Coffeeshop 'Kings-Town'

Sint-Andriesstraat 20, Rotterdam (Feijenoord)

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Nikolai Nanov - il y a 3 mois
The pre-rolled joint is only tobaccoo, literally.. Never again from that place
Laith Saeed - il y a 9 mois
The best and cheapest coffeeshop in the south
Daniel - il y a 1 an
Great amnesia haze
Yasin Yilmaz - il y a 1 an
Don't go it's haram bro
Kārlis Ra - il y a 1 an
Good weed and fast service, only missing smoking area. You can pay with card here.
Olo Mak - il y a 2 ans
One Of The really best coffeshops in town.
Trayn Mayhem - il y a 2 ans
Good price, good consistent quality
Eduard Jaramillo - il y a 2 ans
Good price and service
Hans Prudent - il y a 2 ans
Great place canot smoke inside good price
Vincent Caputo - il y a 2 ans
Amsterdam is a doorway for noobs
samuelps - il y a 3 ans
Disgusting way to treat clients. The salesman was extremely rude and not helpful at all. He got stupidly upset because I asked for a strain they didn't have in stock. We (and the next customer) ended up buying the first thing available we saw just because of his pressure. I don't think a way it could be worse. Not recommended at all.

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