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Happy Days Coffeeshop

Emmaweg 8, Hengelo

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DŁ- Łopuch - vor 2 Monaten

The Best Place in the Nederlands. greetings from Poland. See you soon✌✌✌

L Holdier - vor 2 Monaten

Very nice shop. Very good weed. i love the super silver haze there.

Łukasz Krawiec - vor 3 Monaten

Nice service, good selection and prices

Nikos Dzamalis - vor 4 Monaten

I live it. Nice people, always with smile.

Brigitte - vor 5 Monaten

Best coffeeshop ever! These guys are so amazing, very friendly and openminded. Love it

Yvonne Pieters - vor 6 Monaten

Always quality and nice clean ambiance

Rui Oliveira - vor 7 Monaten

Really good i live in Hengelo is my favorite, when we can smoke inside again?

Christopher Haworth - vor 8 Monaten

Super Shop, frendly and good bud!

Apfel Liebe - vor 10 Monaten

Super friendly Stuff Very Good Quality

Daniel Zarzycki - vor 11 Monaten

One of the best so far. All are welcome, stuf is greate and U can pay visa.

Kamil Żak - vor 11 Monaten

Personel is great. I even got free sheets and lighter. By the way I was asked in my native language.

Kathi Malik - vor 1 Jahr

One of my favorites! The staff is super nice and friendly. Their goods have a great quality and I like the ambiance of the shop. Also great service. I will definitely be coming back from time to time! ❤️

Tomasz Wiatr - vor 1 Jahr

good weed and fantastic atmosphere

András Kénesi - vor 1 Jahr

Really nice place! Good stuff, nice serving!

Obi Erk - vor 1 Jahr

Very kind Worker , a Turkish G

richard humphries - vor 1 Jahr

Good weed fair price nice atmosphere

Krzysztof F (Czarny) - vor 1 Jahr

Krzysztof F - vor 1 Jahr

Adrian Ramirez Rodriguez - vor 2 Jahren

Without hesitation it is the best place for a quality supply, the very friendly workers advise you so that you can go out with the right type of weed

Crytex Elite - vor 2 Jahren

Sell Bad Weed which gave me pain . Avoid this Place. The staff is either super rude or they just annoyed they have customers.Their "bubble gum" and "haze" is not Clean! Ive been 5times to this shop the weeds was always alright but guess not anymore!

Javier Cordero - vor 2 Jahren

Friendly service. Clean and professional coffeeshop

Sven Hartog - vor 2 Jahren

Best Shop in whole netherlands.

jeffrey mönnink - vor 2 Jahren

Great weed. Nice place

Michael Scofield - vor 2 Jahren

A.C.A.B everything ok see you soon

Tim Stark - vor 3 Jahren

It's a good coffeeshop with a very nice vibe inside. There are a lot of locals and you can easily spend a few hours there. The staff is friendly and the weed is very good. Though not the strongest i've smoked, it smells and tastes really good

Sa Ra - vor 3 Jahren

Very cozy shop with good music. You'll find a good atmosphere with a very friendly staff who will help you if you have any doubts. :)

Matías Soto - vor 3 Jahren

Weed and setting are good but some workers are not very nice. The place is clean and well conditioned. Very comfortable and has everything you may need for a good weed moment with friends. The music is not very good, they should play something more relaxing instead of that hideous tecno music. The guy who was at the counter was a bit rude. He expected that I knew everything about marihuana or something. He wasn't very happy to help and answer questions. Next time I would try other coffeshops before coming back to this.

Mai Chen - vor 3 Jahren

Friendly staff. With a quick and easy serve. Close to the train station and easy to find. Place itself is clean. Keep it up

Mai Chau - vor 3 Jahren

Friendly staff. With a quick and easy serve. Close to the train station and easy to find. Place itself is clean. Keep it up

marv reil - vor 3 Jahren

Quite the surprise on my visit, the fellow behind the counter was young enough to be my grandson, but still asked me for ID. I was OFFENDED! Small menu of goods, and it seems nobody likes to work past midnight, as I was hustled out the door, there are a few coffeeshop along the strip, so, have fun!

pamela poku - vor 3 Jahren

What an amazing chilled out vibe! I would drive the worlds end to experience your happy vibee

Mento Miller - vor 3 Jahren

The Staff is always friendly. If you like good Weed you should definitely try your shot here.

Edward Blake - vor 3 Jahren

Nice and qualified staff, good Coffee, very good weed.

Miłosz Dądalski - vor 3 Jahren

Happy days, happy moments, happy green people. Cool place!

the all mighty Mouse - vor 3 Jahren

The best in town❤

Patrick - vor 4 Jahren

Nice, coffeeshop relatively close to the center of Hengelo. The staff is very friendly and the weed is good.

Schahin S. - vor 4 Jahren

Best coffeeshop in the country! Super friendly staff! Their quality remains unmatched! See you next time! :)

Hein vdW - vor 4 Jahren

Happy for some...

Nate Smith - vor 4 Jahren

We were 5 people chilling, one of us (new cannabis user), shut his eyes for 10 minutes. An employee there stormed in screaming at him so loud, that everyone had to look at us, telling him to get out of the shop. Workers like that are a disgrace to such a nice place.

Devinsman Anton - vor 4 Jahren


Rafał Bogacz - vor 5 Jahren

Great staff ;)

Mohammad Reza Rahimi Rigi - vor 5 Jahren

Bad weed mostly but can sit fairly okay

Salvatore Gravina - vor 6 Jahren

Boooooom !¡ bublegum 100% Haze 100%

roy van den hoven - vor 7 Jahren

Top personeel goede wierie en hashies Al met al gezellige stoppen

Virginie Gardon - vor 9 Jahren

Très très mauvais coffeeshop à éviter de toute urgence ! Vendeur pas très accueillant et surtout pas avec les étrangers et cannabis trempé dans du sucre !! Very very bad coffeeshop to be urgently avoided! Not very welcoming seller and especially not with the foreigners and the cannabis dipped into some sugar!! Heel erg slecht koffiehuis dringend vermeden! Niet erg gastvrij verkoper en vooral niet bij de buitenlanders en de cannabis in bepaalde suiker!

Angi Moole - vor 10 Jahren

Very nice shop! U can play Ps3 for free, u can watch TV, smoke bowl and just chill, its really comfortable there! Best Shop I've seen yet

Peter Brookhuis - vor 10 Jahren

zeer goede wiet, draadloos internet en relaxte omgeving relaxte muziek, bovendien een gamecorner en een heerlijk buitenteras wat wil je nog meer? ;-)


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