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Stuiverstraat 146, Eindhoven (Stratum)

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Fabienne Rausch - il y a 2 mois
Got served by an unfriendly woman who sold me 5g tangie for 70€ And it tastes like nothing. Even the smell was ‚different‘. I knew right after smelling that is isn‘t qualitative weed. First she served my bf and was nice to him but didn‘t like me from the beginning. The weed she sold him is actually ‚normal‘. So not really girlfriendly or what
Tomi Eckert - il y a 6 mois
Incredible pre-rolled joints. Absolutely amazing place
Vaidas Anusevicius - il y a 7 mois
Good variety, normal prices, well ventilated, warm smoking area, friendly cashier. However, they dont accept visa, reccomend just bringing cash.
aLL aLL - il y a 7 mois
Lovely Cheers to lady at the Bar talking Holandizze )
Tommy TheYid - il y a 10 mois
Lovely coffeeshop to have a nice chill out in, weed this trip was mediocre, I’ve had better here over the years I’ve been visiting, I will definitely be back next year..
Tommy Cockney - il y a 10 mois
Lovely coffeeshop to have a nice chill out in, weed this trip was mediocre, I’ve had better here over the years I’ve been visiting, I will definitely be back next year..
Fabio - il y a 10 mois
12€ fluffy light green amnesia is a great decision. Especially when you combine it with the 3.5€ weed jointje, where you only have to pay for 5.5 in case you decide for a six pack. The snow ball throwing Santa Claus lanthorn is same nice as the new Christmas tree! Sometimes, you get laughed about, because of your clothes. But that’s maybe part of the game, when you become a stereotype :)
Fabio Pacifici - il y a 1 an
Great place, good stuff! I was there with my wife few years a go and it is still in our hearts! Good internet connection and computers available in a dedicated area as well as excellent green to taste. Clean place with friendly staff, a must if you are in town.
JDM Clare - il y a 1 an
Super chill, very clean, very relaxed, great choice of refreshments and very hospitable staff. Excellent choice in smoke, very reasonably priced.
Francesca Valentini - il y a 1 an
Really nice place with great people behind the counter.
Tom Green - il y a 1 an
good coffee shop. Good stuff
Mirko Cavallaro - il y a 1 an
Very Nice place, confortable. Kindly owner & workers. Perfect
Stuart Moreno - il y a 1 an
Now visited all the coffee shops in the local area and there all GOOD! Between here and New Wave they both get my 5 Stars
jose pacheco - il y a 1 an
Best coffee shop I visit in Eindhoven because Quality variety diversity in hash and weed Good quality of hash s saw try some I had never tryed. Quality and looks always better to others so my favorite place in Eindhoven. Hash lovers this is the place.
Joe xOG - il y a 1 an
Friendly Budtender. But the Weed... We got Gorilla Glue at 12€/gr and its just unsmokable! Black Ashes, tastes disgusting and smells also like that. Shame for a Shop to sells this Stuff.
Adam West - il y a 1 an
Mmm dat gorilla glue artisan bud . Dankest and best in Eindhoven, better than any haze. Ripe jungle taste similar to big Buddha cheese. Echt goed zo!
Daah Bloemenplukkert - il y a 1 an
Dont listen to Those one star reviews ! Good quality
Toxic Bisket - il y a 1 an
Good shop with nice selection of strains. Welcoming to tourists and free wi-fi available.
ian langerman - il y a 2 ans
Good coffeeshop, a bit far from the center but has a good selection for a good price and a nice place to sit inside the shop itself.
ctrsas brunoFl - il y a 2 ans
Their Amnesia Haze is good for the day time,well cured and tasty,not the strongest but well worth. Lemon Kush is average,still nice. Nepal Tempelbal Hash is very good. I did not like Strawberry Kush Hash that much but LA Confidential is very nice again.Great place, awesome people,indeed. Best regards to You and your collegues as well. I'll see You again,Keep it Real Hermano K***! Ciao Fratello èh? :-)
A Bc - il y a 2 ans
Buy in this store if you wanna throw away your money, this coffeshop sold me a mix of crushed leaves. Bye bye euro garden, first coffeshop that i discard, i won't never come back.
Valentino d'Elia - il y a 2 ans
Best in town! Best weed and chill lounge .
sonia torrao - il y a 2 ans
Friendly staff. Better than what you expect.
Sjors De Haas - il y a 2 ans
One of my favorite coffeeshops in Eindhoven, although the seating area is quite small. The atmosphere is nice, as are the staffers. TV's are always on and show sporting events (F1, football, Olympics) if there's anything going on, otherwise it's discovery Channel or NatGeo. Great selection of teas. Also has foosball available. Weed quality is good, although sometimes on the pricey side, dependant on the strain.
Pamela Ritter - il y a 2 ans
Nice coffee shop in Eindhoven. Got some pretty good weed there. If u happen to be in the vicinity u should definitely pay a visit there. And u get your 5 grams for sure there!
Acardul G - il y a 3 ans
Best coffeeshop in Eindhoven. Best quality for best prices, great place to sit always very crowd in normal hours. Most friendly and most attractive (^^) service in city, specially tall, blonde Mrs.
JsJ JsJ - il y a 4 ans
Nothing good nothing..bad..although..they could use a bigger seating area...seems like everyone was on top of each other @ one point...Weed average...
Heinrich Gossen - il y a 4 ans
The best coffeeshop ever =)
axel byk - il y a 4 ans
Un des meilleurs d'Eindhoven... Un plus pour le rapport qualité/prix ainsi que l'accueil de la serveuse ! Cadre un peu petit , mais très cosi !
Gonzalez Delgado - il y a 5 ans
Good shop. Friendly stuff. Big variety and good price.
victor133644 - il y a 6 ans
Good shop, one of the best in eindhoven, they offer a variety of weed no one else i eindhoven offers, very comfortable more then pink, because at pink u get uncomfortable quickly after smoking more then a couple joints. Shop kind of small but i guess less crowded the better :p Theyve got some good haze (amnesia, silver), their hash smells strong to, their indicas r strong, probably favorite one in eindhoven comparable with Adam weed for sure

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