Um die Ausbreitung des Coronavirus einzudämmen, dienen Coffeeshops in den Niederlanden erst ab 17:00 Uhr als Abholpunkt für weiche Drogen.

Guna Guna

Sint Janstraat 31-A, Uden

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Przemysław Morka - vor 5 Monaten
I love this place
Canis Majoris - vor 6 Monaten
Awesome Ladies inside! :) (La revedere)
Miodzio Klemens - vor 8 Monaten
Little choice of strains, herb was overdryed. Overall quality was ok but nothing more. Cya
Tomasz Maciejewski - vor 8 Monaten
Not much choice but all in super quality
Phil V - vor 11 Monaten
Worst coffeeshop in the Netherlands , the weed is just about average and hefty prices. The ladies inside is no problem the doorman on the other hand just turned on me while another customer is trying to pick a fight with me. He even heard the guy threaten me and still treats me like a criminal. I have been coming here for two years loyal customer but I will just go to a different shop.
Wynovesa - vor 1 Jahr
I've been a loyal customer for nearly 20 years now and I feel the need to clear some things up. To ppl complaining about the shop being closed after 20pm: this is part of the Dutch Covid-19 law that prohibits sale after 20pm. To ppl complaining about not selling to foreigners: this is an ongoing heated political argument and Guna Guna has always been rather safe than sorry, which is the wisest decision because it keeps the local politicians and police happy (crucial to guarantee their future existence). To ppl complaining about the ladies: trust me, it's not them, it's you. Because they're absolutely lovely. To ppl complaining about the limited assortment: I guess it's a matter of personal preference but my White Widow now still tastes the same as it did years ago. And true: since the Corona crisis many menu items have become unavailable but cut them some slack, will ya? Everyone and every business is struggling right now and coffee shops are no exception. But to conclude this lengthy review on a positive note - here's a valuable insider tip: almost every day they have an exclusive limited edition strain, I've seen some of the rarest types and the quality is unrivalled. But the supply is always extremely limited so you'll need to come in early (as in morning). These LE are always €15 and can only be paid in cash, btw. Peace out. :)
Ricardo Martins - vor 1 Jahr
Friendly staff and good quality products
Alexandru Sandu - vor 1 Jahr
Nice staf and place. I rated with 4 only because they have the basic weeds, they change once per month something special and you find it until 1, then you need to buy again the same basic weed.
Arnis Samārins - vor 1 Jahr
They didn’t sell without BSN, so no extra money for the company to invest back in the business. Can’t be good.
Alexy Sad - vor 1 Jahr
Nice weed, little high prices but still good.
TeeMKa91 . - vor 2 Jahren
not bad but u need bsn
Deivis Bongas - vor 2 Jahren
Perfect place good staff
J S - vor 2 Jahren
Clean stuff and friendly staff x)
kafar xd - vor 2 Jahren
My local Favorit! Try super Silver haze
Ruudza TV - vor 3 Jahren
The only one smart shop in Uden and also the best one!
Manu M. - vor 3 Jahren
Good coffeeshop, good weed, not bad has.
Kacper Szostak - vor 3 Jahren
You need do have your sofi when you come first time but it's very good place.
Andre Filipe - vor 5 Jahren
Staff simpático. E bons top's!
peter jansen - vor 5 Jahren
Goei shopke aardig personeel en goei grei voor goeie prijs
delex - vor 6 Jahren
rob van den hoogen - vor 6 Jahren
Super aardige medewerkers, goeie kwalliteit
Joris Achter - vor 7 Jahren
Prima shopje. Vriendelijk personeel. Alleen erg jammer dat je wiet alleen per 15 euro kan kopen en dat er geen kleinere zakjes zijn.
Narayan Smits - vor 7 Jahren
Beste Delex, Als je wat slimmer bent loop je er uit, dan er weer binnen in en TADA! probleem opgelost.. Shops hebben een 5gram beleid, maar iedere shop kan matsen, als je vriendelijk bent, je ziet er vertrouwd uit en je bent beleefd kom je er wel.., Met jou gedrag kan ik me begrijpen dat je niet ver komt.. volgende keer nadenken of 2x lopen.. ;) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guna Guna is een redelijke shop, enkel laatst een slippertje (2-3Maanden geleden). Ik kocht Jack Herrer, was de aanbieding dacht haal er 30,- van, Zo gezegd zo gedaan, kom thuis draai er een, steek hem op en BAHM smaakte naar plastic.... Verder heb ik nooit problemen gehad met guna guna alleen hebben ze gewoon minder goede kwaliteit dan iedere andere shop (Mijn Mening)

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