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Green Place

Kloveniersburgwal 4, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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  • On ne sait pas si et quand ce coffeeshop vendra du cannabis contrôlé et réglementé par l'État. Pour plus d'informations, consultez la page 'Cannabis réglementé par l'État'.
  • https://www.greenplaceamsterdam.com/



Martin Wright - il y a 6 jours

Loved this place.... friendly staff that know what's what... Great menu.... lovely chilled place to have a smoke... Best greens I had in Dam this time.

Pooohtin Will Die - il y a 1 mois

One of the best central coffeeshops in Amsterdam. They have a nice menu and their buds are top !

Jim Jones - il y a 1 mois

Reallly enjoyed my time in the greenplace Excellent menu, and the irish guy who worked there was amazing and friendly he helped us pick what we needed and i really liked his vibe

Maeckie Dies - il y a 2 mois

Nice spot to have some nice time! The coffee is good, the staff is very nice and the herbs arent too expensive with a good quality. But one of two bags got bad after one day, that was a little bit sad, so only four stars. But still a great job!

Lutfi We - il y a 3 mois

Good Weed and fair prices (You don't have to buy the topshelf, the cheaper strains are also really good and white ash)

Franco vila - il y a 3 mois

Big expensive Cali Weed Menue but Not worth the price. the cheapest dutch flower pink runtz for 10€ and the Amnesia for 9€ was better than 2 expensive doja strains for 25€ per Gramm! Staff a little Bit rude

Trust Menow - il y a 6 mois

Biggest loser in Amsterdam centraal, I'm sure if they have other staff available the place is alright but the guy working there was offensively rude for no reason and tried to blame us for his low IQ ways. Go at your own risk, the canabis was OK but not worth the headache. I am solely giving this 5 star so people can see my review and its not pushed to the bottom for no one to see, this place is for sure a 1 star experience. There is an amazingly friendly and good priced coffeeshop round the corner called popeyes

Hagbart Celine - il y a 7 mois

Hey guys. Super nice experience. I got 1.5 g zangria, 2.5 g guava x biscotti and 2 g of runtz 2. superb Quality, 5 Euro discount and the staff is More than super friendly. Special thanks to the guy with the uzumaki ear rings. The medical Mac1 guy from germany

Vittorio Zampinetti - il y a 7 mois

The staff is friendly and the place is cool. Weed is good, as many others in dam. Too bad that the men's toilet doesn't have the WC and the policy of the coffeeshop wouldn't let a man go into the women's toilet. I think this is wrong and unfair. Had to leave the coffeeshop earlier for that reason.

Diti Karavadra - il y a 7 mois

One of the best cosy coffee shop . Staff is very nice .. Excellent ambience The strong space cake was super good . One of the best space cake in Amsterdam central.

Anurag Ajwani - il y a 9 mois

One (of 2) of our favourite coffeeshops this visit. The best place to sit is at the far end. Super cozy. Staff is also very nice (Bulldog was terrible).

Rebecca Pearson - il y a 9 mois

Without a doubt one of the best coffee shops in dam. It’s nice and comfortable the staff are extremely friendly accommodating. Great place to relax and enjoy some weed. You can also get some EXCELLENT Cali here they also do some great hash that’s extra potent

אדם אסרף - il y a 10 mois

One of the best quality Amsterdam Grass and the nice sellers they explain and know what they are doing It is highly recommended! I'll go back there

Lez Lad - il y a 11 mois

By far one of the BEST Coffeeshop in Amsterdam

Toni Nostra - il y a 11 mois

I give 4 stars for the chill area, the product quality and the staff! But sadly no hot drinks after 23 o'clock and sometimes the sport on TV is boring

DaDe1955 Bocker - il y a 1 an

Absolutely love this place !! Maria is the BEST BUDTENDER in Amsterdam. She is beautiful inside and out. And yes, the product is great! Aloha

klaus denkmayr - il y a 1 an

Very friendly, easy and normal. Great Attributes in times like now. Nice hash and expansive yes, But the Cali weed is just Great and tasty. Go and enjoy

Lucca Quistani - il y a 1 an

Best weed in town at the moment, great service

Keyser Söze - il y a 1 an

KING ARJANS child always high grade little expensive but where in the middle of Amsterdam så its cheap compared to other places. No hoaxing of the strains you get what u pay for. Im always happy leaving here !

simon jessurun - il y a 1 an

G13 Haze. Best in the city centre

ritchie rich - il y a 1 an

You cant see the weight and the girls are not friendly, what make me feels they scam me. never again and no recomment at all!"

Marc - il y a 1 an

Best cafe in dam for vibes and comfort, the staff are really friendly, ohhh and the silver bubble cannabis they sell is out of this world, silver haze x bubble gum. Added bonus, the little dark haired girl behind the counter with tatts is very easy on the eyes, I'd say better looking than any of the working girls over there.

Tara Betts - il y a 1 an

julian david CR - il y a 1 an

This place was so chilled and laid back. I read a lot of complaints About the staff but they were awesome, very welcoming and nice. Maria and Martha were great. Can’t wait to go back to Amsterdam and have another of those tasty cappuccinos at this place.

