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Coffeeshop Mary Jane

Hoogbrugstraat 4, Maastricht (Maastricht-Centrum)

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R F - vor 4 Monaten

Helpful to people with no (not much) experience, explaining what's best for what experience. Nice atmosphere and also great milkshakes. Note that you do need to show evidence of being a resident in order to get inside.

notkawiba - vor 4 Monaten

Great Service and best weed in Maastricht!

Ionut Badea - vor 5 Monaten

They're discriminating against EU citizens. Comparing to Amsterdam, they do not let you in, if you don't have a resident permit in The Nederland's.

joris andrin - vor 6 Monaten

Good vibration

SelectedGenetics IG - vor 7 Monaten

Great Coffeeshop, loads of strains to pick from; Cali weed, pre rolled joints, lovely atmosphere, nice staff, Enjoy.

Malik Alhosary - vor 7 Monaten

It's my choice number one when I go to Maastricht

A Google user - vor 9 Monaten

The quality of the weed is rather good and prices are somewhat the same compared to the rest of Maastricht. They have a large menu with a great variety in pre made joints. The staff is super friendly and helpful when you have questions and on the inside the place is very nice to sit down and have a drink and a smoke. Got some nice GSC there.

Kelso Wilkin - vor 10 Monaten

This place is one of the only coffee shops with decent music. The staff are chill and it’s a really nice environment overall.

Isabella Zappettini - vor 1 Jahr

Best coffee shop in Maastricht with the best staff!

Gabriel B - vor 1 Jahr

Good staff!

Janina - vor 1 Jahr

Friendly staff , ok prices.

r kennedy - vor 1 Jahr

Seems like it might be a good place but it's only open for Maastricht residents and ID is required. Sad! However, they were helpful in directing us to where the rules are not as restrictive.

Pablo Pinel - vor 1 Jahr

Great strains and prices.

Nils Stolk - vor 1 Jahr

Nice shop, fair prices, friendly staff, good menu. Lounge is a bit small so get crowded easily

La Unavailable - vor 2 Jahren

Best coffeeshop in town! Crew is amazing so is the weed and hash definitely recommend this

יוסי מור - vor 2 Jahren

NUMBER ONE IN MAASTRICHT! Love the stuff, the food and the cannabis

Broh Games - vor 2 Jahren

I just needed wifi at that moment i came back later and ordered some weed and i lived the quality and the mood there(sorry i forgot to change the rating) they also got some very good brands of weed and very friendly workers I really enjoyed Coffeeshop Mary Jane

Patrick Raike - vor 2 Jahren

Yes Time For Coffee {Latte}⁹

M nour Abo Jabal - vor 2 Jahren

just nice. ... i.like it :)

Cheryl Heard - vor 2 Jahren

It's a good coffeeshop, prices are a little high but student friendly for sure. Bud is good and they are happy to guide you if you want to try a new strain.

Jordy Bongaerts - vor 2 Jahren

Great place, even better people, best of Maastricht.

P R - vor 2 Jahren

Best music and milkshakes

Patrick Reinhardt - vor 2 Jahren

Best music and milkshakes

Mr. Pato - vor 2 Jahren

Best music and milkshakes

Richard Brown - vor 3 Jahren

Chilled place, good service and all the female staff just happen to be stunning and really friendly

Matteo Nicoli - vor 3 Jahren

Very nice Coffeeshop. If you're not from the Netherlands you gotta get a brp first.

J - vor 3 Jahren

Really nice people but sadly tourists are not allowed

Nicolas Capitaine - vor 4 Jahren

Good product at reasonable prices. Does not feel like a tourist trap like some other places and the staff was good. Like everywhere now you need to be a resident or an active student to be able to get in. Good place to chill so go ahead without hesitation if you want to spend some quality time and relax.

Tooth21 - vor 4 Jahren

What a joke, been a resident for 2 years and still can't buy here because my papers are different.

Amer Qattan - vor 4 Jahren

The best weed and the stuff are friendly

Hussein Wassouf - vor 4 Jahren

One of the best coffeeshops i’ve been to. Perfect weed, delicious drinks, kind staff and a good place to chill.

Bryn Camm - vor 4 Jahren

You need Dutch address or someone Dutch to buy for you helpful staff blueberry cheese very good not a tourist ripoff like amsterdam


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