as I have heard and seen good reviews in the past!

Barbara Kubecka - il y a 1 an

Super cool staff. Quality guaranteed. We are 100 percent satisfied! Keep it like that. ☮️

Michele Ferrara - il y a 1 an

Great environment, welcoming and with great variety...The 5 stars are purely deserved...enjoy ✌️

Fiona Elisabeth - il y a 1 an

Great little spot and super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Will definitely be back again!

Lorenz B - il y a 1 an

Great place. I went in asking for papes and they just gave it to me like napkins in a Restaurant. I came back the next day and bought 2 Strawberry haze pure joints. Not a cheap option, but i would still highly recommend it.

max musterman (Freack) - il y a 1 an

Super nice Service and very nice Strains, I am very happy!

Ryan Pridgeon (Ry) - il y a 1 an

We are a quiet couple who know what we're after and are polite. Staff were being rude from the get go. Got laughed at for asking if they have any plant milk Edit: (over 2 years later) I still think back to this place and how it was the worst customer service I've had anywhere in my life

zaid Furat - il y a 2 ans

I Highly recommend this place for Marijuana Quality. Mother fact, i live in Amsterdam so you know ;) Kinda Regards

Sorouche Azadeh - il y a 2 ans

amazing place and amazing staff. I definitely recommend

Özal Bayram - il y a 2 ans

Great atmosphere and great coffee. I think it's everything you need to have a great day.

123camorra - il y a 2 ans

The old church has the most friendliest staff in the whole city of Amsterdam. We where the last week 3 times there and every time it was a pleasure to speak to the budtenders. Plus the weed ist really good and they have a prerolled joint named Hulk that's a delicious experience. It's expensive but worth it!

Dawid Komorowski - il y a 2 ans

What I can say, like before, I love You girls for this Vanilla Kush, and for my wallet too

Henry Reinhold - il y a 2 ans

— Information on the rosing press below — The Old Church II must be one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. They carry good quality weed and hash. Prices start from ~10€ and go up to ~30€ for the Cali. The staff was very friendly and helpful. As far as I know this is the only shops with a rosin press. After buying (hash works best) you can press your own concentrate free of charge. Thanks for recommending the cheaper strains because of the better yield - instead of selling the most expensive. Especially the black, young Gentleman has helped us a lot and did a great job of taking care of the press. The store is quiet cozy but modern at the same time. There are a few seating possibilities outside but not in the shade. This could be improved. Again, for me personally, this Coffeeshop is the best in Amsterdam. I would highly recommend that you stop by here.

Jozef N - il y a 2 ans

My favorite coffeeshop in Amsterdam! Amazing quality herbs and service!

Ryan Pridgeon - il y a 3 ans

We are a quiet couple who know what we're after and are polite. Staff were being rude from the get go. Got laughed at for asking if they have any plant milk

Mohd Zakhir Mohd Zuhuri - il y a 3 ans

Please order its HOT CHOCOLATE, and then enjoy your weed. Ask for recommendations from the bar tender. Good quality and great weed line up.

Lewis Callaghan - il y a 3 ans

Great little coffeeshop real helpful and friendly staff good selection not bad prices nice view we sat by the window went back a few times good hot chocolate too! Would recommend to anyone new or old

No NI DUTCH - il y a 3 ans

#LetsGuide# lovely Male staff ,I were not allowed to show picture! a good coffeeshop to sit and enjoy IT ! PURE ! you can inside only use the pure cannabis no tobacco , Yes THEY have a Good tasty replacement for Tabac. in combination with Grass GreaT !! yeah you see on the picture they have a vaporizer , my advice put temperature on 224 put the hashish you bought here, in to the vaporizer ((important say you want to use it for hashish!! they put some iron foly and put the hashish on top of this otherwise it is not easy to clean the Vaporizer!@ ... because a replacer for tabac does not work that well for Hashish (the taste ) . try the Hashish from 11 euro very good , and yes the coffee taste the best sitting by the window looking outside ... see all those people outside Struckeling. enjoy P.S it is situated on the back of the Rembrand square A Night area

DAWID DAWID - il y a 3 ans

Great view from the window in the evening. Nice atmosphere however the man behind the counter seemed a bit casual. But still good. Reccomend the hash. Very good.

