Prix d'Ami

Haringpakkerssteeg 3, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Philipp Beach - il y a 1 mois
Very nice location with friendly staff. Cali selection was okay but not the best. Local selection with nice prices. Nice cake and Snack Menu!
Barkhaa Talat - il y a 1 mois
Really nice location close to centraal and interior was cute. Staff made sure to clean every 10 minutes which was nice, prices reasonable too. Just a heads up its cash for flowers but everything else can be paid by card. We also didn’t expect the kitchen and movie room to close at 11, so keep that in mind cause we hadn’t eaten dinner yet! Crowd was young and super chill and the staff were all helpful and friendly. Quality of products was high potency, worth the trip!
Nya Lewis - il y a 1 mois
One of the best in Amsterdam. Staff is nice and atmosphere is really good vibe too. Good prices and I felt safer in this coffee shop than i did in others.
Tenzin Wangchuk Dripatsang - il y a 2 mois
Cool staffs to talk to and learn about the stuffs they offer. The lounge is not bad. The visuals and female staffs make the trip more potent.
luna swagerman - il y a 3 mois
Awesome weed. Great service. And their spicy cheese tosti is very very spoicy
justan othergirl - il y a 4 mois
My dad and I were exploring when we just happened to notice it. Let’s be honest, there is so much to do, their giant lazy couches had us stuck there while we played jazzy tunes and drank so much coffee that it was a common routine. Get up go to Prix d’Ami and set out but we would get separated and meet back at prix.
Dobrică Robert Cristian - il y a 5 mois
The opinions are scattered around this place. I tried some space cakes. They served their purpose
Sydney Wiltshire - il y a 6 mois
One of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam. Plenty of food and drink choices. The vibe is different from other coffee shops as it’s much more vibrant and modern. Very big aswell but so popular and crowded inside for seating , people were being squeezed in and seated next to others through out our visit. I will still return here without a doubt but try and go when it’s much quieter inside.
Michele Arbore - il y a 1 an
It's a must if you are around!
Ahmed Yehia - il y a 1 an
one of the best places all over Amsterdam , 3 floors my favorite is the 3rd , sofabeds with 3D movies , staff are very friendly
Bong Fu Fighter - il y a 1 an
Always first Spot to go when i m arrive at the Dam .... huge shops on 3 flors with Restaurant and chillzone . Prices are bit expensive but all in ok
Matt Crothe - il y a 1 an
Wow, I'm pretty annoyed I visited this place on my last day in Amsterdam- I've never been in a Coffeeshop with this much seating, something to note is that there is a disabled access area for people to sit in which was nice to see. The staff here are top notch, lovely people who were friendly and attentive to your needs. Then there's the weed, seriously nice strains are available here at very reasonable prices considering the location of this joint (pun intended). I really recommend this venue, for a quick smoke and a dessert, or to spend hours and hours in. The atmosphere is unlike any other Coffeeshop I have visited, comfortable seating and a social setup, multiple rooms to choose from, good music, and a 2 minute walk from central station. This will now be my first and last stop from Schiphol airport, no more realising half way through the bag that you've got to leg it across the city to catch your flight home!
Ali Obrian - il y a 1 an
Can't do this, can't do that..... no chill factor here at all and it wasn't cheap.... won't be going back.... Additional Posting: Owner asked me to let him know more about my concerns, which I did, and hasn't bothered to respond. Avoid this place if you want a nice, chilled, relaxed smoke at a reasonable price
Matthew Charles - il y a 1 an
Different from other coffeeshops in Amsterdam - nice and bright, not dark and dingy. Good atmosphere and the milkshakes are next level!
StilRavin - il y a 1 an
Great place to pass a few hrs watching movies and chillin
Lady Boo Berry Chir - il y a 1 an
Really awesome place! Love it! Friendly staff and clean coffee shop. Made it here at 730am for a quick stop after airport. Took the train down here and probably only took 10-15min. And another 3-5 min walk from the station. Lovely ride back to airport.
