De Professor

Kleine Drift 74, Hilversum

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Per Erik Løff - vor 1 Jahr
Good nice shop! Decent pot and usually nice employees. I don't recognise some of the reviews here. Limited choices, but often good quality and almost half price compared to Amsterdam
Adrian Ramirez Rodriguez - vor 2 Jahren
The truth is that it is a very lively place, the place is incredibly colorful, in La Barra if you are lucky to meet the girls they will welcome you with a smile and wanting to assist you and explain any doubts or questions you have, if On the contrary, the boy attends to you, you will not enjoy THAT smile or that deal. They have limited variety But they assure you that the quality is High. Without a doubt One of the best options if you are looking for a quiet place to smoke.
Ronald Peguero - vor 2 Jahren
Best coffee shop ever
Mark C. - vor 2 Jahren
Recommended to me. Very good service and quality. Will definitely return .
Marcel Cyber_Sniper - vor 3 Jahren
Not bad. As long as they dont steal your weed.
Niels - vor 3 Jahren
Great staff and amazing coffee and greens
Tekno Catron - vor 3 Jahren
Wat is this and why do I see it?
Nanokeks Games - vor 3 Jahren
Professor is one of expensive coffeeshop's in Hilversum. But have also most quality stuff. I would give it second place of quality. But remember there is always third and forth place'. It has table football and nice frendly atmosphere. So, feel free to get high with Professor!
Rob Hov - vor 3 Jahren
Good product and very friendly staff highly recommend
Michael Walker - vor 4 Jahren
Nice local coffee smoking shop with friendly as you get with the Dutch. Ok pot although I felt like I could have gotten better prices in Amsterdam.
Wesley Bleijenberg - vor 6 Jahren
Een goede coffeeshop, met een paar mooie keuzes aan weed en hasj!! Heb zelf sneeuwwitje weed gehaald. Lekker stoned weedje!! Goede bediening en relax om te zitten
Patrick v.d. Hee - vor 6 Jahren
Rick Klooster van't - vor 7 Jahren
Top tjop.

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