Pieterskerkgracht 28, Leiden

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Chris Lelarge - il y a 1 mois
Great choice in different weed and hash, and probably the most affordable coffeeshop in Leiden.
Sieger Geest - il y a 9 mois
Nice and helpful employees. Wide variety of weed. The cheaper bags are still really good for the price, better than most coffeeshops.
Max C - il y a 1 an
Null - il y a 1 an
The woman who works here with the blue-green eyes is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I haven't been in Leiden for months due to the pandemic, but I still think about her. Anyway, this coffeeshop offers a cozy atmosphere, and probably the best overall value of coffeeshops in Leiden.
toine groenendijk - il y a 1 an
In the center of Leiden a perfect stop if you are looking for quality and good service
A Google User - il y a 2 ans
Bart Tangermann - il y a 2 ans
jonathan jah - il y a 2 ans
This is the cosiest place to smoke and drink a nice coffee. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Prices not too high, huhuhu. My favourite.
GG GGL - il y a 2 ans
Oh not your usual crowd - best place for #Espresso and quiet neighborhood - staff intelligent & personable✓.
Billi Morgan - il y a 2 ans
Almost always a que but best pure pre rolls price and gram selection I found. Super chill atmosphere.
Andrew McHardy - il y a 2 ans
Really friendly. Didn't feel intimidated at all. Great experience.
fred flintstone - il y a 2 ans
you're just NOT going to find a BETter place...AND...you're lucky to find one AS good...i'm basing this on years of living in NL AND researching in Leiden, Den Haag and, of course, A'dam...the owner is a great guy...the regulars are friendly and fun...it's small but cozy...the stock is varied and anywhere from reasonably priced to 'the best deal in town'(mixed haze...35e/5gm). the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and patient...why go anywhere else? OH!?! did i mention the edibles? spacecakes where the taste is hardly detectable AND can be split 4 ways for a decent buzz a piece...10e. there are other edibles as well...coffee and soft drinks(and fruit drinks and, maybe best of all...fresh o.j.) available at the best prices in town...line forms to the left...tell em yabba dabba do for me...
Mario Partygiano - il y a 3 ans
I was here the first time in 2013, and each time I am in Leiden , I never miss a visit to one of my favourite coffeshop spot ever. The atmosphere is cool , the weed too , and central position makes it a "must" for the ganja lover.

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