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Coffeeshop Blue & White

Bosschestraat 63, Den Haag (Scheveningen)

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  • Lundi 10:00 - 23:00
    Mardi 10:00 - 23:00
    Mercredi 10:00 - 23:00
    Jeudi 10:00 - 23:00
    Vendredi 10:00 - 23:00
    Samedi 10:00 - 23:00
    Dimanche 10:00 - 23:00
  • On ne sait pas si et quand ce coffeeshop vendra du cannabis contrôlé et réglementé par l'État. Pour plus d'informations, consultez la page 'Cannabis réglementé par l'État'.
  • http://goo.gl/UchLZE
  • +31 70 352 2425


Adm 25 - il y a 3 semaines

Extremely friendly staff (or owner). Good prices and good weed. Would 200% recommend. Very nice atmosphere. Will defo be back.

Kamil Wojtowski - il y a 3 semaines

I've never been served with a cigarette in worker hand. the service is very bad and the smoking additive is nasty

Matthew Kelly - il y a 1 mois

Good weed, good prices, great staff! One of the only coffeeshops around that you can actually get a coffee, have a smoke inside and chill out. Honestly the best coffeeshop in Den Haag

Nicu Cucobco - il y a 1 mois

Lovely people and lovely place You can enjoy the best Dutch Vibes

Nikolaos Renieris - il y a 2 mois

Highly recommended i always visit this place amazing atmosphere good selection and friendly staff

Lorenzo Cingolani - il y a 2 mois

We passed by while going to de pier, we loved the place, comfortable, open space, the barlady was super nice, cheap prices, they sell cbd oil too, looks a lot like an Italian fish restaurant near the sea, 100% will come again

Alicja “Alisse” M - il y a 2 mois

Quickly found this place, really great people inside. Loved the cat inside

Nikola - il y a 2 mois

Very nice place, reasonable prices

Ax ELIA (Namla) - il y a 7 mois

Good place to stay , looks different and original , prices are not high

Giorgia D'Innocenzo - il y a 7 mois

Very nice atmosphere and great strains for a good price

Rotten Rolla - il y a 9 mois

Good products. Good service. Cookies were the best thing to try. Never been that high. Nice.

Michael Jordan - il y a 9 mois

Very unfriendly. Been there yesterday and she Was very mean. After that they swapped shifts and the next one was more polite. Still wouldnt recommend in den haag.

Pooohtin Will Die - il y a 10 mois

It's ok if you want to smoke something after you come back from the beach

Mayasaki Aum - il y a 10 mois

I was caught by the mural since I moved to the Netherlands, and still after 5 years it attracts my eyes…

Kirill Shtorm - il y a 10 mois

Nice and clean place. You can buy here some smoking devices and nice weed. It is restricted to smoke inside. But it's cool and cozy place with possibility to drink coffee or tea.

Humberto Sauri Brown - il y a 1 an

Den Haag is definitely not known for his coffeeshops, but you still can find some. This one is outside of the center, so if you are staying near the area and still want the Netherlands experience, this coffeeshop is recommended. They may not sell proper food, but the drinks and snacks they sell are really cheap.

Johan van D. - il y a 1 an

I have been coming for years. Spent alot of money every year because they have good weed friendly staff. I asked when I should come by for a kerst gift. Come by Xmas eve I heard. And for the third time I come to get one and they are gone and she does not even look for me tells me to come on Xmas day . soooo I am too gone now.

Alia Linz - il y a 1 an

The people here are super nice and their products are quality. This shop is my favorite cannabis shop in Scheveningen and Zuid-Holland!

G “Gilouz” C - il y a 1 an

Very nice experience. There is a guard, a small grey cat that will greet you when you arrive. For a first time, especially for tourist wanting to try local delight, I highly recommend.

Areeb Jawed - il y a 1 an

Can't sit inside anymore unfortunately, but good selection nonetheless

Gree Sl - il y a 2 ans

Weed is ok, but service is rude

Armin Gips - il y a 2 ans

Let me tell you something: it is not all about coffee here.

Michal Bosch - il y a 2 ans

Very close to Beach ,fast service ,blue fire - good weed

Jaap van Gurp - il y a 2 ans

Good stuff. Relaxed place.

Malaga Kevin - il y a 2 ans

The lady who serves could be a minimum smiling and pleasant, I will come back more

Krzysztof Wamka - il y a 2 ans

Good emweed

Luca Du Sartz de Vigneulle - il y a 2 ans

Very nice quality hash. The one star that is lost is because the prerolled joints are rolled with a dark, dry tobacco and the taste is disgusting. But everything else pretty good.

Rudolf Koronthaly - il y a 2 ans

Best Coffeeshop in The Haague. Very good promotion as well and you have a street view which is rare.

Jenn F934 - il y a 2 ans

Unfortunately there was working a very rude woman today. She didn't even let us watch for a minute, even though we were only 2 people in the whole shop (max. 3). This is not how you should deal with customers...

Claudia Tache - il y a 3 ans

They don't respect the program. I was there 23.35 and on theyr page says "closing at 24.00". I cam from far away trying to explain to them, but still nothing

Gregor Heinrichs - il y a 3 ans

Always worth a visit. Friendly Service and good selection.

