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Coffeeshop Solo

Korte Koningsstraat 2, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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  • Lundi 10:00 - 00:00
    Mardi 10:00 - 00:00
    Mercredi 10:00 - 00:00
    Jeudi 10:00 - 00:00
    Vendredi 10:00 - 00:00
    Samedi 10:00 - 00:00
    Dimanche 10:00 - 00:00
  • On ne sait pas si et quand ce coffeeshop vendra du cannabis contrôlé et réglementé par l'État. Pour plus d'informations, consultez la page 'Cannabis réglementé par l'État'.
  • http://coffeeshopsolo.nl/
  • +31 20 420 0428



andy phe - il y a 2 mois

Excellent staff, great products and very reasonably priced, i was very impressed and will definitely be going again before I go home

Paula Heemskerk - il y a 2 mois

Amazing coffeeshop, good quality weed for fair prices. Very kind staff and regulars. I've met so many nice people here, will be back!

Stefanos Bou-ya - il y a 2 mois

Nice place to relax and light up and enjoy a good joint..The weed is very good quality and the people that work very friendly and ready to answer if you want to know something.. Worth for sure a visit

T. S - il y a 3 mois

By far one of the most friendliest coffeeshops in Dam. Highest quality of Hash and Strains with a excellent professionell recommending from Staffpersonal. Must go when you visit the city and you want something byside the tourist terpless traps

Matt Matterson - il y a 3 mois

Beautiful lady serving, nice vibe and a balanced menu... definitely a visit again place

Abdulrahman Bastaki - il y a 4 mois

Very friendly staff and people were wonderful. Loved their services

Russell Hudson - il y a 4 mois

Still the Best coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Top shelf bubbly hash at 15 euro a gram, quiet location, awesome staff.

Matt C - il y a 4 mois

I've been to over 50 coffeeshops in the netherlands and never have I seen any coffeeshop with better weed or prices, plus the staff is super friendly and always with a smile, I'll keep sending anyone who asks me for a good coffeeahop directly here.

Raúl Yarza Nadler - il y a 6 mois

Good one. They always got good oldschool strains i love that. Not so much of that cali overpowered stuff. At my last visit i was there during the lockdown and they had some really Nice Cheese for me. Not the strongest, but with a clean and nice taste. i remember the platinum valley years ago which was lovely too. The hash was 7/10. Weed 10/10 Location 10/10 not far from nieuwmarkt

CtheD Style - il y a 6 mois

I loved this coffee shop. Low key, good flowers. Fantastic somango hash.

Han Pieck Filho - il y a 7 mois

When I have the cash this is where I delight myself... Lovely staff and amazing selection... Super low key and awesome view. I know solo for 2 years and I used to live across the block so it was always amazing... Unforgettable the first day of the 2020 lock down where we made a lone in front of solo.... Historic... One love folks

Heinrich Welter - il y a 7 mois

It's small but nice, the prices are okay but I could not say its a location i would recommend for smoking inside.

Jonathan Deliz - il y a 8 mois

Excellent service. Menu looks outstanding! I only tried one type, but it was amazing. Great way for me to exit my stay here and continue on my journey. Cheers.

Paul Wallner - il y a 8 mois

Really great location, not far from the red light district and not overcrowded like the coffeeshops there. Cheap but high quality Weed, Wifi, sockets to charge phones, drinks and very nice personelle are all to be found in this great coffeeshop.

john doe - il y a 8 mois

Very small and cozy could do with a update. Has a feel of a local not too busy with tourist a bit out the way and a nice menu.

Mark F - il y a 10 mois

Went here on Saturday was a little busy, but the lady who served me was amazingly nice. Was the first time I went in a coffee shop on my own so I was a little apprehensive. Lady made me feel super welcome. I want to go again soon maybe during the week as the place is so idyllic and has been here for so long it feels like going back in time to a beautiful and safe place.

Sol Smith - il y a 10 mois

First stop after arriving in Amsterdam central, lovely weed, lovely vibe and good prices. Would highly recommend

Dino Giganticus - il y a 11 mois

The most unfriendly staff I've ever met in Amsterdam. The old lady who was at the checkout was really impolite and didn't answer a simple question I've asked her. There wasn't a big queue or anything like that. The atmosphere was better than in other coffee shops in this district. The place is also not very crowded. This is definitely a plus. I highly do not recommend this place only because of service.

Alon Shachar - il y a 1 an

Absolutely great atmosphere. Staff are great

Draenog - il y a 1 an

Very nice location, good vibe and the staff is extremely friendly. Would definitely come here again!

Raphael Czech - il y a 1 an

Very lovely coffeeshop for both, take away and siting inside. There was always friendly and helpful staff and a nice selection to choose from. Solo provides the option to pay with cash or by card. I will definitely come back for my next Amsterdam visit!

Tommy Cockney - il y a 1 an

(Update 26/09/21) 3 years on & Still the best Coffeeshop in the Netherlands, for Quality flowers, grabbed some strawberry muffin & Jell-O both 10/10 clean… First time I’ve been in this coffeeshop & what a pleasure it was, the service was 10/10 & they had my favourite strain Platinum Valley 10/10. I will definitely be back again

Wavey Ntbc - il y a 1 an

Nice and familiar coffeeshop right near the trouble of the red light district. Tasty edibles, some easier outdoor strains and in general just great quality. Worth a visit.

tommaso “XxswagsniperxX” cicorella - il y a 1 an

Very good place to buy, smoke and chill, few drinks and very good space tiramisu

Goomza service - il y a 1 an

Best hash I’ve smoked EVER! Also, the service is absolutely amazing! If you like your weed, this is the best place in all of Amsterdam guaranteed.

