Pour limiter la propagation du coronavirus, les coffeeshops aux Pays-Bas ne servent de point de retrait pour les drogues douces qu'après 17h00.

Hunters Coffeeshop / Branch

Papaverweg 2, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Noord)

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Spirit of Light - il y a 3 semaines
Nice place, friendly staff, good weed
Joël Schulte (DarkBlueVisionNL) - il y a 3 semaines
Guards are usually rude. They will literally yell at you for lil' mistakes like checking the menu from outside.
Fabrizio Simoni - il y a 2 mois
Very good product and good prices
Valentina Locci - il y a 3 mois
Hi did you accept Visa payment ? Thnx in advance
zahr altorki - il y a 3 mois
Good wed
Wanda J - il y a 4 mois
Wide and good quality selection & friendly staff.
Roland Tjay-Anie (Ro) - il y a 4 mois
Mary jane ❤
Jesse Bijlsma - il y a 1 an
Great staff, guy with the glasses and beard is amazing.
nejla imanzadeh - il y a 1 an
Nice little place , chill people but got a gram of big buddha cheese, smoked all of it in 3 joints when I got home and felt 0 high :/
RAMBO VD BERGH - il y a 1 an
Very nice BudgetRange weed!!!
solus ito - il y a 1 an
never again, being screamed at by security, you gonna miss €1000,- every month
Rachael Donaghy - il y a 1 an
Brillant service! Brillant staff! Brillant prices ❤️ definitely recommend!!
Ime Archibong - il y a 2 ans
A cool place to buy different varieties of weed prerold and you can sit in and smoke your weed with a valid I'd card
Ale13442 - il y a 2 ans
Overall a good coffeesshop. Nice menu and outdoor seating area. One of the favorites among the locals. Friendly staff.
Coach Tom - il y a 2 ans
I was there recently on vacation from the U.S. I CAN'T SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THESE FOLKS!! I made a stupid error and ended up "over indulging" on some incredible Pineapple! To make a long story short, I passed out-cold AF, as we were leaving the store.They took care of me (and my family) until Medical services arrived. It was just a case of too little food and water, too many good beers, and the Pineapple just put me "lights out"! These folks are just undeniably- good people with great hearts!! Thanks to the staff and bystanders and EMS for everything!! The "Pineapple" is obviously worth checking out too!! Tom- Miami,Fl (May 2019)
Javier Rubio Gallardo - il y a 2 ans
The most chilli coffeshop.. Nice price and good selection.. The drinking are so cheap and big.. 0/5liter.. So good try it and enjoy fly cheers
Salman Rahman - il y a 2 ans
We loved it here, really nice open area inside the coffeeshop, stuffs were really friendly as well.
aleyna irem tasci - il y a 3 ans
A bit expensive and they were always out of fresh brownies
Jennifer Van Eyke - il y a 3 ans
Good quality stuff, nice staff, and a nice outdoor area with cute cats.
Antony Sedgewick - il y a 3 ans
Very polite staff. Top quality diesel, delicious g13/amnesia and white widow. Expect to pay 13 euro for exotic strains, around 9 euros for more common strains. Good selection of drinks on offer. Outdoor area. Really a great place to stop by if you don't mind travelling a little ways from the city center.
Yvonne Gatley - il y a 3 ans
On my way back to our favourite shop hope to get there before you shut got 9hrs 51min and counting driving and going on tunnel any info about what kind of few days to expect at this time of year and pride beginning greatly welcome also we are in a motorhome heading to city camp fingers crossed see u soon x
Del Toro - il y a 3 ans
Top Location, Not to much people like in the City. Top quality and price

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