Zekiel - il y a 3 ans

Great coffee shop, i will probably visit this shop every time im in Amsterdam

dj wicked white-label Will - il y a 3 ans

Always my first port of call when I arrive and I make a daily visit some times double. Staff always look after us and the fruits

J Crook - il y a 3 ans

VeryFriendly staff, good selection of weed/hash. Volcano available & within walking distant to Burger Kind & other shops.

Jeffrey Reynolds - il y a 3 ans

Relaxed, good atmosphere. Good product, reasonable prices. Would definitely recommend

Christine Wray - il y a 3 ans

Great place! Proper chilled with good music and vibe to match, really friendly staff all in all a good wee coffee shop

Jim's Mind - il y a 3 ans

Great selection of strains, although some expensive 'Cali' stuff too. Would prefer to see these strains grown locally at a more reasonable price. (If they aren't already and it's marketing nonsense). The Dutch know how to grow their weed, it seems crazy to even bother importing from the US. (Again I doubt they do, probably marketing wank). Was very busy when I visited, so didn't stay but looks like a cool place.

Minds On Wheels - il y a 3 ans

Bad experience! High prices for cannabis and drinks. When ordering a coffee there is no complementary glass of tap water, they charge €2,50 for a tiny bottle of water and act like they have no choice. Money hungry owner apparently. Unfriendly, low effort staff. Decent quality weed but overpriced. Only one small two seater bench to sit outside. A waste of money and time...

Jerry Javier - il y a 3 ans

No tobacco inside or outside - which is weird for Europe, especially because they love spliffs (joints with weed and tobacco). I went there twice. Both times the joints were expensive, and small. Won’t be back.

Jasmin Paula Sheridan - il y a 4 ans

Nice place for a smoke and a chill. Good music on and nice decor.

Amy Lou - il y a 4 ans

Luvly little place. Nice relaxed atmosphere. Also have a press wich is awesome!

Wojciech Lemański - il y a 4 ans

Great stuff , very good quality weed, plenty of strains and well design space area. Friendly staff and nicely quite let's you get high perfectly. Will be back with pleasure!

Charles Flynn - il y a 6 ans

Friendly staff, good outdoor seating.

Josh Ellis - il y a 6 ans

I had a really good time in this cafe not the best bud but the guy working there let me use the vaporiser and we got talking even gave me free grinder and rizla . top geza

Gareth George - il y a 7 ans

Small but friendly. Nice decor and a good selection of produce.

Benjamin Hess - il y a 7 ans

Nice little place with a very cute waitress which helped with our choices.

Jonas Fischer - il y a 7 ans

AVOID! We were there as a small group of people. As not everyone bougth weed, the bartender refuesed even to sell us drinks. He then told us to go (not direkt but in a very insulting way) although one of my friend allready bougth some cannabis. The -already- funny thing about this whole story is, that outside it was pouring like never before. Worst host ever!!!

Eurico Roberto - il y a 7 ans

All coffeeshops in Amsterdam DO NOT demand that you buy a drink AND WEED to sit there. As someone who has lived in Amsterdam for 15 years, I know for a fact this is a lie, you CAN just buy a drink. They said this (in the most insulting way possible) to my non-white friend visiting from the UK when he asked to buy a drink and they refused unless he also purchased their drugs too. The only coffeeshop in Amsterdam run by Lying Racists. AVOID! Anywhere is better than here.

Adil Chaudhry - il y a 7 ans

Great wee place right on the river. Very clean and tidy. The staff were very welcoming and friendly. Great menu


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