Koffieshop Bilbao

Carnisselaan 20-A, Rotterdam (Charlois)

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Sickuns Boyane - il y a 6 jours
Blue Rage!
Rowling Stone - il y a 9 mois
Lekker dyspensery Og kus.h blow mind.f. But still, smell mass prod
Kristell De Potter - il y a 1 an
Pre-rolled joint was not enjoyable, wasn t able to find either good weed or hash.
Dennis3210 - il y a 1 an
f_twenny - il y a 1 an
Top shop
Łukasz Szafraniec - il y a 1 an
Ok ziolko
DONY B - il y a 1 an
Good place to get something
Fabrice Mag - il y a 2 ans
It is the cofee shop brother ami To Rotterdam ? I m a good friend of Ali To feyenord
Martijn van rijn - il y a 4 ans
Haa Aaa - il y a 4 ans
Da Dweas - il y a 5 ans
A Google User - il y a 8 ans
Zdziera pape z dachu .........

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