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Diamond Coffeeshop

Dr. Huber Noodtstraat 16, Doetinchem

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Mirec Dravec - vor 1 Monat

Lovely staff , just occasionally there could be more weed to choose from , but otherwise satisfied :)

Dariya Pogorila - vor 4 Monaten

Terrible guard, very rude, after talking to him we even didn’t want to go in

Bartosz Pieczyk - vor 4 Monaten

In past shop was good, right now staff is so unfiendly and the quality get lower.

Bruna Cardoso - vor 5 Monaten

Not the best weed, the boxes are kept open so in result we get dry week weed.

Patrick Löbe - vor 8 Monaten

Not Bad, could have more choice but Not Bad really.

Seriouzz Highfield - vor 11 Monaten

Good quality and stable since years. Good sorts but they do not vary often. You have some nice goodies and get free Papers when buying 5g.

SosaitA - vor 1 Jahr

Best coffee shop , good quality, friendly staff, but there is one thing that I don’t like….they open from 6pm

Jan Hanel - vor 1 Jahr

So good that sometimes can't find way home

miiyu eliza - vor 1 Jahr

The personel is super rude! No customers inside, 3 workers in and i had to wait until they stop using their phones just to get my order, security guy isnt even looking at you when he talks to you. Not going back.

Alan Łucyk - vor 1 Jahr

So good

Gracjan Kramer - vor 1 Jahr

Always Top quality!

Paulina K. - vor 1 Jahr

We drove all the way to this place to get something for the night. It was a girls camping tour. We didnt even make it inside, the bouncer was so incredibly rude, he told us we cant park with our car on street we need a parking lot. No parking lot no entry.. we drove around the house, parked it, went back all the way and he still said we cant go inside as our car isnt at a parking spot. I actually never been treated like that. We cancelled our plans and left this place behind.

Sylwester Czarnecki - vor 1 Jahr

Good quality

Sebi Raileanu - vor 1 Jahr

The bearded bouncer was a little agresive and angry with no reason. I wouldn't go again there.

adrian87nl - vor 2 Jahren

Just fine

Dacjan Klos - vor 2 Jahren

my favorite! :)

marita bjerga - vor 2 Jahren

Veryyy good i love it. Open every day.

Matthew Jansen - vor 2 Jahren

Worst shop imaginable. Their products are of low quality compared to the price. The staff is generally very unfriendly and even hostile. The music is distasteful as well. It is the only shop in the area but I would recommend traveling to Arnhem by train for supply. If you get of at Arnhem Velperpoort you are close to a coffeeshop area, especially ZeroZero, is recommended. 2/10

Xxx Xxx - vor 2 Jahren

Perfect. 5g max in 1 hands, needs ID for tourists.

Vincent Smart - vor 3 Jahren

The lady from the reception not even one smyle ... If she doesnt want That jobb Only leave it ... She looks Verry upset... the H was good But the Weed Really desapointed... ( Only my experience there)

Scott McCourt - vor 3 Jahren

The guy who works at this place is a legend! Really nice guy who loves a conversation

C J - vor 3 Jahren

Poor quality, dirty store, lady who supposed to sell was totally not interested to say anything about anything

Michal Vyvozil - vor 4 Jahren

Biggers Price for weed but good. Top is Buble And Marroco

Mi Vyvozil - vor 4 Jahren

Biggers Price for weed but good. Top is Buble And Marroco

Hommam Ghannam - vor 4 Jahren

The price is really high comparing to Arnhem or Ulft cofgeeshop's.

Lars Wuestman - vor 4 Jahren

Didnt lake the taste, and effect.

Orlando Girnus - vor 5 Jahren

Poor Weed, Service is a Barrel without a Bottom. Better Coffee shop in Ulft. Scorpio

Tony - vor 5 Jahren

Decent quality but no major hasj types, it's the only store in the region thus no competitive quality standards.

A Google User - vor 5 Jahren

Decent quality but no major hasj types, it's the only store in the region thus no competitive quality standards.

Fritz Bertelsen - vor 5 Jahren

Expensive, but overall pretty good quality. No discounts. The staff is friendly.

Elijah Mitchell - vor 5 Jahren

I only gave a 3 star so you would read this. Definitely not worth going, the staff is terrible. I went (from coming by train a couple towns away) and he said my ID wasn't right. He said he wouldn't let me in with out my passport. There's no other shops there so I had to go back to get my passport and back. I definitely don't recommend.


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