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Rock-It Coffeeshop

Nieuwmarkt 12, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Pak Lavoir - il y a 4 semaines

Excellent service. You have to try the Apple diesel..

Kim Major - il y a 1 mois

If you enjoy staff talking about you and making you feel uncomfortable then this is the place for you! In a city where it’s already easy to feel overwhelmed I wouldn’t recommend here as a safe space lol

James Marshall - il y a 3 mois

Tried white widow and northern lights as seasoned smokers but first time in amsterdam and quality was awful, wierd coloured weed that was to brown and the high bring really weak and unenjoyable.

Mango Squad - il y a 7 mois

Perfect shop with amazing staff, strain to try strawberry og kush 10/10

Claudia Coelho - il y a 8 mois

Fake take away joints. Its just a cigarret whith nothing in there.. its a scam. They trick people in there. Its a horrible place to go. DONT GO THERE

Grace-Salee Celeste Hoch - il y a 9 mois

Rudest coffeeshop ever!!!! We wanted to use the toilet first before buying anything and sitting down. The staff started to argue that we gotta buy something first and we explained we wanted to use the toilet first. The argument lasted about 5 minutes before they let use it. After that they insulted my boyfriend and made some gender intolerant jokes. All in all that was the worst coffeeshop I’ve ever been to and the weed is expensive and bad. I literally recommend going anywhere else.

Alexander Persson - il y a 9 mois

The pre-rolled has almost only tobacco in it. I don't smoke and I felt almost nothing. 6 euros is a whole pack of cigarettes in a usual store. Sadly I can't recommend this place.

Ben Creed - il y a 10 mois

The strawberry OG kush is to die for

john doe - il y a 10 mois

Nice strains and prices and next door to another coffeeshops.

dorine challet - il y a 11 mois

Good staff and good weed. The place is nice if you want to chill. I recommend (especially the strawberry) !!

DiRi “risdim” - il y a 11 mois

Be careful here! Very unfriendly and aggressive owner. I can't recommend this shop.

Chris Leeson - il y a 1 an

My new favourite Coffeeshop. The Calis were mint. The staff are great and I ended up going back every day. The boys make it a joy to visit. Great selection on offer with wise words given with every purchase, not that I needed any advice, but I heard the lads chatting with first time Shroom users and share their knowledge of all that they sell. I will see them again for Kings Day 2023.

Lionel Surematu - il y a 1 an

MoonRock was Just a hash with kief. No flower inside.

To Bla2 - il y a 1 an

Way tooooo high prices for what you get :( Uncontrollable sitting areas :( Worst service ever :( and dirty :(

Navy Sihota - il y a 1 an

They got the good stuff AK47

Mike - il y a 1 an

The sour apple and the strawberry are vert best weeds for the Rock-it. Very very good weeds .

John Bateman - il y a 1 an

So I have been to Amsterdam about 8 times and this place is somewhere I always go too! English owner I think well there was a cockney gent who ran it the times I’ve been there :) nice enough guy and the weed is NEXT LEVEL like I mean NEXT LEVEL!! sour apple diesel smells like actually mindblowingly good never found anything like it since. Lovely seating area upstairs and very clean great little too!! This year has ruined the world but one day I hope I get to go back and enjoy my time in this place ! Stay amazing guys I love you

ian burn - il y a 1 an

I went a few years back now... I'll never forget to taste of the sour apple diesel you guys sold... nothings come close since

Frank Sekyere - il y a 1 an

Great service, fast and easy. Owner seems nice too

Aurélien R - il y a 1 an

Good coffeeshop you will find what you need in there

Filip - il y a 1 an

Nothing special, good stuff.

Andrei ionut vasiliu - il y a 1 an

Good cofeshop

Karan Pappala - il y a 2 ans

Love the strawberry banana kush

Frederik Sørensen - il y a 2 ans

Best Coffee shop in Amsterdam, i have Been here for 4 years now. And i Will keep coming back. Amazing menu, and cool Staff !

Paul Freeman - il y a 2 ans

great staff in a chilled-out coffeeshop. Good selection of weed.

Timo Willems - il y a 2 ans

Strawberry I love it.... Fake but the taste is blunty

Piff Piffington - il y a 3 ans

Avoid this place at all costs, staff were very rude, arrogant and unwelcoming. Awful atmosphere, feels like you’re smoking in a kebab shop. Forced to purchase overpriced drinks if you want to smoke inside. Lighting is blinding, Interior design is unforgivable and seating is archaic. Overall dead vibes.

Isaac Zadoks - il y a 3 ans

Cash only. Really nice raggea music being played and the weed is good. If you want to stay inside you must also purchase a drink. I enjoyed my stay.

David Walton - il y a 3 ans

One of the best coffee shops around. I just saw the same dude working there that was there the first time i went. Amazing! Good prices on everything sold. Good menu selection

J Crook - il y a 3 ans

Very good shop!!.. amazing strains! This is the best / only shop to get your Apple Sour diesel! Highly recommended !

Alex Doherty - il y a 3 ans

Visited this coffeeshop during our trip to Amsterdam. Easily found with the bright sign and once instead there is seating upstairs, in the back and outside. The smoke is decent and quite cheap, would have liked more drinks options but that's me being picky. Staff are patient and quick to sort out problems.

Tina Vernon - il y a 3 ans

Had a great time. Sat outdoors on a comfy bench then upstairs when it began to rain. Lovely helpful staff and chilled vibe. My partner didn't wanna leave!!

sonia lowe - il y a 3 ans

Every coffee shop is amazing here but all so different, that why I love this city

Susan Bartley - il y a 4 ans

Love this place, this was the first place I came to 4 years ago. Every time I come to Amsterdam I drop by here. Has had a few changes , Bob Marley picture still upstairs.

Abass Kabba - il y a 4 ans

Amazing little shop, very chilled vibe. Pineapple haze was litttt. Will defo be back

Earl Weekes - il y a 4 ans

smart device running low on power, just the place chill and charge..

Leandro Oriente - il y a 4 ans

The worst coffeeshop that I’ve ever been in Amsterdam. I had to throw away 1gr of pineapple haze because it was disgusting. “It’s not for everyone” adding one extra photo of their “premium” weed. It’s better to smoke dry grass than this.

Paisley Rowe - il y a 4 ans

Chill place liked hanging out upstairs the view was excellent for people watching while enjoying cannabis.

Adam Robinson - il y a 6 ans

This coffeeshop was close to our hotel so it was a regular end of the night spot. Always somewhere to sit and a cozy spot

Rhys Emerson - il y a 7 ans

All sprayed fake crap! Couldn't believe it when I saw it! DO NOT GO HERE. They are crooks and need to be closed down!

Borja Hernández Agüero - il y a 7 ans

The worst quality i find in an amsterdam's coffeeshop after 3 times coming here for holidays. The staff is very unfriendly too

Borja Oliva - il y a 7 ans

this coffee has the best strain in amsterdam, strawberry og kush, fantastic.

Benjabud MassRoots - il y a 7 ans

THIS PLACE IS DISGUSTING! You should only buy cannabis from here if you love lung damage. They sell SPRAYED weed, especially the Sour Apple Diesel crap. DO NOT BUY CANNABIS FROM HERE UNLESS YOU ARE STUPID! They are taking advantage of tourists by selling them awful sprayed weed. Go to a respected coffeeshop that does not sell poison.

Alexander Luft - il y a 7 ans

Hmmm. The budtender was not friendly insisting that I purchase weed as all I wanted was a coffee and to finish the smoke from Coffeeshop Marresa. I did and enjoyed the smoke in front of the historic Wagg House.


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