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Coffeeshop Pleasure

Voorstraat 81, Utrecht (Binnenstad)

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  • Montag 10:00 - 00:00
    Dienstag 10:00 - 00:00
    Mittwoch 10:00 - 00:00
    Donnerstag 10:00 - 00:00
    Freitag 10:00 - 00:00
    Samstag 10:00 - 00:00
    Sonntag 10:00 - 00:00
  • Es ist nicht bekannt, ob und wann dieser Coffeeshop kontrolliertes, staatlich reguliertes Cannabis verkaufen wird. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Seite 'staatlich reguliertes Cannabis'.
  • +31 30 230 2080



Marija Abramovic - vor 1 Monat

I never smoked worse joint in my life. They were also super rude. I needed to wait outside because guy that walked behind me couldn't find his ID, an they thought he is with me. What they explained to me is that their policy is that everyone who came together must have ID EVEN THOUG I CAME TO BUY IT FOR MYSELF BY MYSELF. OF COURSE that I didn't want to spend no cent here anymore.

Cas Rijnierse - vor 3 Monaten

A bit on the expensive side (1g for €11 and hash 1.5g for €12.50) but quality very worth it, especially the hash. Would recommend!

Danijel Matic - vor 3 Monaten

Herbs are nice and delicious, but the staff attitude was beyond nasty. This 'High American/British tourist' stereotype you throw on people needs to end.

juan pablo latorre - vor 3 Monaten

A classic in the Heart of Utrecht. good variety and friendly staff.

Huri Zed - vor 4 Monaten

Worst coffeshop in town. There is plenty of shops here, just don't come to this one. You thank me later

Luigi Patella - vor 8 Monaten

Its a fraud. They still your Money u never Will get 1 gram of weed Always 0.95 0.97

Ivan Kovacevic - vor 9 Monaten

Very rude service. Weed overpriced 100%

Наташа Горева - vor 10 Monaten

I was not able to visit the coffeeshop due to the unwillingness of the guards to let me through. due to the fact that I left the bike on the side of the store. not on the opposite. where in the rules of visiting can I read these conditions? thank you

Amir the Persian - vor 10 Monaten

Good quality, show off rules!

waziolowsky tynxawa - vor 11 Monaten

Great place,good prices!

Leon Čusak - vor 1 Jahr

Great coffeshop with good choice.

Bruno Rodrigues - vor 1 Jahr

Weed sometimes maybe good sometimes maybe sht. Always to suspect a place that hides the scale from the customer.

Tycho Beems - vor 1 Jahr

Have to break the 420 reviews but sorry. The worst coffeeshop in Utrecht. If you have the chance choose another one. Plenty to choose from

D. D. (World Is full of idiots) - vor 1 Jahr

They checked my id before i could enter. Inside product i wanted to buy was out of stock, because price for this one was too good. Probably a little bait.

Lucie Orackova - vor 1 Jahr

Normally I dont like to write bad reviews but this time… Material is very nice but the service

nazzareno squadroni - vor 1 Jahr

Best weed in town

sokin nikos - vor 1 Jahr

the most unreliable store.... I just asked for 5 grams of bob marley .... Good night

riccardo cernuto - vor 1 Jahr

Good weed, nice location, kind personnel!

Dawid Jakubczyk - vor 1 Jahr

The Best

mihai marius - vor 1 Jahr

Of course 5 stars extanzy

Aeon Stolwerk - vor 1 Jahr

top shop

Marko Novosel - vor 2 Jahren

My favorite place in the city.

Dana Mathies - vor 2 Jahren

good shop, big range

'Colin Ward - vor 2 Jahren

Friendly staff. Clean and welcoming!

michiel krijt - vor 2 Jahren

Really good stock and it's clearly explained what they have and what it offers. I love their current hasjh, however more options on that department would be great!

daniel Sims - vor 2 Jahren

If you like good weed,dont go here......

Isaac Zadoks - vor 3 Jahren

Great variety in HQ strains but everything still remains €10/g you can pay cash or card, but don't forget to bring your identification card! They will not let you in otherwise.

Jason Lebrasseur - vor 3 Jahren

Silver haze @ 10€ the G!!!! Never had it so cheap before. Professional and quick service. Security & staff are very polite.

Jiří Ručka - vor 3 Jahren

Big front and you cannot smoke inside... good price system... just 10€ per G and choise the kind... nice

Lady Weeds - vor 3 Jahren

+ good products / good prices - you can not sit there and chill

Paul Moses - vor 4 Jahren

Really nice coffee shop. They always check for ID. They have the best variety in the centre of utrecht and they are really well priced. The staff are generally quite friendly. I haven't never had a bad experience there. I would recommend it if you're looking for a coffeeshop.

Ruscell Shenwood - vor 4 Jahren

Nice prices and acceptable weed. I just hate it that they ask for ID every time I go in there. I can't understand how I can look 17 to them in the slightest. Maybe they just really like looking at ID's to make them seem more important.

K J - vor 4 Jahren

Bizar lange wachtijd. Mensen achter de balie doen weinig moeite om de drukte weg te werken 10+ minuten wachten is gewoon slordig met maar 3 klanten voor me.

D Verzo - vor 4 Jahren

Cheap weed, not the best quality.

Goncalo Magalhaes - vor 4 Jahren

A lot of choices of good and tasty weed great service. Only thing bad it's only buy and go

Brian Traill - vor 4 Jahren

My favourite in Utrecht... The weed is good. The price is right. What more can be said. Would be nice if it had a smoking area, but completely understand the reasons it doesn't. Definitely a place to go when visiting Utrecht

Marga oorschot van - vor 4 Jahren

Enough is enough devil. No more marijuana, liquor, gambling, smoking, football,lying. Jesus is King. I got off addiction. I am clean !

Natan Weis - vor 5 Jahren

good weed

Iain Regan - vor 6 Jahren

Good selection, ak47 X og kush is killer

Manuel Mattarella - vor 6 Jahren

Very good weed and hash, but you can't smoke inside.

Thou Art Lord Of Hell - vor 6 Jahren

Im preffer allway Pleasure with beauty sweethearts insde. Best whishes :)

Cindy Nelson - vor 7 Jahren

Kom er al jaren goede wiet vriendelijke mensen ????

Justin - vor 7 Jahren

Ze behandelen elke koper als potentiele dief. Sommige baliemedewerkers weigeren je meerdere zakjes tegelijk te laten zien en hebben een hoogst arrogante houding. Er zijn veel betere coffeeshops in Utrecht.

Al Jones - vor 8 Jahren

One of my favorite shops, In my favorite city in the Netherlands. It would be my favorite but they changed the place you can't sit down and relax anymore :-( overall i cant say a bad thing about Bordeaux

Hannah Spurbeck - vor 8 Jahren

Extremely overpriced. Veel te duur.

A Google User - vor 14 Jahren

Bordeaux Rood is a small but fine coffeeshop were you can have a relax time, with your friends! 1 gr weed = 5 eu


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