Koffieshop Liberty

Herenwaltje 12, Leeuwarden

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Terror Bhaudet - il y a 1 mois
Ey I smoked here
JC Vagebont - il y a 1 an
Bought 1.6 grams of hash today is not even 1 gram at home..... Extra dried out due to the heat? Too expensive hash of too little quality ... used to be much better
Dnoop Sogg - il y a 1 an
Strawberry Haze is laced with e juice or some other aroma to make it smell. Don’t go here ever!
C17H21NO4 - il y a 2 ans
Pre rolled spliffs are perfect. The employee said it contained White Widow and to be honest, it was the first time I was really high from a pre rolled one. Not bought any other types of cannabis here yet, thus for now 4 stars.
058 Adventurer - il y a 2 ans
Pretty nice coffeeshop. Has a cozy place where you can sit. The place is i suppose not a nice hangout for everyone though. The weed here is always really nice menu with various options. Would say this is the best coffeeshop for weed considering the price/quality. I usually just get weed and smoke it at home :D
Egbert Van Der Schaaf - il y a 3 ans
Weet wiet is goed
roy van der linde - il y a 4 ans
Beste coffeeshop leeuwarden goeie medewerkers erg vriendelijk. Goede kwaliteit.
Tabytha Frenzen - il y a 4 ans
Perfect spot for all your needs. Make it quick or stay a while both options work!
Peter Schjerlund - il y a 4 ans
One of the best in town
Denizkilla - il y a 4 ans
Not the best place to sit down and chill, has a small but good menu. Probably the cheapest coffeeshop I have ever been to! They offer double the quantity for the same price as other coffeeshops.
Christos Soteriou - il y a 6 ans

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