Влад Павленко - il y a 1 an

good coffee shop

Alex Brodsky - il y a 1 an

Great service, and really nice quality bud!

Chad Hogan - il y a 2 ans

Guys & Gals here are amazing. Very friendly service made me feel right at home.. Ask to see the menu and they are more than happy to make sure you are just that..

The Warrior Workouts Unconventional Fitness - il y a 2 ans

Quality and Good Prices , Multiple Cups Winner Strains available , "Killer" Edibles, Friendly and very expert staff always happy to help and give advice . A Visit to Solo is always a good idea when you are in Amsterdam .

Matt Cross - il y a 2 ans

Nice coffeeshop with friendly staff and comfy seats.

Floony - il y a 2 ans

Super Shop with a great selection, interesting varieties, moderate prices and friendly service. The hashish here is generally exceptionally good, but the filtered Hiya is something very special and I hope they will have it on the menu for a long time to come. Many good American varieties and sometimes even an outdoor strain, which unfortunately is not often seen in Amsterdam. All in all: Top!

vagmen hq - il y a 2 ans

First place we visit every time we come

Irie Live - il y a 3 ans

Great location away from the main tourist drag. Nothing brash or flash going on here unlike many establishments. Staff were really welcoming, music had a nice groove, and the latte's were lovely. Really nice place to take a load off and get your phone charged up.

Sebastian G. - il y a 3 ans

By far my favorite Coffeeshop in Central Amsterdam. Since it's a few hundred metres off the red-light-district it's usually not as crowded as in other Coffeeshop around the centre. Quality and especially the consultation by the staff is excellent. Prices are fair.

Alessandro Crivelli - il y a 3 ans

Simple but chill shop that has a decent menu and is not too crowded, even on the weekend. You can hang out and watch TV while having a drink.

Briana Nixon - il y a 3 ans

I visited a few coffee shops in Amsterdam, but I would definitely choose this one as my favorite one considering it is the only one which isn't too crowded and because of the very friendly staff.

Bong Fu Fighter - il y a 3 ans

One of the best CS at the Dam wirhout an doubt . Shop isnt that busy like others in Town and Prices are quiet nice .

planetgrapes36 - il y a 3 ans

very nice atmosphere and weed and nice o prices and staff also!

Adam - il y a 3 ans

I missed my plane after smoking too much C5 at Twwede Kamer like a classic tourist donut,... so I walked from Central Station back into Amsterdam, and this was the first coffeshop I came to, I really just went in because I couldn't walk any further. Nice local style place as it turns out, clean layout, Italian guy serving was nice enough, decent weed, decent drinks and snacks too. I smoke the Nicole Kush, platinum Cookies if I remember rightly, and a good Moroccan hash. Glad to have found this place I'll go back. One of the best I found and very central too.

Pim - il y a 3 ans

Always good place to get high af and have a nice chat with Andrea

WinteredSoul 77 - il y a 3 ans

Quiet, welcoming coffee shop, friendly helpful staff. A perfect place to spend time with a solid choice of buds.

Dean Sesto - il y a 3 ans

Excellent little coffee shop! A bit quieter than a lot of the other shops & a prices are a bit cheaper too. Very friendly staff & good weed

Happy Daze - il y a 4 ans

Found this on our last visit early March 2019. Wonderful little non touristy coffee shop just off the new market. We were greeted by a lovely friendly lady who's name I think was Andrea. On our first visit on Monday we bought 5 grams of the Clementine, and on our 2nd visit on Thursday bought 5 grams of the super silver haze, both very good & reasonably priced. The place seemed a lot more relaxed than some of the other more commercial establishments nearer the city centre. I liked the way they weighed out the weed in front of you rather than disappear into a backroom somewhere & come out with a bag of weed you hope is the right weight. We liked it so much we returned on Thursday where we were attended to by an equally pleasant young lad behind the counter who's name we didn't get. Would highly recommend this place. We will be back around October.

John Murray - il y a 4 ans

Chill coffee shop that played a nice variety of music.

Joe Foster - il y a 4 ans

Great little coffeeshop that sells at a reasonable price and is of high quality. No one could could complain about the staff, they were brilliant hosts. Will be back again.

Hydro2oo9 - il y a 4 ans

A great coffeeshop, which I found by chance on my last night before going home. It was a great, chilled out place with a nice local type feeling to it. The hash I got was lovely, the guy behind the bar was cool as were the 3 Brazilians who I was speaking to in there while watching the end of the Man United vs PSG game. Overall, one of my favourite coffeeshops and I will have to return the next time I go to Amsterdam.

Kavale Poney - il y a 4 ans

Good welcome. Very cool staff and the weed is very good. It's nice to stop there. Warm and friendly space. I would stay there again on my next trip to Amsterdam. Thank you :)

Global Expat - il y a 6 ans

Good deals nice place to chill.

David Fitzpatrick - il y a 6 ans

Best in amsterdam for good weed and peace and quiet

Mohamed Abd El Tawab - il y a 7 ans

Not too big, so it is not noisy and crowded

John Garvey - il y a 7 ans

Excellent coffee shop with a great atmosphere of local regulars and tourists like me. The Sour Diesel was my favourite on the menu and the trip overall, The white widow is also a must buy at 9 euro a G. Also had nice hash menu with my fav being mazar el sharif. Great place for solo traveler's ironically enough lol.

Téo Labourdette - il y a 7 ans

Top notch quality at a quite fair price when looking at the other coffeshops. The waitress was very nice and informative. Best authentic coffeeshop I've been so far. N.B: no tobacco allowed


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