Philipp P. - il y a 1 an

Lovely Coffeshop, very nice location to hang out. You can get very nice strains and some snacks to hang out. Always friendly there and always a good vibe over there

matteo refano - il y a 1 an

The best coffe on the center of Amsterdam

Simone Refano - il y a 1 an

The best coffe in Dam

m c - il y a 1 an

Shoreline is where its at. Great kushes also.

James Roberts - il y a 2 ans

Great shop. Friendly staff, varied menu and good produce on my visit.

Annetta Xavier - il y a 2 ans

Beautiful but small. Marvelous and good smoke to be honest. Experience was so happ

EyeDe7 - il y a 2 ans

Really good weed, prices are a bit higher but okay for the weed quality you get.

Floony - il y a 2 ans

Very nice store with moderate prices. I especially love the SFV Og - Hash, which they currently have on the menu; a unique selling point. The Forbidden Fruit (double filtered) is definitely - although not quite cheap - also a highlight.

Ant Jacko - il y a 2 ans

Love this place one of my favourites in amsterdam such a chilled out relaxing vibe and some very good strains of weed and at decent price I got my self the hoodie aswell

mikkel dyhr müthel - il y a 2 ans

Very bad advicing and rude staff, would not recommend

Jakob Morgel - il y a 2 ans

Super Quality. Very good Menu and different Strains from Cali and much more. Prices are very good for this Quality.

sTrax - il y a 3 ans

Top notch bud here at good prices for being so central. Fruit Cake was easily best smoke of my trip, so tastey, so effective, not a lot came close to it and also at a good price. In all my trips to Amsterdam this one in Jan 2020 was my first visit to Green Place and it WONT be my last. Cali menu is also reasonably priced compared to 99% of other shops that stock it. I never bought or looked at any so unable to comment on their quality but from hearing what others are saying, it seems very good and the best value for money in terms of Cali weed in Amsterdam. See you next week!

J K - il y a 3 ans

Played very good music when we went (Atlanta hip hop and Chicago drill if you are into that) which is pretty rare if you ask me. Good prices great ambiance. Real good location.

Molly Brooks - il y a 3 ans

Lovely staff, amazing atmosphere and really good menu!

johnny aces - il y a 3 ans

Its a great coffee shop w affordable prices starting from 7.5e for a gram of Amnesia of solid quality in town centar near NieuwMarkt... Good starting point to get some stuff and explore Amsterdam

Amandeep Singh - il y a 3 ans

Could do with more ventilation but great spot

A. R. - il y a 3 ans

Nice staff and atmosphere and close to the train station,good for the last stop'n'go.

kris glover - il y a 3 ans

Definitely one of the best in Amsterdam, chill vibe, cool staff, good stuff on TV, good music. Not a single bad thing to say

Bryan Lammens - il y a 3 ans

Best CS in the Dam. The Tarantula is scary ! People working there are cool.

Alex Atkinson - il y a 3 ans

Nice little spot you could easily miss right by the red light. Sells Cali and dam weed, price is a little high but staff were nice and there's good seats out the front.

Master Luster - il y a 3 ans

Very popular and crowded coffeeshop with a trendy atmosphere. They have many things to "gawk" at inside the store. They have a varied selection with regular prices. Usually, there is a wait here, but not longer than 5 minutes. On the outside, it is decorated with various stickers on the walls, some even depicting graphic images

Cole B - il y a 4 ans

Nice menu, got some high end USA import stuff if you don't mind forking out lots of €€€.

Kyros Karas - il y a 4 ans

Very bad service and unfriendly staff..especially the short black haired girl...she was pretty rude. Regular customer but not anymore. I have been working next door the last 11 years...sent a lot of people there but not any more..sorry.

Ben Regev - il y a 4 ans

Great atmosphere and good cannabis. There a selection of good strains in reasonable price around 12€ per gram, the award winning strains that get to 18€ per gram and even a selection of California, usa strains in around 25€ per gram. Highly recommended

anthony o - il y a 4 ans

This was in my top 5 coffee shops to visit in amsterdam and buy there goods but the last time I went with a friend the good had seeds in very disappointed. But it is usually a great place nice smoking area friendly staff. Just make sure you check what you but I hope my experience was a once off because this was always the first stop for me.

Alan H - il y a 6 ans

Great place to stop in for a break... usually a pretty good crowd.

Fausto Costa - il y a 7 ans

Don t buy weed in here, dealers steal from you. I order 20 euro cheese instead of 1.53 i got 1.25. Stay away.

Anaconda Junge - il y a 7 ans

Just the weed for 15 Euro + is clean,the Rest of the List is supective! Brix and haze spray is in all of the coffeshops. I would never smoke haze anywhere.

Hakim Karkeni - il y a 7 ans

Excellent coffee shop with good prices nice place to sit as well. I went 9 times in 5 years almost every time they changed some weed and don't think that it is so usual for a coffee shop to change his menu. Have fun !

Michael Lodginz - il y a 7 ans

Easily the best coffee shop, that I came across in damdizzle, great ambiance , great weed , friendly staff , special mention to hoool, top tender there. The og reek ' n was a head blower, kamarado o.g was something different . And that amnesia 666 .. 9 euro on the gram .Wow great value for some very good amnesia. Top cafe enough said..#love

Jack Searle - il y a 7 ans

Love this place! Great employees, great bud. The pure pre-rolleds are a steal. The OG Reek'n and Rollex OG are both incredible too.


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