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Loggerstraat 13, IJmuiden

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Carol Cropp - il y a 5 jours

Brilliant everything you need

Daniele Novello - il y a 1 mois

No complaints, as it should be. Friendly staff

Essam AlJaroud (master8bruce) - il y a 10 mois

420 nice

Krzysztof Berg - il y a 11 mois

Good person good weed :) Lemon Haze perfecttt

Sylwester Więzowski - il y a 1 an

Joe cool nearby 10x better, don't waste money

Jajami O MATE!50 - il y a 1 an

one very unpleasant guest, JOE COOL BETTER

Rafał Grochowski - il y a 1 an

very nice service, great grass at standard prices

Cor Zeiksnor - il y a 1 an

The stock in this shop is absolutely ridiculous, a lot of times they don't have anything or just really bad quality, while any other shop in the neighborhood got loads off good weed. I would not recommend this shop.

Unicorn Telecoms - il y a 1 an

Possibly the best coffeeshop ive been too in a while. Try the red lime pie if you can! Really great staff, not the usual arrogant unhelpful folk. These guys are the nicest friendliest people you could hope to encounter. If your in Ijmuiden a must visit.

Alessio Egidi (Dready) - il y a 1 an

one of the best coffeshops I have found. The weed is great as well the prices. The staff is incredible! super friendly and tidy place! can't reccomend more!

A Chiwred - il y a 2 ans

very friendly service, clean and modern interior. prices in the city the same

David Álamo alemán (David_Blueheart) - il y a 2 ans

Nice products and nice people

Buczko David - il y a 2 ans

Good stuff, perfect service ,helpful and friendly staff. Keep going!

Mateusz Tomasikiewicz - il y a 2 ans

The best coffeshop in IJmuiden!

Huseyin Huseyin - il y a 3 ans

Great staff and good value product, but it's takeaway only (no smoking)

Mateusz Liegmann - il y a 3 ans

Good Staff, weed high quality . Awesome :)

Just Harry - il y a 3 ans

Great stop. Nice atmosphere. Not easy to find. Not much of a selection

Danny - il y a 3 ans

Nice People and wide range of choice

Michael Cooper - il y a 3 ans

The best in Ijmuiden.

George Ruppert - il y a 3 ans

Great coffee, weed, and hash. Airco. Best in town

Arsel Hasan - il y a 4 ans

Cool place, nice vibe, nothing special but nothing bad either. The people are cool as well.


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