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Akerstraat Noord 220, Hoensbroek

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Exciting Fighting - vor 2 Wochen
Best coffeeshop at the border to aachen, Super quality and friendly employees ,
Mila Suljagic - vor 1 Monat
The vibe that I got from this place is 'We have been robbed multiple times, we are ready for the fight if you try anything!'. So unnecessary on edge...
Martin Sheddan - vor 1 Monat
in and out in 2 minutes they serve everybody no weed card need maybe ID to prove you are over 18 nice little place
Just Chill Out - vor 8 Monaten
Very good quality. Not allowed to sit in for tourists though. But tourists are allowed to buy and go
Van Dam - vor 8 Monaten
Very good quality. Not allowed to sit in for tourists though. But tourists are allowed to buy and go
the zoo - vor 9 Monaten
Good stuff in there, and they respect the law.. XD just the daily grams for person
Levente Sztupák - vor 1 Jahr
Hy! I would like to ask you to serve tourists here? Thanks for the reply.
S C - vor 1 Jahr
Small coffee shop with a somewhat limited menu, but what they sell is good stuff. Wish I lived closer to it
Brian Spry - vor 1 Jahr
Pricey, but not many options in the immediate area.
M. Marcello M. - vor 1 Jahr
Nice coffeeshop with cheap hash!
edwin corver - vor 1 Jahr
You get happy when you stop at this place
The Peeps - vor 2 Jahren
Pretty good quality but nothing like the U.S. l have not tasted anything close to kush.
kamil pucek - vor 2 Jahren
Gr8 place xD
Wito - vor 2 Jahren
Good weed but high prices up to 14eur for 1 gram. Accepted tourists.
alexisonfire72 - vor 2 Jahren
they are stickin you to the shop that theyr people can rob your car, a real dangerous place !! Hard drug scene is involved !!
Florin Teodoreanu - vor 2 Jahren
5 stars for special haze !!! Espana quality for 14€ this shop is the best in limburg for buy&leave. Peace !
Jeffers Fawkes - vor 4 Jahren
Ik vind dat ze wel klantvriendelijk zijn.Altijd een nette hallo of gedag.Kwaliteit prijsverhouding is oke aangezien ze allemaal een 10tje per gram vragen krijg je bij happy days toch betere waar voor je geld.Vooral de hiyapolm is goed.Weed durf ik niks van te zeggen.
Fulco Förster - vor 4 Jahren
Super shop kom er al jaren. vriendelijke en altijd kwaliteit !
Wil Linssen - vor 4 Jahren
Super service, en een leuk team ????????
Jakub Václavovič - vor 4 Jahren
This place saved my weekend trip to the Nethelands :) Good stuff for good prices.
Sven Klein - vor 5 Jahren
alles is kaker spacend geak

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