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Krocht 8, Haarlem (Oude Stad)

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Narwhaltat - il y a 1 semaine
I found this coffeeshop on my first evening in Haarlem last week, and went back each evening of my stay. Friendly staff, great choice of music, good gear, and just a short walk back to my hotel in Grot Market.
john doe - il y a 1 mois
Nice relaxed a bit small but a nice place to go.
Nhi Vo - il y a 4 mois
One of the last places where you can smoke, pool, listen to music and enjoy sports on tv at the same time. Small place with many locals, very friendly staff a lot choices but some strains are a bit overpriced in my opinion.
Hugo Slats - il y a 6 mois
Pool table inside, good service and friendly people frequent this "coffee"shop! Good quality grass free papers and tips included in your purchase and smoking inside is the norm. No tobacco tho
Dean Jackson - il y a 8 mois
Nice little coffee shop, friendly place ,good menu an not overcrowded, cheers guys
Antonio Parasita52 - il y a 1 an
Nice indica. And not to expensive! Verry good
Marieyo Ngume - il y a 1 an
Good price and good service
Iris Mo - il y a 1 an
Have given up smoking but I gotta give a high rating to this special place. Nice quality, good prices, friendly budtenders, each with their own music, decent coffee and a little outside patio for those sweet summer evenings.
J Jasper - il y a 1 an
Two words: Violater Kush
Kate Bme - il y a 2 ans
Clean, friendly and good location. One of the few places you can sit outside and people watch
Dave Eboney - il y a 2 ans
A must place when ever I have been to haarlem
Maritza Stewart - il y a 2 ans
Loved this place. Stood at an Airbnb nearby and this was our first and last stop of the day. People were great, super friendly. We are bummed we didn't get to say bye!
andrew evans - il y a 2 ans
Nice weed ...staff were great good prices ....worth a visit ....
Marc Nixon - il y a 2 ans
Nice weed at very good prices. Staff are all friendly. Definitely one of the best coffee shops in haarlem
Household Dog - il y a 3 ans
Best shop of my trip so far. Good weed. Good coffee. Very relaxed mixed crowd. No baseball caps in sight.
MilesMaddock - il y a 3 ans
Visited one year ago, prices for purchase were pretty good and value for money was better than another coffeeshop I visited nearby. Coffee was pretty good and the vibe was okay.
giddy oconor - il y a 3 ans
Excellent weed with brilliant atmosphere and the guy that works there is a professor in weed quick to point you in the right direction
Kate Silk - il y a 3 ans
Love this place, especially during the day, sitting at the table outside is great for people watching too.
Tommy TheYid - il y a 3 ans
Worst coffeeshop in Haarlem if not the hole of the Netherlands, poor Quality weed & very unhelpful budtenders, I definitely won’t be back
Marine A - il y a 3 ans
Budtender was very helpful and welcoming. The place had good music and was very pleasant.
Arsel Hasan - il y a 3 ans
Good weed, good music and good host. I went on a Sunday and it wasn't even crowded, just a few people. So, the host was also chilling with us playing good songs and talking about weed.
T Clavareau - il y a 3 ans
My favourite place to relax and enjoy a good joint in a friendly atmosphere in Haarlem. Lots of locals come here and they have a small but nice selection of weeds and hashes. Try the Casey Jones if there's some available ;). Also the edibles are really great and are well worth a try if you're not a smoker.
Carmen Verzijl - il y a 5 ans
Best cookies ever ????????????????????
Richard H Szumski - il y a 5 ans
Very nice and clean cosy coffeeshop good selection of what ya need ???? staff very polite and friendly (and good looking ✌) drove from uk and loved it . Will definitely be going again ????????????????
Oliver H. Eiber - il y a 6 ans
Best brownies I ever had. Do not eat one completely
Raban van Baak - il y a 6 ans
Top shop! Great service, good advice. Come here for years. Now, spacecake, cookies & muffins/cupcakes! The Best shop in Haarlem.
Andy B - il y a 6 ans
Great Coffeeshop. Good quality Cheap products, great service and lovely Latte's
Caeli Ashbourne - il y a 6 ans
Decent variety, decent price/weight ratio, pool table, bar seats, fancy coffees available, snacks, tv's, tables high and low, employees speak English, clean bathrooms, sells minor paraphernalia. Usual closing at midnight.
Jordy - il y a 6 ans
Koop iets op de Indica-lijst wat een 80/20 sativa blijkt te zijn. Het personeel wat er toen was wist ook veelste weinig van wat ze verkochten, zeer slechte service. Kom hier niet meer.
Alexander 'Sacha' Paul - il y a 7 ans
Best shop in town!
Stephanie Culver - il y a 9 ans
Better prices than Amsterdam or the nearby Willie Wortels. Not the best service but if you ask what's strong and still cheap they will help you out. Don't ask for a bong, just roll your own, or learn how. It's nearby the train station which is nice when you're just visiting.
A Google User - il y a 10 ans
Good value, good quality weed.

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