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Mellow Yellow

Fermé indéfiniment
Vijzelgracht 33, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)


Luuk Akkerman - il y a 5 ans

Has closed as of January 2018 (by recent law changes that now forbid coffeeshops to be located closer than 250 from schools). Too bad for this coffeeshop which was the Amsterdam's oldest.

Patrick Hobbs - il y a 6 ans

A well run and comfortably sized coffee shop. The guys behind the bar were friendly and always ready to serve some of the finest with minimal or no delay. Ended up spending our late evenings in here and finished with a good 4 hour sesh in the room furthest from the front (which leads from a tiny cubby hole with steep stairs more like a ladder). I will be here again!

Jacopo Tomei - il y a 6 ans

Nice and old-fashioned coffeeshop in the Gracthengordel district, near the Rijksmuseum. The place is small but very quiet, with two different rooms: downstairs there is the bar, upstairs there is the smoking and relax area.

Dante DellaGatta - il y a 6 ans

Go to grey area instead. These people ring shame to the cannabis culture. Pushy rude and ripped me off. I'm an Amsterdammer for 2 years now and a native southern Californian so I know what good weed and service consists of.

Arif Kamarudzaman - il y a 7 ans

A coffeeshop that is within vicinity to Euphemia Budget Hotel. Please flash an ID to enter.

Ryan Paredez - il y a 7 ans

Place was cool. Foosball table upstairs and pool table down below. Their flowers were good but expensive compared to others. Would recommend going to check it out though.

Mary Watkins - il y a 7 ans

Really friendly staff and nice relaxed atmosphere. The bud was good and everything reasonably priced :)

Uncle Chuckles - il y a 7 ans

Total tourist trap. Walked forever thinking that this place could have some good trees. Total opposite. Smelled 5 types all smell like nothing/hay kinda smell. Really a 0 star

Ryan Clack - il y a 7 ans

wouldnt say it was high class but the music was good and the product and customer service couldnt be better already planing my next visit

Vimpa Ramie - il y a 7 ans

Went here with a friend and happened to meet two Americans. It was during one of our conversations about the IRA situation in the UK that a member of staff came up to us and said "You talking about terrorists? How about you talk to me about terrorists?!" I explained the situation, and after it was clear he knew nothing about the topic and we weren't talking about the middle east, he stormed off with "You watch what you say around here!". It made everyone feel very uncomfortable. It seems certain areas don't have the same view on democracy as others...

Phil White - il y a 9 ans

Found it by chance. Cheap and a good quality smoke. When/if I go back it will defo be the place to go:) Big shout to the guys who run the place- they know what they are talking about- where did the time fly!!?

Luke Jordan - il y a 9 ans

Took a while to find this place. Both the staff were really friendly, and obviously spent a lot of time making sure they know their products well. Drinks and weed are cheap! S5 Haze stood out from the others we tried.


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