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Alexa Barta - vor 1 Monat
I love this coffeeshop, they have good products and boys from there are super nice, is a good place.
רוברט גנון - vor 2 Monaten
Great place and great quality and service.
Vladimír Šváb - vor 5 Monaten
Utrecht Is very dainty And lovely nice canals with historical buidings And still with top many nice cafes And bars And nice Chance take too many good restaurant.. beautiful peoples ..
Teun Alma - vor 5 Monaten
All-round great coffeshop. Excellent selection of weed, hash, and prerolled. Also a ton of extra's .All of the employees are awesome and super nice. My 5 star coffeshop is aktama but with a place to sit down and smoke. And that is something that I miss in this shop. Also I prefer coffeshops with a barrista and a wide drink selection but I don't mind this shop not having it
Kenica Samuel - vor 6 Monaten
The space bar does exactly what it says
Ser Bond - vor 8 Monaten
Really good shop
Andrew Mckernan - vor 9 Monaten
Great selection and decent price. Nuce buds too
Pal Farkas - vor 9 Monaten
you have to pay close attention. when is the lawn measured because you may get less than you expect.
Natalie L - vor 11 Monaten
Bad quality, tried two different pre-rolls and what is even worse: the budtender girl gave me such false information I could not believe this was real. I will not return.
Ivan Trishchin - vor 11 Monaten
Thanks guys for service! Pleasure to come again!!! Great atmosphere, friendly sellers and client careness!!!
Pilar Vila Boo - vor 1 Jahr
Good shop, very nice service
Janka Bjalková - vor 1 Jahr
Top in the city❤️
Yusuf-Gregori Truba (Grygorii Truba) - vor 1 Jahr
I was there once and I was pleasantly surprised by the pleasant atmosphere inside I recommend visiting
Redney Broersma - vor 1 Jahr
Top tent
Tssunamy - vor 1 Jahr
Good stuff...
Julio Borge - vor 1 Jahr
The best coffeeshop in Den Helder! Always good quality and good service.
Papa 8Bit - vor 1 Jahr
Prima shop!
Sabine Vdf_Sun - vor 1 Jahr
Piotr Olszówka - vor 1 Jahr
Great service, big choice, if you're not sure, they'll help you choose something
Julius Bangura - vor 1 Jahr
They are nice people and a good place to be.
Pubg God - vor 1 Jahr
Orest Tereshchuk - vor 2 Jahren
Good Staff.
nuno vinhas - vor 3 Jahren
The guys Who work there are very nice,very helpful.
Bogus Togus - vor 3 Jahren
Good honest weed and hash. Best hash in de city! Friendly staff. Includes a room for smoking weed/hash altho it lacks ambiance.
Sanjay Patel - vor 3 Jahren
Get the Apple Haze!
Nicole Bladie - vor 3 Jahren
I love This coffeeshop verry Nice Guys !!
Kees Groot - vor 3 Jahren
Top shop
Rafał Lizurej - vor 3 Jahren
Disel...BOOM ;)
Maria Nies - vor 3 Jahren
Piet Swartz - vor 3 Jahren
The best
Moffel167 . - vor 4 Jahren
1 of the best coffeeshops i been too really nice guys and alot of knowledge of what they are selling great menu with lots of great weed and hasj keep up the good work guys cant wait too come back next year
Moffel167 - vor 4 Jahren
1 of the best coffeeshops i been too really nice guys and alot of knowledge of what they are selling great menu with lots of great weed and hasj keep up the good work guys cant wait too come back next year
Seby Seby - vor 4 Jahren
One of the coffe shop that ive been ! The guys awesome and make you come again , smiley faces and nice guys !
Master Blaster - vor 4 Jahren
Super service and nice guys, tourist friendly
Xavi Alons - vor 4 Jahren
The best in the city verry nice quality weed
Karin Albers - vor 4 Jahren
I advise every tourist to buy your weed and hashish here
PlayManeya - vor 4 Jahren
trash its mostly black people weed dry and dropped in chemicals. dont guve buisness to these muslims
James Vary - vor 4 Jahren
The strawberry and appel hase is verry good Thanks boys ! Very good coffeshop
Lisa Maridd - vor 4 Jahren
Nice shop de price is verry good the weed is very good highly recommended
Ismail Houdar - vor 4 Jahren
Nice weed good quality nice workers!
Boris Van klok - vor 5 Jahren
je krijgt een goed gevuld zakje en de hase is van topkwaliteit dit is gewoon de beste van den helder
Jessics Tip - vor 5 Jahren
Jammer dat je zo weinig krijgt voor zoveel geld en de wiet werkt ook snel uit
Freddy Stampot - vor 5 Jahren
Leuke coffeeshop , vriendelijke medewerkers ! Lekkere wietsoorten en heerlijke Marokkaanse Hasj
Hubert Dohle - vor 6 Jahren
Weed has no good quality, beter to keep the money then to buy there something.
Adrian Bora - vor 6 Jahren
Cool :D

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