Coffeeshop Maashaven

Brielselaan 48-B, Rotterdam (Charlois)

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Sanchez 786 - il y a 2 semaines
Exquisite service and product.
Ghost Cat - il y a 11 mois
Thanks to stuff for their help
Aneta Kozieł - il y a 1 an
I ask for gelato and guy gave me some haze because he was thinkin that i can spot the difference. One star is to much anyway for the fraud.
Meddi - il y a 1 an
Amazing weed at a good good price.
Douwe Ewoud - il y a 1 an
For good hash go to here. Maarhaven shop you are good thanks
Adil Mataich - il y a 2 ans
Best shop in the world Sells quality hash weed and pre rolled joints. Lovely and friendly service with a cool old school rap vibe inside of it. The prices are also great btw.
RaF_a_eL - il y a 2 ans
Poor menu
Rowling Stone - il y a 2 ans
They have original Kush, without hybrydes or other mixes. For that - one stone-star more. Piece are very nice, and quality high. Weed from there are not so strong, but smells delicious like organic, not mass-production. Another plus for easy parking places.
robert Frijters - il y a 3 ans
Dawna Johnsen - il y a 3 ans
Friendly small shop!!
Said Tighadouini - il y a 3 ans
Levente Rethelyi - il y a 3 ans
Bought some haze and kush. Both are eerily hard and bitter like some weed I got in Hungary years ago. Harsh tasteless smoke. Worthless.
Mário SD Ultras - il y a 4 ans
Amnesia nothing special no tops, no taste and no smell, its became hard to find good coffeeshop that sell good amnesia instead selling weed from amateur producers
A Google user - il y a 5 ans
Very good Amnesia, much better than the other coffee shops.
della ugr - il y a 6 ans
Only takeway. Power plant was good. Not a great selection
Viva España - il y a 6 ans
Best prices in the city
Thomas Crétault - il y a 6 ans
L'accueil étais cool, bonne ambiance, vraiment bonne qualité mais pas enormement de choix, distributeur pour matos à pas cher ! juste pas de sale..
Jens De Jong - il y a 9 ans
Lekkere bubbelcum Nice hi
Giossett Joggani - il y a 9 ans
boombastishe hashish = Diamond Haze = 8,5/10 Top qualiteit, bedankt meneer! top service, top knowledge of sold merchandise.

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