Martin Bausenwein - il y a 3 ans

A very nice spot to hang around. Cool Music & a very friendly Service. Look out for the cat chilling along side with you. Very good choices on the Menu. I recommend to visit the sky view de pier after chilling in "Blue&White".

Chris Groeneveld - il y a 3 ans

Friendly staff, weed was okay nothing to complain about classic but the place could do with a referb.

Querida Nómade - il y a 3 ans

My favorite place to buy. The promotion 35 euros is very good and the weed they have now at moment is my favorite

Moe Hos - il y a 3 ans

Very nice small place and the lady very nice and nice Cat! With small menu and the prices is so good as the flowers,og cookie is smooth! Not far from the beach!

Henry Reinhold - il y a 3 ans

A small, but very nice coffeeshop near the pier. Prices of weed are fine (but nothing special), there are separate rooms for tobacco and pure smokers. The staff was friendly and helped us with recommendations. In addition he gave us free papes. Would highly recommend.

Gordon A - il y a 3 ans

Average weed at average prices . Small shop with small selection of good strains . Cosy to sit and relax in

Dark Peaks - il y a 4 ans

Nice little coffee shop out of city centre used by locals. Great quality weed and hash and good price. Really small smoking area though so grab a seat.

André Souto - il y a 4 ans

Pleasant coffeeshop with nice staff and a chill vibe. It's close to the beach, which makes it very convenient if you want to spend a relaxed afternoon in the sands of Scheveningen.

Beatrice Senese - il y a 4 ans

We had a lovely time at this coffeeshop. They do not only offer a nice choice of joints, but also teas and sandwiches. Friendly service. The smoking room is maybe a bit too small...? Overall a very nice experience

Aamir Mushtaq - il y a 4 ans

Very nice coffee shop with a pleasant location. Bright in the sun and walking distance from the beach. Love the place

Natalya Soboleva - il y a 4 ans

Been here a lot of times. Nice tasty coffee and tea. Open until 23:00

Nico Matilainen - il y a 4 ans

Many place to sit around table. Littlebit small smokebox but ok. Coffee with milk sofar best what iv tasted in Haag.

Izaak Jagiello - il y a 4 ans

Best coffeeshop around Dan Haag, really nice place, great selection and prices and they even 3 bong to choose and use. Really recommended (and yeah it's worth biking from the city)

Raed AlHabib - il y a 4 ans

Good selection, service, and vibes. A great place to chill with friends, meet new ones, or just zone out into your own imagination.

Kai Hallmer - il y a 4 ans

My favorite Coffeeshop in Den Haag

Sean McCarthy - il y a 6 ans

Great weed. Great atmosphere and they have a music studio

serge boyer - il y a 6 ans

Wonderful location, one of the best place to chill

Benjamin Navarro - il y a 6 ans

Came to really like this coffeeshop, the atmosphere is chill, open to tourist which was a big plus for me. And its close to the beach, what more can you ask for.

Lyle Rodericks - il y a 6 ans

Very friendly place, great food, great people, awesome staff. Overall best coffeeshop in the hague :)

Steve Wessing - il y a 6 ans

This is my Father's favorite shop. :) Close to the beach, fair prices for good products, and friendly staff. Good spot for lunch.

Andy B - il y a 6 ans

Great little Coffeeshop, good prices, decent smoke and they do a lovely latte

Alex Murphy - il y a 7 ans

Very nice Coffee Shop! I would say this coffee shop is picturesque with cozy atmosphere. Though grass is not the strongest I've ever smoked, girl at the bar gave me a nice suggestion... grass was quite uplifting, i would say it has effect of happiness which i really liked :) Ah and it seems that she knows what she sells as in other coffee shops when I'm asking Sativa, they are selling me hm... in best, some sativa mix with indica domination ... Also what is very important, people visiting this particular coffee shop are somehow also nice, if you visit it for several times you might see the same happy faces, as me for example :) noticed girl, working on MacBook (Probably freelancer or student traveling ) and smocking nice joint rolled in RAW paper ;) I would shoot some cool video ad related to grass ;) Anyway, go and visit this nice place, ask for the kind of grass you would like to smoke at the bar and smoke it there...feel the atmosphere of real dutch coffee shop... also consider, that drinks are also fairly cheap there ;) Definitely my favorite and must visit place in Scheveningen... Have a nice trip ;)

nicolas dragizevic - il y a 7 ans

quiet & cosy place, i ve not smoked their stuff so i can 't judge it, but the place is good

Red Klabauter - il y a 7 ans

not so nice, like a cheap bar. a little bit dirty. bought 2 different sativa. the weed wasnt flushed and the buds are not cut very well.

John Beasley - il y a 7 ans

Great little coffee shop about 5 minutes from the beach good weed nice people

John Beasley - il y a 8 ans

Exerlent great service can't wait to come back

Cyril Arwina - il y a 8 ans

vraiment parfait accueil chaleureux !!! personnel compétent et très sympathique

Meshal Alrujip - il y a 8 ans

I love that,s

Gandoe Dyck - il y a 8 ans

No opening hours? Useless...


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