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The Clown

Fermé indéfiniment
Folkingestraat 24, Groningen (Binnenstad)


Nazywam Sie - il y a 8 mois

Best hash in town!!!

Sunny - il y a 11 mois

The Clown has quick service in English. Provides free papers and matches. Hash grams 5€-12€

Ozren Sirola - il y a 1 an

Great coffeeshop. I've got help which sort of cannabis is for night and sleep and another tip for weed which makes you creative. Indica or sativa. Your choice.

Elizabeth Comberg - il y a 1 an

One of my go-to coffeeshops. Good selection and staff are always friendly

Mjölnirs Wraith - il y a 1 an

Best in town. The only place where I can buy quality weed in one piece consistently. Did not get anything less than high quality in the past 10 years. Consistency is hard to find in Groningen, that is why this is the best in town.

Kalifa Danso - il y a 1 an

Best place

jonas lewin - il y a 1 an

Best in town !

kacper krupa - il y a 1 an

Not really happy with that Mould on my cannabis. Hope I exchange it.

Laurens Janssen - il y a 2 ans

Best of the city #1

BroadNAbroad - il y a 3 ans

Relaxed atmosphere, nice staff, really good quality stuff with no extras. The product speaks for itself!

Cartoons NLX - il y a 3 ans

The best in town

Ameer Muzzaffar - il y a 3 ans

Nice sitting place , good weed

Deniz Dilek - il y a 3 ans

Best in town.

Ursache DUMITREL - il y a 3 ans

A beautiful place. Liked very much

Andrés Soto - il y a 4 ans

Great spot centrally located. Good selection at great prices. Relaxed environment for smoking. Friendly staff. Nice place get out of the cold and have a warm drink and toke!

Mees van Dijk - il y a 4 ans

The strains here are pretty good, they have a small smoking area which is nice

Shay Barry - il y a 4 ans

Nice staff and good product. Would recommend

Rattadanium - il y a 5 ans

Great Coffeeshop- Good oldskool K2 Weed, normal prices, clean, nice Stuffs, delicious Coffee. I'll be back!!!

Toma Matei Victor - il y a 5 ans

The strains are not that many but they are okay. Bar consumption is required for acces in the smoking room. Nice atmosphere.

Val Valgar - il y a 5 ans

Nice owner , chilled atmosphere. Cool theme .

Nort Win - il y a 6 ans

The bartenders are really friendly and welcoming, their weed tastes divine and gets you a pleasant high. The shop was recently reinnovated and now has a smoking room, with 4 tables providing rolling paper, tips, a big grinder, bong and vaporizer. Their choice of music differentiates between each bartender, and it's great. Overall the best coffeeshop in Groningen. Pay a visit if you're around and try their Sneuwwitje strain.

Nico Wiedemann - il y a 7 ans

Kleine Auswahl aber Qualität. Super Space Cakes.

Martin S - il y a 7 ans

Von mir gibt es leider nur 2 Sterne . Ich war auf der Suche nach Medizinischen Hanf, was mir sehr unwirsch verneint wurde . Auch meine Frage es Alternativen gibt die in der Richtung geht wurde unfreundlich behandelt . Nichts des so Trotz habe ich etwas erstanden was so weit in Ordnung ging aber dennoch zu teuer (13 Euro/pro G). Es kann jetzt natürlich sein das ich ihn einfach nur auf den falschen Fuß erwischt habe oder er einen schlechten Tag hatte ,aber eine minimale Beratung sollte schon möglich sein ,mir kam das ganze nach schnelle Abfertigung vor ,Hauptsache was verkaufen und gut ist.

Emken Kai-uwe - il y a 7 ans

Top haze we come back !

Dustin Kahrs - il y a 8 ans

alles super Hammer

Gio Abis - il y a 9 ans



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