Um die Ausbreitung des Coronavirus einzudämmen, dienen Coffeeshops in den Niederlanden erst ab 17:00 Uhr als Abholpunkt für weiche Drogen.

Coffeeshop Taffne

Markt 59, Beverwijk

Coffeeshop Info



Relax Wypoczynek - vor 7 Monaten
A large selection of species, average prices. Convenient parking.
blakq fyah - vor 8 Monaten
The best coffeeshop in all Netherland! Girls is nice
Krzys Kotowoda - vor 8 Monaten
No visa or MasterCard from poland accepted. Nice place anyway.
Wayne Davis - vor 10 Monaten
Best coffeeshop around
P3F Alien - vor 11 Monaten
A very chill experience and good advise on what suits your wishes. Product quality is high in general and a divers menu to choose from. I love how your order is weighted and bagged on the spot. As a side note i found the general atmosphere in this place is very stylish.
Tom Wysk - vor 1 Jahr
Kamilos - vor 1 Jahr
Good prices, good weed, friendly personel.
p b - vor 1 Jahr
Good haxe (top white choco), good staff, average prices.
martho becht - vor 1 Jahr
Friendly staff, good choice and mix available on the menu, fair pricing
Rikki Smoker - vor 1 Jahr
My favourite coffieshop in NL, Good quality speciality i Love Super Silver Haze and Carmella cream hush, always kind nad Professional sellers, nice atmosphere here :)
Steven Nippert - vor 1 Jahr
My go-to coffeeshop, since we moved here and I strongly doubt, that'll change. The staff is more than friendly and helpful and the quality never disappoints. Truly ten times better than the competition!
Gıcık Gıcıks - vor 2 Jahren
I do not use weeds etc.I had just coffee. People are friendly,service is fast and clean.
Shuvam Ghosh - vor 2 Jahren
A wonderful Coffee shop in beverwijk for all potheads. Amazing service by the girls. The stuff is great especially the mix large ready-made joints
J S - vor 2 Jahren
Makes me happy everytime I enter this place, This is my favorite shop, best customer service, top quality, will definitely visit it more often I miss you, Taffne ;( I will be back 100%!
Paweł - vor 2 Jahren
Good place for relax, decoration inside is poor, prices of weed are bit too high IMO.
Kokos - vor 2 Jahren
Good place for relax, decoration inside is poor, prices of weed are bit too high IMO.

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