BAYOWORLD - il y a 1 an
This is definitely a place to check out if your in Amsterdam! The atmosphere is always chill and it’s a great place to link with friends grab a bite, drink, smoke, maybe even meet someone new all in one multi level place! Product and prices are also always good and everything is clear and easy to see on the display boards! I’ve never been disappointed and I’ve been back every time I visit Amsterdam!
Sam Bristow - il y a 1 an
Nice weed and loads of space but also super busy and a bit on the high price due to location opposite grand Central Station. Good thing is they have loads of seating, table service and a decent food menu when the munchies hit along with sweet treats and milkshakes. Best to visit midweek or early in the day it gets very busy in weekends and evening
Karl Haynes - il y a 1 an
Great place to chill out. The vibe is always positive. The money you pay for weed there is a lot better than anywhere else. The breakfast was huge and I enjoyed every bit of it. Mainly came here as it was always a good start to g point for the day.
Ga - il y a 1 an
very nice. the atmosphere is cool although I would suggest to dim the lights a little. it was also cold if u seat near the window bc they always open it and close it to have fresh air in the room.
Hollie Studd - il y a 1 an
If your looking for a coffee shop for your first experience of the reason many people flood to Amsterdam, then this is high on my recommendation list. 4 floors of comfortable seats, easy movie watching and service right at your seat so you don't need to budge. Just relax, smoke and enjoy for as long as you like. Very relaxed atmosphere everyone is friendly staff and customers alike. It's a chilled stoners haven.
Chloe Eh - il y a 1 an
Loved Prix d’Ami! It was nice and bright with a more party/social atmosphere. Lots of yummy treats on the menu with fast service from lovely staff! Couldn’t recommend the place more, felt really welcomed from the beginning.
Aline VArewa - il y a 2 ans
Had a great time! Went there multiple times throughout my stay in Amsterdam. Great music, great staff, fun and relaxing environment, good weed... 3 euro drinks required if you sit, and 0.50 euro for restroom
Christopher Carpenter - il y a 2 ans
Top 3.Excellent multi room atmosphere. Take free membership and enjoy value credit back whenever you purchase. Busy and efficient staff , comfortable, great value , excellent selections, eatables , good munchies and quantity in servings on food and drink. Phone charger socket boxes €1. 1 room has sofas for putting your feet up whilst you watch a free in house movie. Clean toilets use for €.50 ??? All in all in the top 3.
chillmcthrill . - il y a 2 ans
Loved this shop. Convenient- just a few minutes walk from the Amsterdam Central station. The security guard in the evening was friendly and liked to make jokes. The staff may seem a bit on the serious side but if you chat with them, they open up and warm up pretty quick. One guy even gave me a “Prix d’Ami” T-shirt
Alex Doherty - il y a 2 ans
Prix always has to be my first stop in Amsterdam every trip. The best facilities in Amsterdam coffee shops, absolutely lovely staff and great different rooms. The food and drinks are topnotch. My favourite are the milkshakes with added donut. The weed is perfect and great selection. You have to visit if you go to smoke in Amsterdam.
Goddess Royal - il y a 2 ans
Best place in Amsterdam to smoke and relax! Three floors of comfy smoking space. Top floor my favourite spot. Hug sofas to curl up on Easter service. No ALCOHOL
Goddess Royal - il y a 2 ans
Best place in Amsterdam to smoke and relax! Three floors of comfy smoking space. Top floor my favourite spot. Hug sofas to curl up on Easter service. No ALCOHOL
Gavin B - il y a 2 ans
An excellent place to while away a few hours. Chill on one of the big sofas and watch a movie while a the nice folk bring you food and drink. Make this one for your must experience list.
Roarke Martin - il y a 2 ans
God damn I miss Amsterdam so much! I always make sure to go to this place in the Dam. The cakes here are fantastic. Usually with edibles I go paranoid and feel like someone is out to get me but with these I just saw things and felt nice. Very cool atmosphere too and reasonably priced.
