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A Chiwred - il y a 3 semaines
Nice weed but prices a bit steep. They make up with "gift items" as you buy 5g.
mariusz rycerz - il y a 5 mois
Nice stuff with a good stuff
Nikola Dugave - il y a 7 mois
Great service, amazing variety of choice (Super Silver haze greatly recomended) and on top of that great combos if you buy 5g, so its a win-win... keep up the good work!
Eleonora Sеvdora - il y a 9 mois
Good stuff ☺️
Ionut Vatavu - il y a 10 mois
I drive 1 hour to find out they close sooner than they announce in their schedule on google.
Dimitar Savov - il y a 11 mois
Very diverse menu available as well as useful gifts when buying x5. Branches get cleaned before my eyes. When what you like is in small heads only, they suggest a substitute strain. Great quality service overall
JANYSSVARAN MP (Janesh) - il y a 11 mois
Good Collection . But could be more as it's closest to the station .
Matej - il y a 1 an
Love it
Tim de Platvis (Timdeplatvis111) - il y a 1 an
Great service, great weed.
Maciej Łukasiak (Maciekmacko) - il y a 1 an
Best weed, Best price, large assortment
D* S* - il y a 1 an
Friendly dealer, great selection.
Hein Kymdell - il y a 2 ans
Great variety. Small smoking room.
Marmiek Miek - il y a 2 ans
Very nice shop. Good quality, lots of choice. Nice lady:-)..
paul - il y a 2 ans
If in the area pop in i recommend the white widow block ( just because I love hash ) I will be back for sure lovely shop excellent staff top shop 11 out of 10 from me
Jimi - il y a 2 ans
Quick and easy. Waitress was not in the best Mood.
Tommy TheYid - il y a 3 ans
Superb coffeeshop open until 4am Thurs fri sat, friendly helpful budtenders, nice seating area & some lovely weed. Superb bit of Pineapple Express
Slavko Bozic - il y a 3 ans
Best coffeshop ive been to in the whole of neatherlands love everything there !
Daniel Laseck - il y a 3 ans
Hanter lemon haze (my love)
Frank holzmüller - il y a 3 ans
Nice and friendly stuff. Good weed and prices. The G13 Amnesia is our favourite
Thom M - il y a 3 ans
Helpful staff. Great cannabis and a clean/relaxed smoking room.
Giorgio Giardini - il y a 3 ans
Key West do not exist anymore This coffeeshop now it is called HUNTER
Kevin Willemse - il y a 4 ans
Super friendly and helpful staff. Great overall experience.
Stefano Stanich - il y a 4 ans
Wide choice and good stuff. Prices are quite high.
Thomas T C - il y a 4 ans
Nice restaurent
Beatriz Lami - il y a 5 ans
Very nice helpful staff, nice music, great spot to relax, great weed. I love it

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