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Karel de Grotelaan 345, Eindhoven (Gestel)

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Luke S - vor 3 Wochen
No card payment… long waiting in front of store… was not my favorite store. Quality was okay
Robert Peachey - vor 1 Monat
Not the friendliest of places and the knuckle dragging guard dog outside doesn't give off much of a welcome either ...the grass company in tilburg is much better and with nice security guards and staff
dragonlng - vor 1 Monat
Good place, good quality, fast and friendly service, big parking spot just outside the shop makes it all a perfect place to go.
Martin Stuijts - vor 1 Monat
Best coffeeshop I've ever been to
Ezequiel López - vor 2 Monaten
Best coffee shop in Eindhoven. Fast service, nice quality/price and friendly staff. I've been comming here since 2014 when i need to disconect and this place makes it well
Michael Bartoš - vor 2 Monaten
The security guy was impolite, other stuff was fine, the lady at the desk helped me, we could pick from many strains. Weed was good and tastefull.
Jan Hynek - vor 2 Monaten
Best in town .Pretty good quality for reasonable prices, nice and friendly staff. Go there!
Patryk Gust - vor 2 Monaten
Id check on entey, but stuff and service on great level. I was there 3min and behind me the row was for 15 people. Very good prices ;) food just next door xD
DuKe - vor 3 Monaten
Really surprised by the quality of the weed. Strongly recommended place in Noord Brabant
Matas Pyragas - vor 4 Monaten
Best weed in Eindhoven that's for sure. The prices are high, but the weed is high-end too.
Howie G - vor 6 Monaten
Didnt know tourists could get such a good deal
Rob All - vor 9 Monaten
It's all good
Paweł T. - vor 10 Monaten
Watch out! They selling weed with mold! Today I bought ww and unfortunatelly it was molded inside :/
zara tihoviolato - vor 1 Jahr
Choice n1 in Eindhoven. Whatever you choose you don't go wrong. For the ones who feel scammed: it's a coffeeshop, not a garage!
Ariktha Ullah - vor 1 Jahr
Coffee was great. But staff can improve their service its a bit dull. Overall it was good though.
Zenja Hero - vor 1 Jahr
Yoye! Im old smoker & i can say that this is one of the best Eindhowen co-sh, in top 3 for ahure. Dont take 1g, then they are giwing smal buds. Take 3 and enjoy... ;) Tnx
oskars kalnietis - vor 1 Jahr
Sometimes when you take northern light for 9 eiro a gram they dont give you back change . So be carefull .
Gábor Soros - vor 1 Jahr
The kush was like some dirt weed without any effect but the silver haze is really good. Average coffe shop as far as quality...
Łukasz Klimaszewski - vor 1 Jahr
Good choice, nice prices. You will find what you need, maybe not always but you will find something.
Sandor Zachar - vor 1 Jahr
5. Star for costumer service after all. But no wifi, lilly problem for long stay. Nice one anyway
Julius Blazek - vor 1 Jahr
Best weed in eindhoven. Super silver haze is really best .. Price and weed is more better thank in pink or eurogarden or high times. But you can pay only with cash no cards accepted.
Sven Klönhammer - vor 1 Jahr
Nice staff. Good pricing, good quality. Even when it's busy they will serve you quickly.
Maciej Wiatrowski - vor 2 Jahren
They have my favorite Northern Lights at a good price, and some hash too. It's also very nice that they weight the weed in front of you. The place can be crawled on weekends evening's but beside that it's very chill. 4/5 because I personally like the place very much, but you can't pay with a card, and a trip to the nearest atm and back is at least 10 minutes.
Rysiek Irish - vor 2 Jahren
Found it at Google.... For everyone who will visit Eindhoven, probably is the Best of the rest same places around this city!!! Heard from locals : '' always top quality and quanity easy to find it!!! I recom to use Google maps! Probably fastest way to find places...
Mateusz Polański - vor 2 Jahren
It's a good place to be trusted with the right atmosphere and the pretty service. I recommend it
Steph Loughran - vor 2 Jahren
Decent seating area, questionable smoke, if ye don't buy haze I'm not too sure what ye getting. Busy little shop, dont miss checking it out
jose pacheco - vor 2 Jahren
No variety of hash only 2 and to expensive 10e/g cutting the hash like paper finest slices looks half size I bought in other coffeeshop kristal. Real the worst to by hash price and quality Didn't stop to enjoy the place. Never going back there. I like hash their dont respect the product
Robin Dawson - vor 2 Jahren
Thought it sold Indian style coffee. Couldn't have been more wrong, but was still pleasantly surprised. Would go again!
Cristian Alejandro Nahuelñir - vor 3 Jahren
I'm a real indian.. good stuff
jamjestmilion - vor 3 Jahren
Found it on way home from UK. In maps just asked for
elana nuyts - vor 3 Jahren
Nice, quick service. Decent prices.
Charlie Whitbread - vor 3 Jahren
Good quality but expensive smoke. Awful atmosphere, staff rushed and unwelcoming and get annoyed if you ask to smell before buying. Particularly one lady who has been rude to numerous people I know. Who doesn't want to smell what they are about to buy first???
Brok Vrodsig - vor 3 Jahren
Dont try to ask to look at your weed before buying because they will start crying that people are waiting behind you while this place easily gets tens of thousands of euros income each day. Hire more people if they cant handle it. They expect you to buy the weed at premium price and just trust them that it is good quality while it mostly is just bad. Stay Away! You have been warned
MrUppercut77 - vor 5 Jahren
Petit coffee mais cool et pas trop cher. Accueil sympa, une dizaine de variété pas trop cher Parfait pour notre halte avant center parcs
Michael x - vor 5 Jahren
Great consistent selection of strains, nice interior with 5 tv's and pool table
Philip Egan - vor 5 Jahren
Decent place, staff seemed like they could do with a cookie or two.. Asked whether a strain they had was indica or sativa and was looked at like I was daft and told 'it's weed'
s t zwiastowansky - vor 5 Jahren
Best in town and opening hours are great Thank You ladies for a great service and smile
Dre Kyurchiev - vor 6 Jahren
Best coffee shop in Eindhoven. Hands down

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