Miro Tylka - il y a 2 ans
Very nice place with good stuffs. You can buy there some souvenirs and spent a good time. With opening time 07:00 AM and a few steps from Amsterdam central station it is a best to choice for You. On the entrance you must show your ID and leave your bags in free lockers.
Desiree Baker - il y a 2 ans
Love this place, plenty of room, good menu, the staff is the best, from the door man to the bud tenders very professional & helpful. The smoke has always been top notch & a large menu. We live in Hawaii and this is one of our regular stops
A E - il y a 2 ans
Staff are friendly. Compulsory drink purchases. Unfortunately, Im not a big fan of their products. It's just very standard. Quality could be better. So maybe the owner/s should start making some better connections with suppliers in the Netherlands. However, a great place to chill with a group of people for a few hours.
Erika Koch - il y a 2 ans
Place is great with lots of couches but its still not enough for the amount of costumers come in, i found it hard to find a seat. The servers were rude and they were chatting with each other louder than the music playing. In the morning there are alot less people and its easy to get comfortable and staff are more relaxed
Ellie * - il y a 2 ans
Came here in April 2019 and it was great. Weed selection is good and the food is really nice. The couches are really comfy, the staff are friendly and they play good music. Got 10/10 stoned here.
nachiket patel - il y a 2 ans
Good place if you just want to buy cannabis but its everywhere when you are in Amsterdam, Nothing special about these place the Ambience on the ground floor is good but when you go upstairs it just uncomfortable and too much smoke inside the cafe. Also the waiting time for food was much higher due to so many people inside the cafe. Three stars for the people working there coz they were really helpful and the food was good even though it arrived late. If you are in the city center and you have nowhere else to go then these the place. Cheers
William Clewer - il y a 2 ans
Comfy & welcoming. A good selection of the things you'll like for sale. It's been one of my favourites since I first visited the city 11 years ago.
Victoria Marion - il y a 2 ans
Great food my favorite was the milkshakes and cakes. Good weed and they have joints and bongs too! A must visit and i highly recommend
Mesh A - il y a 2 ans
One of the best in Amsterdam. 3 floors very big area. Has a small cinema in third floor. Also there is a restuarant you can eat and drink. Yeah they have three different types of space cake if you are interested
Davidenoff Dj - il y a 2 ans
Disgusting waitress attitude. Forcing customers to buy drinks. Went there with a friend, he bought his stuff then we went upstairs so that he can sit and roll it. A waitress came to ask what we want to drink. We said nothing, because he is only rolling the joint then we will go out. She said we are not allowed to sit on anywhere unless we order some drinks. What kind of attitude Prix d’ami? I sent an email to the Dutch consumer association and will definitely follow on this. She thought I might be a tourist, so she can scam me. Beware. When you buy in the same shop you are not obligated to buy drinks in order to stay and smoke it there. Read my review and act on it. I don’t need to send you price message, for what?
Alan Murphy - il y a 2 ans
Nice buds debate on boards if its sprayed, I've been 6 times in 2 years and no it's not bloody sprayed it's just good bud stop with the spray. Nobody will ruin good bud by spraying it for more weight just idiots.
Erika Tooker - il y a 2 ans
Crowded on a Saturday afternoon but, lovely staff were on top of directing customers to seating. Budtenders super friendly and helpful and I was impressed that the staff made sure I was sitting somewhere I was comfortable as a solo female traveler. Will return, thank you!
Jim Got - il y a 2 ans
Peaceful people beware !! Door man yesterday at 11am 6/2/2019. Was extremely aggressive to customers who have luggage even tho there is a special place to keep it . He asked a older gentleman for ID who was clearly 40 , the older gentleman slightly laughed.... reply from the irate bouncer was “what’s so funny” , many customers decided not to enter . Scary man
Harriet H - il y a 2 ans
Cutest, tastiest milkshake in Amsterdam! (Here's the strawberry milkshake) Prices are a little dearer, but I would honestly say it's worth it for the atmosphere, the comfort and the quality of both the drinks (you can order lots of different, fantastic munchie food, also) and the cannabis makes it worth it. I'd recommend coming here 100%.
