Pour limiter la propagation du coronavirus, les coffeeshops aux Pays-Bas ne servent que de point de retrait pour les drogues douces et seront fermés à 20h00. La consommation de drogues douces sur place n'est pas autorisée.

Coffeeshop Liberty

Nieuwstad 49, Zutphen

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david ervin - il y a 1 an
Went to a number of coffee shops across the Netherlands and this one was one of the better ones. The quality of the grass was better than similar places i went to in the surrounding areas. I would take a star off because the hash wasn’t that good, but the customer service was probably the best I experienced so they get 5 stars. If I was in the area again I’d stop by, theirs also an awesome bakery across the street.
Łukasz Garbarek - il y a 1 an
Really big, stuffed bags they offer there. My order, 3 (grams? units? hands?) was so spacefull that I recieve it in two bags :). And if I mention big, it"s what I mean. Too bad that is a cash only place and they don't sell any pipes or similar equipment (excluding papers, of course). The worst thing is tjat they"re not able to point you such a place in a city. For me, as a turist was not to convinoent tp running through a unknown city in smoking equipment quest with pockets full of good weed, screaming to smoke it straight away (I am not a fan of mixing tobacco with grass, so I don't smoke joints...)
Mahyar Fakhar - il y a 1 an
Hogh Quality
Rehan Hashmi - il y a 2 ans
We really need Turkish atmosphere here... Stuff is good ...very good .
Norbert Ziółek - il y a 2 ans
Liberty special
Michael Waters - il y a 3 ans
Best customer service best quality and quality and well set up establishment
Mateusz Kończak - il y a 3 ans
Good quality.
MrDarkknight68 - il y a 3 ans
Nic place
Ywan Kromkamp - il y a 7 ans
Slechte wiet, veel takjes en blaadjes en je wordt er niet stoned van
Martijn Ooms - il y a 8 ans
Beste koffieshop van zutphen. Hier vind u alles wat u van een nette koffieshop verwacht. Altijd vriendelijk goeie sfeer en gezellig.

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