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Op de Keizer 28, Deventer

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Valters Balodis - il y a 4 mois

Do you sell a THC cookies or brownies?

Bartek Jaworski - il y a 7 mois


Oleksandr Iunda - il y a 8 mois

Friendly, Beautiful & Handsome staff & the crem de la crem crowd @ the bar, where you can meet someone very special - not to mention primo 420 - SENSE’22 dude in the orange glasses

Jasper F-ks - il y a 11 mois

Echt the place to be #lovesit

Simonas Rimonas - il y a 1 an

For me the best in Deventer. Good quality but only haze's

Ghislaine Morales Vélez - il y a 1 an

Really good service. People working there are very kind.

Marcin Olejniczak - il y a 1 an

Good weed,

Linda de Boer - il y a 1 an

Not cyber

Ivica Stublić - il y a 1 an

Nice staff Always good

Alexy Sad - il y a 3 ans

Good weed, nice place to smoke

Hesham Elkhouly - il y a 3 ans

Love it

PK Parkour - il y a 3 ans

3 star one for who have the place and one for the good!!:) people there and one for the good weed that they sale.

Artur Wó - il y a 3 ans


ronny s - il y a 4 ans

Good weed!

jamal lebanon - il y a 4 ans

The best

Miro Tylka - il y a 4 ans

quality weed, nice lounge with ps4. perfect coffeshop

Tural Gurbanli - il y a 4 ans

First time this coffeshop but I feel it is cool place, 2 smoking room and bar.

Pascal Tax - il y a 4 ans

Al zeker 12+ jaar vaste klant voor zeer goede kwaliteit wiet & hasj. Voldoende zitplaatsen en scherp geprijsde consumpties!

Liliana Georgiana Boros - il y a 4 ans

Good weed easy to find

A Google user - il y a 4 ans

Sterk het vermoeden dat die gast met lang haar de boel naait met de oude weegtruc. Ik kom er niet meer.

Angelique Honing - il y a 5 ans

place 2 be

Johny Haze - il y a 6 ans

The Best Shop In Da Deventer


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