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Rijswijkseweg 229, Den Haag (Laak)

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Rico - il y a 2 mois

1 of few shops that keep a generall good steady quality of amnesia haze. They did make it more "expensive" though, instead of €10 1.2g it's now 1.0g (after re-weighing often .8/.9 g)

Marius Valevicius - il y a 2 mois

Amazing place .. lovely staff. And a lot of stuff to choose from.

Gabby Puls - il y a 3 mois

I will sue this Coffeeshop , I feel like they play with my money . What happened to the good hasj ? It 4 time Im going there I’m not getting high off the product

Jay Blayk133 - il y a 3 mois

Nice selection and friendly staff, free joints were a welcome addition, definitely my coffeeshop of choice while in the area!

archive - il y a 10 mois

they pre weight their stuff so u can really take a hit and get a .7 sometimes but u also get a free joint per gram so u could say it's worth it

Alexandru Crecesco - il y a 10 mois

Great weed prices are average but quality is very good and I got a joint for each gram purchased, the joints may not be loaded but considering joints cost anywhere from €4-€6 this is a good deal since I spent only €20 for two grams. Good job guys.

A. Lyon - il y a 1 an

best weed in town allways blazing

Jason Paul - il y a 1 an

Might want to avoid the 'Gruis mix' (shake mix) here, more brown and yellow than green. I Suppose they have no qualms about potentially giving their customers lung issues.

Ali Asanov - il y a 1 an

With each order a joint gift. Good quality.

Gandoe Dyck - il y a 1 an

Always buy the same 28eu Snow white here, mostly great stuff! Sometimes a bit of branches but to be honest: for this price i don't mind :) You also have more expensive kinds that are very good! Jist my taste prefers this one

marc berkemeijer - il y a 1 an

Great weed and close to home

Atreidez - il y a 2 ans

Amnesia is great.. at least I think it was amnesia, it's all a bit cloudy in my mind now ;)

Patrycja Tomaszewska - il y a 2 ans

Very good weed and nice employee

PsonGoku - il y a 2 ans

I do not recommend this CoffeShop, they use people of different nationalities and give them less than on offer and I did not receive a joint like everyone else. I really do not recommend. 1.9 for 25e funny ..

Jeremiasz - il y a 2 ans

I do not recommend this CoffeShop, they use people of different nationalities and give them less than on offer and I did not receive a joint like everyone else. I really do not recommend. 1.9 for 25e funny ..

Oldzi Kusz - il y a 3 ans

Price maybe is low, but when u ask for 5g u always get 4,5-4,6g in bag. Even if u said directly "Five gram of Amnesia" u still gona be suprised by amount in bag. If U change this than I can even give 5 stars.. But now, sorry I hate to be cheated!

Amro Rashed - il y a 3 ans

Very very bad customer service and expensive

Brigita Dambrauskaitė - il y a 3 ans

Staff was quite rude and unprofessional

SCHnelman DurcHev - il y a 3 ans

Good place..(Y)

Mahony1922 Mahony1922 - il y a 3 ans

Gooood place! Happy sunday

Martin Różycki - il y a 4 ans

Good weed quality

A Google user - il y a 4 ans

Prerolled joints are expensive (4.5) and weak smoked 1 alone and got a medium high.

M - il y a 4 ans

Good weed

Alessandro Ferranti - il y a 6 ans

Il locale è gestito da arabi come molti coffee shop olandesi (non ho niente contro gli arabi), dove, a differenza di altri coffee shop gestiti da arabi, il personale si dimostra piuttosto scortese. Le offerte sono buone, per certi prodotti più prendi e meno paghi, ma la cosa che più mi ha fatto incazzare è che all' acquisto di 10€ d' erba il tipo mi regala (per carità, regala) un pre-rolled joint dicendomi che contiene white widow. Tento di chiedere se è un puro quando arriva un' altro commesso più anziano, che, scocciato, mi dice: "white widow, white widow". Pago, me ne vado e quando mi fermo per provare sto joint pre rollato mi accorgo dopo pochi tiri che contiene solamente TABACCO. Io dico, che cazzo di servizio è? Mi regali tabacco spacciandomelo per white widow tentando di fare un' ottima impressione su di me? Ma andate a fare in culo voi e i vostri modi del cazzo! Spero che almeno la roba che vendete sia di ottima qualità, ma anche se lo fosse io li dentro non ci metto più piede... Ah, il commesso, piuttosto giovane, non sa neanche parlare inglese. Pessimo servizio.

Yaza Forreal - il y a 6 ans

Nice coffeeshop, friendly staff, good prices. Inside is a coffee and candy machine. No place to smoke inside, it's pick up and go. Near are 24 hour shop and takeaway. Really recommend their Bio Haze

Jimmy Severins - il y a 6 ans

Service is matig maar de producten en prijzen en aanbiedingen zijn zeker goed!

Rody vd Lichte - il y a 7 ans

Goede kwaliteit.

Patryk nightcom - il y a 8 ans

Greate Coffeeshop, good prices and blunt extra!


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