Attalla Music - il y a 2 ans
This place is very cool. 2 floors of happy people. Quick service and delicious milkshakes. A wide selection of smokes and hot/cold drinks. Prices are fair compared to other coffeeshops. Loved the touch screen game tables but wish it was a little cheaper to play as 1 euro per round add up a lot. Pure purple haze + Chocolate milkshake = ❤
Mikebornthisway - il y a 2 ans
My favourite coffee shop so far and really easy to find. Really friendly staff and good atmosphere. Love how you can chill on the spacious sofas and watch films :) Will be back later when I've slept :D
Paul Chilcott - il y a 2 ans
Loved it nice and chilled smoke. Me and the other half have our last day in this beautiful city and this is definitely going to be one of the stops again. Would recommend to anyone and everyone about this place. Thank you for the kindness when explaining the products to my partner, she was very relaxed. Which made a great holiday!
Con Cairn - il y a 5 ans
Good chilling environment but the bud they have isn't that great, also the waitresses can be abit miserable depending on wich ones are working because some are really friendly.
Josh Ellis - il y a 5 ans
I bought 2 g of bud went upstairs to roll one and a waitress came over and asked if me and my girlfreind would like a drink we said no thanks as we were just going to have a quick smoke and go. She replied by sayin if u dont buy a drink u will have to leave i couldnt belive it just after spending 30 euro. I piked up my stuff and left bud was poor anyway AVOID !!!
Pelly Benassi - il y a 5 ans
Worst coffee shop EVER. I dont know what i hate more: the bouncer, the no-hat rule (really??), the super rude and miserable waitress at the bar, or the fact that after all the money I spend another rude lady wants me to spend 50p to take a piss?? Such a bad mood in there, not exactly what im after when im smoking my spliff. I will avoid in future as we werent welcome at all.
Mark Elmes - il y a 5 ans
Loved it here! One of the best coffee shops around - fantastic service, really cool facilities, great selection of food and green - would recommend!
Alex Bracken - il y a 5 ans
Having visited this place over the last 3 years, I visited again yesterday and left within 20 mins. One of the small brunette waitresses was SO rude and miserable taking a drink order we didn't want to stay. Doubt I'll go back there again now because of that, if I'm spending good money I don't expect to be spoken to with attitude and a growl. Plenty of smaller and friendlier venues nearby.
Hannah Gibson - il y a 5 ans
Great for groups. One of the bigger places with plenty of seating. Table service with drinks and snacks (Panini's etc). You can smoke your own and also buy here. There is a room upstairs with long sofa to lounge out that plays movies. Also has a pool table, separate room for tobacco smoking, toilets for 50 cents.
Kevin Donnell - il y a 5 ans
Been to the dam 2 times now and was in prix d'ami every day I was amazing place #smoke weed every day
Bee S - il y a 5 ans
Bouncer and Scanner on entrance which I like. Friendly happy staff who helped us choose. I only went on one floor but I know theres a few. Went here regularly on my last visit. Would recommend definetly
Aaron Cameron - il y a 5 ans
Good shop bouncer was very funny staff where very helpful when I went bad on the skywallwr og careful with that stuff hah
Lucia Bonaiuto - il y a 5 ans
I went this place yesterday and the security guy treat me like an animal, I came in showed him my passport and because I had a suitcase with me he told me in a very bad tone live your case here this is not a hotel, I asked him to please be more kind and he just got crazy and start to scream on me why he should be more kind? , I told him because I'm a tourist, I came to this place to spend my money and I hope is to be treated well and third because I'm a woman not an animal, I told him give me my suitcase I'm leaving and he told me yes, better leave from this place, come on? You need to talk to a customer like that? he was being very rude with me and this is not nice when people comes to spend their money in a place, security needs to be serious in their job but is a small line to cross and been rude.. anyway I will never go to this place again in my life, this was yesterday 17/115 around 12pm, and I will make sure to tell this story every page I find this place on internet this can't no be possible, I felt horrible

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